Thursday, May 14, 2015

Checking In

Things are crazy right now and they are about to get crazier (mostly at work). But I woke up this morning with some anxiety and I realized that I needed to blog to give myself a reality check.

After I checked in last week I got sick. It was terrible and I was whiny. I did make it to Newsies on Tuesday night with BFF which was fun. But in addition to being under the weather Wednesday-Saturday, the literal weather was also rainy and gloomy, plus I had bad news from friends all around me and my empathy meter was off the charts. It was ugly, people.

So on Saturday, I drug myself out of bed and decided to run to the Katy Trail. It is a pedestrian/bike trail that runs through Dallas. I have driven past it, but I have never actually used it. It is about 3/4 of a mile from my apartment. During that first 3/4 of a mile, I almost talked myself out of it 137 times. But I was glad I didn't. Here is a picture of the trail...

I will say that I was slightly annoyed that the darn thing was all uphill for me. But I just went until I felt like I couldn't go anymore, then turned around. I ran about 2.5 miles total that day which is the longest practice run I have had in years then walked another mile and half or so. Now I have something to measure against. Weather permitting, I will do it again this Saturday.

My favorite thing on the Trail was a unicyclist. Awesome. As I was walking home, I ran into a traditional Indian wedding procession. I should have taken a picture, but they were at the hotel entrance looking beautiful and I had just finished my run. I didn't linger.

Saturday during the day, BFF & I hung out with her uncle, aunt and little cousin around Dallas. Then the rest of the weekend was for rest. I made it to CrossFit on Monday and Tuesday and really felt like I was getting back to feeling 100%. I gained a little "comfort food" weight last week and I'm working to get rid of it.

Tuesday night was my monthly Girls Dinner and we had a blast as always.

Check out Debster's blue hair! It is super awesome.

I suppose the biggest news of the week is that we bought tickets to the Olympics. BFF and I, along with a couple of other ladies, are headed to Rio next summer. I think now that we have actually purchased tickets, it feels more real. Although I think it will feel more official when we have our plane tickets. If by any chance any of you have any connections in Rio, I'm looking for a reputable handler or tour guide. There are several on-line, but I would like to have one that is more personally recommended.

Now for the grumble, grumble. When I signed up for CrossFit, I knew that for a while I could only go on Monday & Tuesday. I didn't want to wait until late July when I would be able to start going 3x per week regularly. But that doesn't mean that I couldn't go 3x a week now if my schedule permitted. This morning there is no reason I couldn't go to CrossFit. In fact, it made the most sense because I'm going to a concert tonight and I have a work lunch. It was my only shot today at working out and I chose not to get out of bed. Boooooo!

That is the kind of behavior that I let slip in when I don't make time to blog and put my actions in writing to hold myself accountable. I knew that if I didn't check in, that today could have been one justified bad action after another. Now that I have reset, I know that I will have a great day.

Plus I get to go see NKOTB tonight! That is New Kids on the Block for the 80s kids, like me. It should be a fun night out.

Talk to you soon!



Sarah Kopf said...

Have a fun night tonight---but tomorrow: Back to work, my love! We can do this! (Plus, I love your writing, so you have to work out just so I can read about it. :))


P.S. Debs hair is awesome!
P.S.S. Rio! Yeah!

Lori said...

I can't wait to hear about the Olympics.