Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making it happen

I think I cleared my head a bit and I'm in a better mood today.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still frustrated.  The jeans that I had in the "donate" pile because they were entirely too big were a challenge to put on this morning.  I work at nutrition and fitness harder than most people I know (not all, of course), but many...and yet, here I am.  I don't think that is something you ever just shrug off.  But in the grand scheme of things, I'm back on board.

Getting ready at home after CrossFit is a definite improvement.  It makes things less stressful the night before and as I walk out the door in the morning.  I don't have to worry about anything, but getting dressed and getting myself to the box.  When I get home, I worry about everything else.  I got to work at exactly 8:30 again today, so I feel good that this is the go forward plan.

I have to get up at 5:30 (which is REALLY early for me), so I get in bed at 9:30, lights out by 10:00.  As I walked into my bedroom last night, I wondered how my upstairs neighbors had installed a washing machine in their bedroom!  After a little while, I realized that it was a treadmill.  It was still before 10pm, so I didn't feel like they were being rude or anything, but once it hit 10:00 and lights out, I was annoyed.  At 10:35, they slowed to their cool down and quit around 10:40.  By then, I couldn't sleep and it was 11:30 the last time I looked at the clock.  Bleh!

But they are flaky, so surely they won't keep to this committment for longer than a few days, right?  I mean, seriously.  Who runs for an HOUR on a treadmill consistently?  Please say "no one".

But I did get up for CrossFit and had a successful day.  We did one rep maxes for Front Squats and Push Presses.  These are examples to show you what I mean.  I can't figure out how to move a video from Facebook to here, so you don't get to see me.  This is a front squat and this guy is lifting a bajillion pounds.  I lifted 145#.

The one in the middle is a Push Press and I lifted 105#.  I was really pleased with that!  Kinda felt a little of the Badass Unicorn for a minute.  Man, I want more of that feeling. 

Tonight I'm meeting my sorority daughter for dinner.  She is just the sweetest and I love getting to spend time with her!  We always meet at Mexican place between our respective cities.  My plan is to be satisfied with a healthy salad...not the taco one with sour cream and cheese...yum!  If I say it here, I must do it.  A fajita salad with salsa for dressing it is. 


Monday, October 22, 2012

Keep up the fight!

Good morning!  It is Monday and time for my regularly scheduled flogging.  I work SO hard for five days only to sabotage myself on the weekends.  I lost 1.2 pounds this week and that would be super fine, if not for the ginormous gain last week.  Boooo!

I honestly don't mind going "off plan" when it is worth it.  Hell, it isn't even really "off plan", it just part of "the plan."  Like at Fearing's the other night.  That opportunity only comes up so often, and I'm a big believer in enjoying things like that.  The food and drinks were so worth it that I didn't give it a second thought.

But this weekend, we went out to dinner on Saturday and it wasn't worth it.  I had been wanting to try the place, but I was very disappointed.  The drinks were bad, the food was barely okay and yet I ate too much.  That is such crap.  I knew it when I was doing it that it was dumb.  But I did it anyway.  Those are the times I need to figure out how to just stop.  And then I proceeded to eat like crap yesterday. 

It is nights like that when I get mad that I'm a fat person.  I may be many sizes smaller than I used to be, but no matter how much weight I lose, I will always be a fat person.  This weekend, things would flutter through my mind like I wish my issue was alcohol or drugs instead of food.  Or that I had a "real" disease.  Obviously (or at least I hope it is obvious) I don't truly feel that way.  Alcohol & drug addiction is terrible and I would never wish disease on anyone.  But in very weak moments, I get sad that everyone can see my biggest shame.  And society makes it worse.  You have to eat and when you are trying to eat healthy, people think nothing of peer pressuring you to eat something that is not.

It is not polite society to offer drinks to an alcoholic, but offering cake to someone trying to follow certain nutritional guidelines?  Totally normal.  In fact, in many circles it is rude to not eat something offered to you, particularly if it is homemade.  And the thing that is REALLY pissing me off at this moment is that my friends aren't even like that.  I don't have that excuse in my regular routine.  So as hard as it is for me??  It is even harder for someone else. 

One of the thoughts that keeps me going..."Everyone has scars.  Some are just more visible than others."  I don't know if I heard it somewhere or not, but I said it one day (referring to my arm lift scars) and it has turned out to be one of my life mottoes.  I get so down on myself when I fail.  My failure is eating/drinking calories that I shouldn't.  When I do that, I don't lose weight.  People can see that.  Everyone knows that I'm trying to lose weight and yet every week, I'm roughly the same size. 

Everyone gets to judge that I work and work and work at this, but I'm pathetic because I can't get it done.  I know people that love me don't judge, but I would be kidding myself if I think there aren't people who do. 

If somebody else's failure is that they drink too much or don't spend enough time with their kids or they gamble or whatever...I don't "get to" see that.  But then I realize that if I did, I would not want to judge them.  So, then what does it matter?  Everyone has scars.  Everyone has demons.  I hate that mine is food, but it is.  And so I will fight it every day, every week, every year.  And probably most every week, I will have to pick myself up and dust myself off and keep fighting.  Because the problem is there...my choices are to fight or to give in.  Fighting is really frustrating and really hard.  But the alternative?  Honestly?  It's death.  Or at least misery. 

When I think back to life approaching 300 pounds, I remember why I'm in this fight.  For me, winning is not wearing a size six.  Winning is every time I have this talk with myself and I don't give up.  And the biggest thing is to remember that most people are fighting their own demons and they aren't paying attention to my fight.  If they are, they shouldn't be.

I'm not going to give up.  And whoever you are?  I don't want you to either.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Checking In

I'm very busy, but in a great way!  I feel like I'm doing well with the Fresh Diet.  I have meals I have to eat outside of the plan, but I think I'm making the right choices.  I got way off track with my Fredericksburg trip, but I'm happy to say that I'm back to what I was before the trip.  It would be great if I could make additional progress over the weekend!

I did splurge last night because I had a work function at Fearing's which is arguably the best restaurant in Dallas.  It was delicious and an overall super fun evening.  If I was rich, I would go there a lot. :)

I am proud to say that I went to CrossFit Tuesday evening.  I'm not sure how often I will go at night, but at least I got over that hump of giving it a try.  I'm walking with Godmother at lunch.  I always enjoy that anyway.  On Monday, I'm going to give the whole "getting ready at home after CF" thing a try.  Hopefully that will cut down on some of the time needed the night before and I can get back into a groove of going.

I started taking B12 again yesterday as well.  I was low last year when I had my annual blood work so I started taking it.  I can't remember if I noticed a difference or not, but I ran out around the Olympics and I never refilled again.  Hopefully, starting back up will help me get over the tiredness I have.  It isn't horrible...just enough to make me talk myself out of doing things.

Tonight is Citizen's Fire Academy.  That should be fun!  This weekend there is a lot of fun things going on as well.  Looking forward to it!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I snuck a peek at the scale this morning and I was 3 pounds down from yesterday.  That is a little more reasonable! 

Yesterday I stayed on track with the Fresh Diet.  I added in my coffees, but that's it.  Good!

I blew off CrossFit again this morning.  Bad!

I'm going to try taking some B12 to see if it can help me out of this energy slump.  I feel fine, just really, really tired.  I worked out after work for many years, but now that I have gotten used to filling my evenings with other things, I don't want to go back to that.  HOWEVER, if I don't, I have to get better about getting up for CrossFit and/or working out at lunch.

Today, I didn't get up for CF and I have lunch plans.  I did bring my workout clothes so I need to do something after work today.  I texted a CF friend to see if she was going this evening.  I don't know why I have so much anxiety about going in the evening.  Actually, that's a lie...of course I know why.  I'm scared.  I'm used to 6am and people there know me and know I work hard, even if I'm consistently the slowest person there.  I don't want to feel judged.  :-)  Sigh.  I need to conquer that.

I also think I might try something different next week.  Usually, I pack all my stuff the night before and get ready at work after CF.  I think that I might try going home after working out instead.  I think it will only add about 30 minutes and would be less stressful.  It is just a thought. 

I don't want to be a person that makes excuses not to work out.  So, I have to figure out how to make it all work without sacrificing having a life.  I know I can do it.  I just have to be patient and not give up on finding the right balance. 


Monday, October 15, 2012

I was bad and I feel bad.

The alarm for CrossFit went off at the normal time this morning, but I rolled over and turned it off.  I felt guilty, but more tired than guilt, so back to sleep I went.  I'm going to work out at lunch so that isn't even why I'm bad. 

Fredericksburg was so much fun. 

We left Friday morning and got into town early afternoon.  We enjoyed all the little shops before we changed and went out to dinner.  We had a blast together!  The only thing missing was ShareBear.  She just wasn't up for going yet, but I know we will go again when she can be with us!

Saturday morning, the limo picked us up and we went on a wine tour.  The limo was a bit extravagant, but we agreed it was so worth it for everyone to be able to enjoy the wine and not worrying about who will drive.  We also stopped at Opa's to buy some sausage.  It is so very yummy.

After a very late lunch, we rested for a bit.  We went to Hondo's for dinner and I think the plan was to listen to the live music, but we were so spent that we went back to the cabin.  It was a relatively early night.  So much for being party animals.  Ha! 

A huge storm came through in the night which with the tin roof made for some sleepy girls in the morning.  But we still had an enjoyable ride back.  Lizard was so sweet to drive us!

This morning, my scale told me that I gained 4.2 pounds over the weekend.  That is a big fat bummer.  But my jeans fit better than they have all summer, so I know that I'm going in the right direction and My Fresh Diet will help me lose the Girls Weekend Bloat.  Yes, that is a thing.

After three days of not-so-great eating and lots of drinking, I think my body was ready to get back to some healthy food.  I was supposed to meet a friend for dinner tonight, but I asked her if she wouldn't mind meeting for coffee instead.  I can have a decaf coffee as a pre-dinner snack and we can visit, then I will go home and eat my brie cakes.  I was also supposed to meet my old boss for lunch, but I rescheduled so I can work out and eat the food I was delivered.  Those are some good choices!! 

So even though I feel bad for missing CrossFit today and for eating/drinking too many calories this weekend, I feel like I'm handling the fallout in the right way.  I've always said that I'm going to live and I think I'm getting to a right balance.  I guess I might change my mind if this "bloat" turns out to stick around...

I don't have any real hiccups in my schedule until Thanksgiving.  Let's see what I can get done in these 5 weeks!!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beast day!

I deadlifted 225# today!  YAY!!  It wasn't a personal record because it was the same as I did pre-surgery.  BUT...I'm proud that I haven't lost any ground after taking the summer off.  Next time I'm going for more for sure!!

Nothing too exciting to report today.  I stayed on track with my Fresh Diet yesterday.  Food was good.  I'm getting used to the smaller portions and not getting as hungry in between.  I really thought working out would would make it worse, but it seems to be making it better.  Very curious.  We will see if it lasts.

The food was good yesterday, of course.  My favorite thing of the day was my morning snack of Asian Style Brocco-Slaw with Shredded Turkey.  I'm interested in my lunch today because it is a breaded catfish.  I think I'm going to try and cook it in the convection oven instead of the microwave.

I went to Group last night.  It was a small crew but I got to see my BBF Debi, so that was awesome! 

Mom & I talked this morning about Thanksgiving and whether we want to do an actual Thanksgiving dinner.  I told her that it is entirely up to her and Dad, but I was fine with just some Turkey & Noodles.  We did that last year and it gave us the gist without the ton of leftovers.  Plus, I'm considering doing the Turkey Trot this year which means that we would be away from home for the morning, so cooking a turkey doesn't seem like the best idea.  But if that is what we decide on, we will work it out.  We shall see.

I've also been keeping an eye out for fun things to do so we don't sit around at home the whole time.  I know we are going to make a trip to IKEA.  Did I mention that my dad isn't able to make the cabinet for me like he had hoped?  The transport just won't work.  No biggie.  He can help me pick out something at IKEA and put it together.  I'm still very excited!

There is a Toulouse Latrec exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art that I thought they would like too.  I haven't found a theater option yet, but I know I will.  We have already done the Nutcracker numerous times and we did the Rockettes a few years ago.  So, I'm on the lookout for something else fun.

Currently I'm reading a book called Drop Dead Healthy.  It is a good read and interesting at the same time.  You might want to check it out!


Monday, October 8, 2012


We all make choices.  Especially about how we spend our time.  There is NEVER enough time to do all the things we want to do.  We justify, rationalize, make excuses, but the bottom line is that we make time for the things that we want...the things that are important to us.

This is on my mind for two reason.  The first is CrossFit.  I made it back this morning...yay!!  As I was logging my results, I realized that it had been almost THREE weeks since I had been.  That is a long time for something that I say is a priority for me.  I started thinking about what made me choose to not go for three weeks.  I went out of town twice and then was sick and didn't feel like going.  In fact, during today's workout, I thought I was going to cough up a lung, so I probably was wise to sit out during my sickness.

My point is that for three weeks, there were things that I wanted to do more than I wanted to get up and CrossFit.  And that's okay.  Pres pointed out that I was slacking last week and after I really thought about it, I didn't feel guilty because I knew that I was prioritizing in a way that was right for me.  Today I'm back in the game and I plan to go three days this week before I leave town yet again.  I'm very comfortable with those choices.

The second reason is because I totally slacked off last week with my organizing goals.  We all have these things we want to get done around the house, right?  Build a patio, change up the kid's room, make the office more usable.  Whatever they are, we all have these household goals.  I WANT my spare bedroom to be organized, neat & tidy.  But obviously not enough to take the time to get it done.  I will continue to chip away at it, so I can be done when dad comes to visit, but I really wanted it done this weekend and I chose to do other things.

One a good note, one of the other things I chose to do was to clean out my pantry which was productive!  I also went through my winter clothes because it dipped into the 30s last night, which means fall is coming soon.  Not this week, really, but it is coming.  Most of my winter clothes are still too small, but I'm getting there!!

Speaking of...one thing that I'm super proud about from last week?  I stuck with The Fresh Diet all week!  I had one complete meal off while we were in Tyler Friday night and I had some supplemental snacks throughout the week, but I stuck with it in a very doable way.  I'm happy to say that I was rewarded on the scale.  In addition to keeping off the 3.6 pounds I lost while sick, I lost 1.8 pounds this week!!  I would have been thrilled to keep off the 3.6 and call it even since I think it was just dehydration, so I feel this was a HUGE win!

This week is going to be a little more challenging since I have meetings tonight & Thursday night and a show on Wednesday.  Then I'm out of town Friday-Sunday.  I would love it if I could lose even a tenth of a pound this week.  Just something to keep me on track and keep me going.

I hate that I have to make so much of my life about food.  I wish I could just shoot from the hip and eat to live.  But for the first time in my entire life, I have sustained control over my body for a significant period of time and it has given me confidence and security.  I'm not going to let that go.  If it means spending a lot of time consciously deciding about every single bite I put in my mouth?  Then so be it.  That is a choice I'm happy to make!!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Much better!

Mere moments after I posted yesterday, I felt better.  As soon as I wrote everything down and saw that there is nothing that is a big deal or really anything that has all that much to do with me, I realized that there was nothing to fret about. 

I know that I'm a broken record on my blog, but I truly believe that most things don't really have anything to do with you most of the time.  And rarely do you know every piece of someone's story.  The only thing you can control is your reaction.  My choice is happiness! 

This evening BFF, Lizard & I are driving to Tyler for ShareBear's mom's funeral home visitation.  ShareBear has such a wonderfully close family and they are supporting each other during this tough time.  I know that I will face burying my mother (and father) one day, but it isn't something that I like to think about.  I send prayers of love and peace to SB's family as they grieve and celebrate their mom's life.

On a much less serious note, the Rangers are in the Wild Card game tonight.  It is a must win or the postseason is over.  I sure hope they bring their A game.  Actually, the A's kicked their butt, so maybe that is the wrong word.  Play well, Rangers!

Last night was my 2nd Citizen's Fire Academy.  I missed last week while I was in Chicago.  In the first part of last night we talked about special rescues like confined spaces (i.e wells), collapses (like trenches, holes or buildings), swiftwater (flooding), etc. 

They did a demonstration of an air gun that would throw a hook out so they can save people from a boat during swiftwater rescue.  It was cool.

After a break, we split into groups and the firemen walked us through the three trucks.  They have a Mobile Command Center (although I'm sure it is called something else).  It has a couple of areas with computers, tv's etc that they can use to help during disasters, like floods.

Then we talked about the Engine.  This is the big one with all the hoses.  It was interesting to talk to the guys about their experiences going out on calls. 

Last, we met in the emergency truck/ambulance to talk with the paramedics.  (FYI...all but 3 of the firemen in my city are paramedics.  They joke that they are a paramedic station with some fire trucks.  Paramedics are called upon much more than firemen.)

This was probably the most interesting part of the night for me even if I do get squeamish talking about medical stuff.  I have to fast forward tv shows sometimes when it gets to be too much!  These guys were very engaging and told us about their job in an interesting and fun way.  Plus, they weren't tough to look at either!

All in all, I'm enjoying my commitment to the Citizen's Fire Academy and I look forward to next week!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm Grumpy

I'm Grumpy because...

  1. Politics.  You don't see/hear much good political debate because so many of the people that want to talk about it are people that want to roll you over with their side of the argument.  So many lies spewed as fact, opinion spewed as fact...yes, I'm sure from both sides.  I think we have an amazing country.  Bush didn't destroy it.  Obama is not destroying it.  We need to look within ourselves and remember the ideals we have in common.  This shit makes me grumpy.
  2. Death.  ShareBear's mom is in hospice.  She has fought hard over the last several years and she is an AMAZING woman.  She has struggled against the odds and just can't fight anymore.  Literally as I typed those words, I got an email from ShareBear that she has passed on.  I am a woman of faith and I'm glad that when it was time, that God took her peacefully and quickly. 
  3. Family.  My brother is married with three youngish children.  I am single with no children.  Every year for Christmas, I go wherever they are, whenever they want me.  All I ask is they give me enough notice to get a decent price ticket.  However, my brother gets annoyed with the thought of having to plan for Christmas in September or October.  So every year it is a struggle to pin down things enough to buy a ticket.  This year I have been trying to wait, just hoping that they would tell me when to come.  They haven't and ticket prices have already raised over $100 since I first asked.  I know that it has nothing to do with their love for me, but on days like today, it sure feels like my brother doesn't care if I visit for Christmas or not.  That makes my heart sad which makes me grumpy.
  4. Baseball.  I realize that baseball shouldn't be on the same level as my previous items, but whatever.  The Rangers should be at the top of the AL and last night they lost an important game which means they are playing in the Wild Card game tomorrow night.  If they lose, their postseason is over.  I have ALCS tickets and it appears that the Rangers shouldn't even make it to the ALDS.  After THREE years, I finally get playoff tickets and it looks like it is for naught.  Damn it.  Maybe they will look better tomorrow, but based on last night?  There is nothing to indicate they will be any better.  G-R-U-M-P-Y!!
  5. Diet.  I'm hungry.  Quite honestly, this could be the number one reason I'm cranky, who knows.  I really don't care the circumstances, dieting is hard.  My food is absolutely delicious, but "right-sized" portions have never really been enough for me.  I'm working hard to train myself to make that be enough, but it is hard.  It will always be hard.  That makes me sad and yes, grumpy.
Most every single day, I choose happiness.  In fact, I'm guessing right after I post this, I will choose happiness.  I do not like to wallow, I do not like to feel bad, I do not like to have anger.  So I will choose to let this all go because there is not a damn thing I can do.  I feel happiest when I'm giving and not being selfish.  Every once in a while, I feel that is taken for granted, but honestly, the only one that can make me feel that way is me.

It is a choice.  No one else can control my reactions.  I am in charge of me.  Be gone bitterness, there is no place for you here.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chill out, Chica

I often have to remind myself that life is not a race.  I don't feel I have to justify taking a week to rest and rejuvenate to anyone else, so I'm unsure why I feel the need to justify to myself.  I think in the past, I have used excuses to be lazy (whether that is laziness regarding working out or just being productive), to eat what I want, etc.  I get concerned that if I let myself walk down that road, that I will end up close to 300 pounds and sad as hell again.

I didn't do anything when I got home last night.  Again.  And I started freaking out when I went to bed last night because of my goals (food, water, work out, organizing), I really only did well with food and water.

Then I had an epiphany.  That is a big stinking deal.

Working out is going to ebb and flow as will DIY projects, but eating and drinking healthily is really the key to keeping myself in control. 

Speaking of food...my meals yesterday were absolutely delicious!  However, as I feared, the fruit for breakfast didn't keep me full at all and I was hungry most of the day.  This is such a Bandster's Dilemma, right?  I'm eating perfect portions that should keep me satisfied all day with the proper restriction.  However, if I go get the proper restriction, I wouldn't be able to eat half this food.

I have to make a choice.  Either I'm restricted and eat accordingly, or I'm on the loose side and eat accordingly.  Either way there are pros and cons.  Yesterday afternoon, I ate 12 almonds to supplement my food.  Last night, I had a serving of tortilla chips and a spoonful of nut butter.  I only hate when I was hungry and I tried to eat bits at a time to satisfy myself.

At first I was frustrated because I "cheated", but then grew to realize that I actually did something really amazing (for me.)  I was hungry all day yesterday, but I stuck to my meals.  I was still hungry, so I ate a little.  I didn't eat a whole jar of nut butter and cry into my tea.  I just ate a little to help fill me up.  And I did get satisfied without going overboard.  I need to see that for the success it is.

I'm setting expectations in my mind that other than a walk today at lunch, I won't give myself hell for not working out the rest of the week.  I will go to CrossFit on Monday rejuvenated and ready to kick ass.  I won't worry about my at home projects until the weekend when I can put my focus to it.  There is no reason to stress about artificial deadlines.  Done.

What am I going to do today to help myself with the food & water issue?  Well, first, I have eggs for breakfast today (Crustless Tomato, Basil & Quinoa Quiche), so that should help.  I will eat that at 10am.  I'm hoping that will hold me until 1pm when I will eat my lunch (Lean Turkey Meatballs with Fresh Marinara Sauce with Roasted Kabocha Squash with Wild Mushrooms and Spaghetti Squash in Fresh Basil Pesto.)  It has a lot of words, but it is roughly the size of a standard Lean Cuisine.

Since I'm walking with Godmother at lunch, I should be able to distract myself even if I do get hungry.  My afternoon snack (Chicken Skewer with Tequila Lime Glaze) is planned for around 4pm.  It would be super great if I could make it through the work day without having to supplement.

Tonight, my dinner (Mushroom Souffle & Gruyere Cheese Panini on Whole Wheat Ciabatta Bread) is roughly the size of a twinkie.  No joke.  The dessert is cherry & chocolate peanut butter cookies which are actually 2 decent sized cookies.  If I NEED, I will supplement with one serving of almonds.  That's my plan.  I'm going to do this, damnit!!

It is kind of good that I have this week to focus on my food.  I know that adding fitness might make me hungrier, but maybe if I do it a step at a time I can get my body used to it. I wish that I didn't focus on food so much.  Truly.  But if I didn't, I would eat horribly.  I just have to accept that this is the only real way for me to lose.  I've shown that I can maintain, so I just have to get it done.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This is the first morning in a while where I didn't want to cry at the thought of getting out of bed.  :-)  I'm still stuffy and my body isn't ready for anything crazy, but when I woke up, I felt better than when I went to bed.  PROGRESS!!! 

My immediate thought was, "I should go to CrossFit tomorrow!"  Heh.  I might need to back off a little and hold off for that next week.  But no matter how bad I feel, I still feel lazy if I don't work out.  But I'm walking at lunch tomorrow, so that should make me feel better.  The weather is cooling down...maybe I can get myself to do some walking this weekend before jumping into CrossFit craziness on Monday.  That sounds like a good plan.

Goal check:
  1. Food - I followed My Fresh Diet yesterday very well.  I will get into it more in a bit, but other than the meals made for me, I only had a few nuts and tortilla chips.  It isn't ideal, but it is a start.  Going from vacation eating to 3 small meals and 2 small snacks is tough, so I feel I did well.  If I can do the same today, I will be happy.
  2. Work out - I addressed that above.  Nothing yesterday or today, but I have noticed a tremendous difference in how I feel, so I'm getting there!
  3. Water - I drank 80 ounces of water yesterday which was a bit shy, but I will take it.  Going for 100 today!
  4. Organizing - I get a big FAIL here.  I was so tired when I got home last night that I did nothing but sit on my butt and watch TV.  Well, I guess I did read a bit too, but still.  I'm hoping that since I feel better today, I will have more energy to get some things done.

Fresh Diet

Let me just tell you how WONDERFUL the food tastes.  That was my biggest concern, but I feel quite confident that while I might have things I like more than others...I'm going to be able to eat what they make for me.

Yesterday's breakfast was just the best.  It was basically eggs with salsa and cheese and it was fan-freaking-tastic!  My salmon lunch was good, but salmon isn't my favorite, so it doesn't get an excellent distinction.  :-)  My dinner was an Asian salad and it was really quite good.  I was surprised because the ingredients didn't seem flavorful (lettuce, bok choy, alfalfa sprouts, & chicken) but the dressing made it really tasty!

Fresh Fruit Salad with Apple, Red Grape, Grapefruit,
Pineapple, Honeydew, & Blackberry Ricotta Cheese
(I'm a little concerned that the lack of protein will make me hungry earlier...we will see.)

Stuffed Chicken Asiago & Tarragon with Whole Wheat
Linguine Pasta and Roasted Red Peppers

Afternoon Snack
Avocado & Cream Cheese Stuffed Baby Tomatoes

Greek Salad with Bulgarian Feta Cheese, Cucumber,
Grape Tomato, Romaine Lettuce & Basil Vinaigrette

Apple Cinnamon Cheesecake

Today was the first time in a while...before the Olympics...that I didn't have to struggle putting on my favorite jeans.  They are still tight and I have a long way to go, but I feel progress.  So, I'm excited to stick to my plan today.  It is so much easier knowing that it is going to taste good!!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Post Chicago Blues

I had a wonderful time in Chicago!!  Even if I was sick the whole time.  It is amazing how a little rum can make you feel like you AREN'T sick...well, at least temporarily.  Now I'm home and my goal for the week is simply to get through it so I can sleep all weekend.  :-)  I am better today, but I'm still quite congested, tired and a bit achy.  But there is no question that I'm much, much better.

I think I'm going to wait and post about Chicago tomorrow.  Today I have a few other things to thing about...

I actually lost a pound in September.  That is far from my goal, but seeing as I was on vacation two weekends in a row, I'm going to take it. 

My goals for October are going to be behavioral.  Hopefully if I follow them, I will have success on the scale!  This is the plan for this week:
  1. Food - follow the Fresh Diet (more on that below) every single day.  I will give myself a one meal off just in case I need it, but I have no work lunches and no night/weekend plans, so there isn't any reason that I can't start this first week off right.
  2. Work out - this week I need to focus on getting better.  I plan to walk at lunch with Godmother on Wednesday, but that is the only thing set in stone.  If I feel much, much better at the end of the week, I will go to CrossFit, but I'm going to play that by ear.  This infection knocked me on my ass and I need to make sure I kick it.
  3. Water - Drink 100 ounces of water (plain water) each day.
  4. Organizing - Now that my vacations are over, it is time to get back to organizing.  Today's goal will be to go through all of the clothes in the spare room to sort (keep, donate, trash).  By the end of the week, I would like to have the spare room completely ready for my dad to bring the shelves.  (That isn't happening until Thanksgiving, but no need to wait.)  If there is more time, I would like to get started something new.  I think I will start with the kitchen.
As I mentioned before, today is the first day of my Fresh Diet.  Today's Menu:

Southwestern Style Scrambled Eggs with Fire Roasted Corn,
Fresh Salsa, Bell Peppers, Pepper-Jack Cheese & Nine Grain Toast

Chia and Pink Peppercorn Crusted Salmon with Minted Balsamic Glaze
With Creamy Parmesan, Parsnip and Potato Mash and Exotic Mushroom Ragout

Afternoon Snack
Cherry Vanilla Cheesecake

Asian Style Chicken Salad with Baby Bok Choy, Watercress,
Alfalfa Sprouts, Water Chestnuts, 7 Sesame Soy Dressing

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries with Creamy Vanilla Ricotta Cheese

The servings are small (as they should be since they are "right-sized" for individual servings and not what a typical restaurant might have).  I'm hoping that they will have a lot of flavor, but I guess I will be able to let you know tomorrow!!

I'm committed to doing this for one month whether I like it or not.  I think after a week, I will know how I feel about it.

Have a great week!