Friday, July 20, 2012

Hey, did you know I was going to the Olympics?

Long time, no post!  Things have been mucho crazy around here recovering, getting back to normal, working, planning my trip.  Uber amounts of crazy fun times!

On the weight front, not going to lie, as much as I wanted to make it a priority before my trip, I did not.  I'm hanging tough and not gaining, but that's about it.  I got back to Jazzercise and running a bit which is making my body feel better and better.  After the trip I will start getting myself back to the hardcore schedule from before the surgery so I can get my body back to where it was.  YAY!

I have chosen to be very zen and "whatever will be, will be" about everything right now.  I could easily be stressed out with some things but I have decided that it isn't worth it.  I sold some of my extra Olympic tickets on eBay.  I had bought them by mistake, so I was hoping to get my money back out of them.  As of now, I am at 4x their value!!  If the guy from Switzerland ever pays me, I will be at 5.5x their value!! 

It has been stressful getting everything paid in and shipped, but I keep reminding myself that this unexpected money will pay for almost a full week of my hotel room.  Yeah.  It was significant.

On the other side, I won an eBay auction for some tickets, but the guy hasn't shipped them yet.  DUDE, I leave in a week.  Get on it! 

I swear that I was a travel agent in a different life.  I have the most kick-ass itinerary planned!  Now if it would just stop raining... 

It is hard to say what I'm most excited about.  I mean I KNOW I'm excited to see my volleyball boys.  But I'm also excited to just be a part of it, you know?  Soak up the atmosphere.  I told my SIL that the weather would suck, but we are going to carry sunshine in our pockets.  No matter what happens, I will be exactly where I should be! 

Another fun thing on the itinerary is that I plan to see Justine!!!  I will be nasty from Jazzercise since I won't have time to shower, but I'm so excited that we were able to find a time that works.

Random thoughts everywhere.  That is how my brain is working these days!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Great day!

Even though I still feel like my head is lodged in a water tank, it is a very good day!!

I went to the doctor today and I had three goals:
  1. Get the last staples out.  Check!
  2. Get the wraps off.  Check!  (Although I will still need to wear them to work out and when I'm home lounging at night.)
  3. Get released to work out.  Check!  (He said to take it slowly, but I don't have any restrictions other than what my body tells me.)
I'm so relieved I can't even tell you. 

I have dinner tonight with the girls which I will enjoy very much.  Then tomorrow, I'm walking at lunch with Godmother and then GOING TO JAZZERCISE!! 


I predict that I will be back to "normal" by the end of the week.  My head is full of actual pressure from sickness and perceived pressure from anxiety.  A few days of good cardio and I will conquer it!


Monday, July 9, 2012

This weekend, I broke every nutrition commitment I made to myself a couple of weeks ago.  I wish this were not so hard for me, but it is, so today I commit again.

I had a nice weekend in Louisiana with BFF and her family.  Sadly, her SIL's father passed away while we were there so we spent some teary time at the rosary and funeral.  He has been very sick, so it was not unexpected.  I was glad that BFF was able to be there with her family. 

Before I left, I felt a sinus infection coming on...this after my back went out.  Not my week.  Anyway, by Thursday (or Friday, I don't really remember), I just couldn't take it anymore and I went to Urgent Care.  The doc was nice and gave me a steroid shot which really helped.  I'm also on antibiotics which is getting rid of the infection, but my allergies still suck.  I really need this to go away! 

For me, it all comes back to not exercising.  My back, my sinus infection...I wouldn't feel like this if I could work out.  Tomorrow is my next follow up with the surgeon and my hope is that he takes out the last staples and clears me for normal workouts.  I just can't even deal with any alternatives right now.  I'm sick of the staples, I'm sick of the wraps, and I'm sick of feeling so tired.  I'm done. 

Wow, I'm cranky!!

It really hit me this weekend that my trip is coming soon.  18 days from now, in fact.  I needed to buy a raincoat so when BFF & I got back in town yesterday, I turned on the air in my apartment and headed for the mall.  I walked that whole place and found no raincoats.  Not a big demand in Texas in July, I guess.  In Nordstrom, on the way out, I stopped by the purses.  MISTAKE!  :)  This one was on sale and had my name practically written on it...
It matches my Skittle!  :)  I probably won't take it to London since it isn't part of my patriotic motif, but I will use it here.  So pretty.

So, I went for a raincoat and was leaving with a purse.  Nice.  I made one last ditch effort for a raincoat at Nordstrom.  They had two.  One was a simple, black short trench.  It was even on sale.  But they also had this one:

It wasn't on sale, but it is super light and scrunches down into a small tote so it is uber portable.  It is also reversible.  My only concern is that it would make me look fat in pictures.  Anyway, that is the one I got and even though I spent more than I wanted, it is a useful little jacket and should keep me dry in London.

Tonight is Group, so I hope to see Debi & Andrea!! 


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blah Day

I'm so glad the holiday is coming up tomorrow!  My back is moderately better, but I can feel myself leaning slightly to the right.  No bueno.  A 7 hour car ride tomorrow isn't going to help, but the time off will.  :)  I'm also coming down with a sinus infection.  Bleh.  Let's just get it all out now, body of mine.

I feel like crap, so I don't have all that much to report.  I wish I had a surgical follow up today, but I don't.  At least I'm sleeping more normally!

I'm also settling into a paleo lifestyle a little more easily than I thought.  Yesterday, I made really good choices for the most part which I normally wouldn't do.  When I'm sick, I tend to cave on any dietary restrictions I've placed on myself.  So, that's a win, I guess.

My head is filled with things associated with the Olympics and London.  I think it will be that way for a while.  :)


Monday, July 2, 2012

Lots 'O Volleyball

Good news:  today at work, I got to flip the calendar to the page that has the words "Leave for London" next to the Olympic rings.  It's almost here!!

Bad news:  I got out my car this morning and my back froze up.  It is muscular, but boy, it hurts!  I used to have back issues all the time when I was bigger and especially when I didn't work out.  It was bound to catch up with me, I guess.  I'm laying pretty still with BioFreeze and patches on it.  Bleh.


Friday after work, I picked up my friend JazzMia and we went to see some volleyball!  Before that, we went to Cafe Brazil for dinner and I had the most delicious omelet.  I did really well on my paleo plan again this week.  Yay me!

Back to Team USA.  I just love watching them play.  I had never been to the Dallas Convention Center arena.  It was a nice venue. 

They move so much it is hard to get a decent picture.  We played Korea and we won in three hard fought sets.  Too bad BFF was in Orlando, because I'm sure we totally would have friendly stalked them a little.  :)


Saturday was a busy day.  I got a massage and then went for a bra fitting.  Hold on to your hats, folks.  I was measured as a 38D and ended up being fitted in a 36DD.  Holy moly!!  It's possible that they will still go down a little, but they look great so I'm thrilled.  While I was shopping, I found some fun outfits that I couldn't live without...

 I thought this was a nice overall outfit.  I've been really wanting a maxi skirt.  Then they had these snug fitting layering t-shirts that seemed to look great so I bought 3!  And I thought that the little cardigan would be perfect to throw on whenever. 
 This is my "Boobilicious" picture.  I'm actually still slightly bigger than I was pre-surgery, but the boobs make me appear smaller.  I will take that!
 I LOVED this outfit!  The different tones of cool colors go well together.  It shows off my figure.  And that skirt is wicked comfortable.  I think this will be worn a lot.
Please disregard my nasty post-massage hair in these pics.  Gross.  Anyway, if you notice my skirt pooling at my feet above...  I realized later, that it is actually a dress.  Crap.  I mean, it is cute, but I wanted a mxi skirt.  Now I don't know what to do with it.  Piddlesticks.

It is fun shopping with a better figure!

Saturday night, I picked up my friend ShellyBelly and went to eat at Company Cafe.  That is like my new favorite restaurant.  Then we went to see more volleyball!
As they were lining up for the national anthem, they started playing the Olympic theme.  Tears filled my eyes when it just hit me that soon I will be watching them in London on the world stage.  Happiness is...

Unfortunately, after five nail biting sets, we just couldn't pull it out.  We still had another night to make it into the World League finals so I wasn't too worried.


After church, I went to breakfast and excitingly did laundry.  But then it was time for BFF to get home!  I missed her since she was gone all weekend.  I had a lot of fun with my friends, but things just aren't "right" without BFF around. 

I picked her up and we headed downtown.  We were front and center and ended up being pic tweeted by DCC and USA Volleyball.  It's like we are famous.  Ha!  :)

I can't wait until I get these wraps off my arms!!  Team USA won the match and a berth to the World League finals in Bulgaria!  I hope the keep up the good mojo and have success in London.  I don't want my quarterfinal and semifinal tickets to go to waste!!

It was a fun packed weekend.  I guess my back decided I had enough.  I really need to be able to work out again.  :(  I'm leaving for Louisiana on Wednesday morning and I'm looking forward to that, provided I can walk!