Thursday, June 30, 2011

Going back to Cali...

Holy cow the last two days have been so busy...  Back to back vacations are stressful.  But I'm not going to complain about all the fun stuff I get to do.  :)

I'm getting ready to head to the airport.  Hope my Vacation Report #2 is as fun as the first one. 

Have a great holiday weekend all and be safe!!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vegas Day #4 - Going home & NKOTBSB

Apparently BFF got sick about 3am and I slept though it.  What a great friend I am!  Anyway, she is still feeling bad so she must have caught some sort of bug or something.  I hope it goes away soon!

We got up and took a limo (my first limo ride, can you believe it??) to the airport.  While we were having breakfast, a lady next to us started having a heart attack or stroke or something.  I hope she is okay!

At any rate, things were no longer going swimmingly, so it was truly time to go home.  After a less than fun flight (Spirit Airlines has trainee pilots, I decided), our friend ShareBear picked us up.  After a brief trip by our respective apartments to drop off luggage, we all went to dinner at Mattito's.  I decided I was still on vacation so I ordered a margarita.  BFF mostly looked like she wanted to throw up.

We went to the concert and it was FANTASTIC!!  Jordyn Sparks opened and I didn't realize she sang Battlefield.  I like that song.  I felt like a teenager.  I couldn't believe how all the New Kids' songs came back to me and I was singing along.  I like the Backstreet Boys, but I'LL BE LOVING the New Kids on the Block FOREVER.  :)  That Donnie has some rockin abs!  We had talked about bailing early because we were so tired, but we stayed through the entire encore.  The encore was Hanging Tough and Backstreet's Back.  How could we leave??

All in all one of the best weekends EVER!  California won't be able to top it (we leave in less than two days, yikes!) but it will be a different kind of fun.  For those of you that read all four days, bless you.  :)  Love you guys!!

Yesterday, I took a vacation day just to get caught up.  I will have you know that even with all the drinking and treats, I lost a half pound!  WOOHOO!! 


Vegas Day #3 - You want me to what? & The Best Dinner EVER!

Saturday we were up early for the convention.  We made a brief stop at the shopping booths and then headed to our first class.

Crazy Boys & You
This was a somewhat normal Jazzercise class, although it was a full hour of cardio.  The instructors were two of the guys and they were so entertaining.  They were joined on stage by a couple of guys who instruct in Italy.  I wish I had a picture of those cutie patooties.  They also had a Cher impersonator during the Cher routines.  s/he was FABULOUS!  There were FOUR costume changes.  What a diva!  After this hour, I was feeling F-I-N-E, FINE!

Pure Muscle
This class was an hour of strength training with a tube.  It was led by Judi Sheppard Missett who is the founder of Jazzercise.  I believe she is 64 years old and she is a BAD-ASS!  Wow.  She also brought out 3 guys from the Thunder from Down Under to do the routines with us.  Can I just say that it made the hour MUCH more bearable??  Holy cow, there was hotness!  I was feeling the soreness after this class, but still going strong.

Vegas Club Mix
This class was AWSOME and my favorite of the weekend!  It was led by a guy name Time Roberts and he basically taught us a dance routine.  He would start with 2 counts of 8 and do it a few times.  Then he would teach us the next 2 counts of 8 and once we had it, we put it all together.  We did that about 5 or 6 times and boy, by the end, we were going nuts trying to remember what was next.  It was a blast and cardio all at the same time!

We took a break for lunch and went to Nero's at Caeser's.  I had Tomato Basil Soup and a Cobb Salad.  Delish!  No rest for is off to the next class.

Showgirl Strength & Stretch
Holy crap.  This class ended up only being about 35 minutes long because she was an actual Vegas showgirl with a big headress and costume and danced a routine at the beginning.  But 35 minutes was time enough.  There were points were she would tell us to do something and all you heard was laughter.  She would ask why we were laughing as we all tried to replicate her move.  It was insane, but still a fun time.

Jazzercise Burlesque Style
I wasn't sure what I expected from this class.  It turned out to be a somewhat regular Jazzercise set up, but done with a Burlesque flair.  Shanna Missett Nelson (daughter of the founder and now seems to be taking charge) led the class.  She is AMAZING!  She teaches a regular class in California and BFF & I are planning to check it out.  I forgot to mention when I talked about the taping, how crowded it was.  I'm surprised there were no fist fights breaking out over space.  People are so oblivious sometimes!  Anyway, this class was also crowded, but it had such great energy.

Before we knew it, it was all over.  Roughly 7 hours of working out over a two day period.  I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER would have been able to do that two years ago.  NEVER.

After everything, we went back for showers and freshening up.  I realized that I needed to cash in my chips from my bet for Ben (see Day #1).  I stopped at the Cashier and handed her my chips.  She asked me if I wanted small bills or big bills and I said big.  She counted them out, one, two.  I said that two is great considering I came with one.  She said, yeah it is good to be friends with Ben.  My heart stopped, and I thought, "what in the hell did he do?  How does this woman know I made the bet for Ben????"  Then it ocurred to me that she was talking about Ben Franklin.  HAHAHA!!  One of my favorite moments of the weekend.

Then we headed to Scarpetta at the Cosmopolitan.  I think I mentioned to you all that we were making reservations there.  It is Scott Conant's (Chopped, Food Network) restaurant and I could not wait to try it!  We were seated quickly and I immediately fell in love with the waiter.  One of the girls with us insisted he was into me too, but I think he was just a good waiter.  Sure made me feel good though.  With all the cute girls at our table, it was nice to be able to get the winks.  That just doesn't happen very often (the other girls probably got them too, but I just put that right out of my mind.  Ha!) 

Three of the girls shared a bottle of wine ($130! I just googled it and it appears to run $60 retail if you can find it.  Nice mark up, huh?!) that they said was AWESOME!  I decided on a drink since red wine gives me a headache (which is super sad because I LOVE it).  I forget the name of the first drink I tried, but it had bourbon, peach bitters, fig jam and honey.  It was very good, but I wanted to try something else.  I got a Gallardo which was Hendrick's gin and basil-infused syrup poured over a large basil leaf.  Sounds gross?  I assure you that it is not. drink I have EVER had.  Seriously.

I had the white aspargus cream soup to start.  They brought out aspargus and croutons in a little bowl (with some garlic and other things) and then poured the warm cream coup over it. mouth is watering thinking about it.  The other girls enjoyed their first courses as well.

I had a hard time deciding on a main course because nothing was really jumping out at me.  Three of the girls were getting the seabass, so I couldn't do that.  One girl was getting the pork loin.  My new boyfriend Luis (can you believe I didn't get a picture??) suggested the cod.  He said that while seabass is flaky, the cod is a more oily fish.  That didn't sound great to me, but I trusted in the Luis. was SOOOOOO good.  Like ridiculously good.  I took a bite of BFF's seabass and while she said it was the best seabass she has ever had, I didn't love it.  Apparently, I like oily fish.  Who knew?  My cod was served with mushrooms and some kind of puree. 

One of the girls literally ate plain hamburgers (meat and bun only) or chicken sandwiches (meat and bun only) everywhere we went.  But here she ventured out and she said that she loved it!  For dessert, BFF & I shared the Napoleon.  It was kind of a deconstructed creme brulee.  The perfect ending to the perfect meal. 

Did I just spend 5 paragraphs on one meal?  Yes, I did.  And can I tell you that I could do more.  It was THAT good. 
After dinner, the other girls headed back to Caesar's, but BFF & I stayed to gamble at the Cosmopolitan to gamble.  We each sat down a penny slot (because that's how we roll) next to each other and put in $20.  20 lines, one credit each...spin.  One spin and ALL of our money is gone.  WHAT?  Yeah, it was a $1 machine, not one cent.  WHOOPS!  Nothing like losing $20 in 2 seconds to sober you up slightly.  Another of my favorite moments...we went to the bathroom before we left the casino and BFF freshened up her lipstick.  I looked at her, cracked up and asked her if she forgot she wasn't putting on Chapstick (which she had been using all day).  Girl looked like Tammy Faye Baker.  It was SPECTACULAR!  After she fixed it, we left. 

We walked down the strip and stopped at Paris.  We played a few slots and were starting to get tired.  We decided to play the American Idol slot before we left.  It is kind of a cool game because when one person goes to the bonus round, everyone goes.  On one bonus round, BFF won $60 and I won $100.  Time to cash out and go back to Caesar's.  After some celebratory ice cream, of course...

To be continued...

Vegas Day #2 - Jazz on the Strip

Friday morning, we got up leisurely and had a late breakfast.  After, it was time for what we came for...Jazz on the Strip.  We went to register and to buy some fun Jazzercise gear. 
After that, we headed out to shop a little bit before lunch.  BFF got a work phone call, so while she was handling that, I wondered around the fancy shops.  I went to Fendi and looked at a diamond and white ceramic watch.  It looked good on me, so I asked how much it was.  $1,895.  Hmmm...I will put that on my wish list.  She then showed me one with MORE diamonds and I told her that I like things a little more simple.  So, she showed me a slightly smaller version with no diamonds which I actually like the best.  She said that it was only $895.  After the $1,895, it seems so reasonable until I realized that I'm NOT RICH and I needed to get the hell out of there.  Whew.

However, I did stop and take a look at Tiffany.  For those of you that have read my blog from the beginning (so sorry!), you might remember that I rewarded myself with a Tiffany key necklace for successfully kickstarting my fitness regime.  I went to a personal trainer, started running, & went to Jazzercise for 8 weeks.  It was a big deal at the time and I wanted big incentive.  Recently, they have come out with locks as well.  I found out that the lock that I wanted was $80.  I decided that would be my momento from Vegas.

By then, it was time for lunch and we met the other girls at Olives at the Bellagio.  The food was good, but I don't remember what I had and the waiter was kind of an ass.  I was disappointed because I think it is an EXCELLENT restaurant.  I would definitely try it again.  The tapenade alone was worth a repeat trip!

After lunch, it was time to head to Jazz on the Strip for the taping.  A few time a year, Jazzercise instructors (like BFF & a couple of other girls that were with us) get instructional videos with new routines.  This was a live taping of one of those events.  We were warned that it could last up to 4 hours, so we prepared for a Jazzercise-athon.  After the first hour, I realized that I could work out so much better on carpet (it was in a hotel ballroom.)  My feet barely hurt and I was absolutely ready to keep going.  They only had to restart taping a couple of times, so we ended after 2.5 hours.  I thought it was fantastic and I'm looking forward to doing some of the new routines when they come out next month.

I am wearing one of my new cover-ups in the picture.  It is the one we got as a gift for attending.  I also bought one like the black/silver one on the left.  It says "Jazz on the Strip/Las Vegas" at the bottom, so that's cool.
After Jazzing, we went to the Burger Joint at the Flamingo for dinner.  We put on dry clothes but we were exhausted and feeling kind sore, so we didn't want anything fancy.  Plus, we knew we had to get up the next day and do even more!
It's too bad they took the plates away before they took the picture.  My nachos were HUGE!  In fact, I'm pretty sure that I only ate about an eighth of the serving and I felt like I ate a TON!  The drinks were good too.  :)

After dinner, we briefly played some slots, then retired for the night.

To be continued...

Vegas Day #1 - The Bet & Ka

Even though the trip started on Thursday, I have to start with Wednesday.  At work, my coworker Ben gave me $100 to take to Vegas with some very specific instructions.  Upon ariving at Caesar's, I was to walk up to a blackjack dealer (and not just any blackjack dealer...but the meanest Asian blackjack dealer I could find) and lay the money on the table.  I was to say "money plays" and nothing else.  I accepted the challenge.

Special shout out to the Debster and Spamalot because we had a super fun time Wednesday night.  (Geeze, that was almost a week ago!)  Oh, and also, Debi is contemplating going to Chicago in October.  Head on over to her blog and give her some peer pressure!!  :)

We left Thursday morning and met 3 of the other girls at the airport.  The last girl is a flight attendent and since we were flying Spirit Airlines, she was going to meet us at the airport in Vegas.  Our flight to Vegas was uneventful except for the descent when I was convinced we were going to crash and die.  Did I mention my flying phobia?  Yeah.  Most of the time, my mind knows that everything is okay and I can overcome my body.  But we were shaking all over the place and while my demeanor was calm, BFF was worried that I was so red that I was going to pass out.  :)  Oh well, we landed and didn't die.

As per Ben's instructions, upon ariving at Caeser's, we walked (bags and all) into the casino in search of the meanest looking Asian blackjack dealer.  I found one and she snapped at me that she was closed.  I went to the second one (less mean, but still Asian) and she explained that she was closed as well.  So, feeling kind of dumb, I went to the only dealer left who was a happy, older Italian guy.  I put down my money and said, "money plays."  He laughed at me and said that I couldn't do that.  They don't allow it in the casino.  Thanks Ben!  Anyway, I just forged ahead with the $100 chip I was given.

I had 19 and the dealer had a face card up.  It happened so fast that I didn't have a chance to be nervous.  I stayed, of course, and the dealer turned over a 7.  He turned the next card and busted.  WOO HOO!  I just won a $100!!!  And since I'm a total girl, I took a picture with the huggy blackjack dealer.
What a GREAT WAY to start the weekend!!

After checking in and putting our stuff in the room, we went to lunch.  We went to Mesa Grill at Caesar's which is Bobby Flay's restaurant.  I do love me some Bobby Flay!  The food was good and the margaritas were outstanding!  We shared some queso with roasted pablno peppers which was excellent.  Then I had the grilled grouper which I thought was good.  Good job, Bobby!

After lunch, we set out to explore.  It was 109 hot.  Dry heat, shrmy heat.  Hot is hot!  Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the show.  We went to see KA, the Cirque du Soleil show at MGM.  It was a great show.  It was about samurais and martial arts which was cool, but not my favorite story line.  The staging, however, was un-freaking-believable.  It was on hydrolics and moved all over the place.  Cirque always puts on a great show!

I don't have the pictures that we took after the show yet, but when I get them I will have to post.  In one of them, I look like an absolute Amazon and it is AWESOME.  All of the girls (except one who happened to be taking that picture) are around 5 foot or 5'3" at most and were in flat shoes.  I'm 5'5" and was wearing HUGE platforms.  I look like I'm with a bunch of little people. I can't wait to share that with you.  Also, it was the first time I had really gone out into public sleeveless.  I still don't love my arms by any means, but I'm trying to get past it.

After the show, we headed to the Forum Shops and ate at PJ Clarke's.  It wasn't an expensive meal, but it was delicious and the waiter was great.  I would definitely recommend it!  I had the scallops and they were so delicious.

After dinner, we gambled away about $40 in an hour and then went back to the hotel for some sleep. 

To be continued...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1 Day to Vegas!!


The flight leaves in less than 24 hours.  YAY!!  We are flying Spirit Airlines which I have never done before, but they were the one with the cheapest flights, so hopefully they aren't too bad.  We made reservations for Scarpetta on Saturday night.  Scarpetta is owned by Scott Conant, one of my celebrity chef crushes.  "One of?" you ask.  Yes, that is correct.  I have crushes on Scott, Bobby Flay and Chris Santos.  I was going to include pictures, but Blogger decided that I can't attach pictures today.


Talked to SIL last night and she is going to try to get us some event tickets when the special presale happens on Friday.  Since I will be in Vegas, she has to be the one to come through big!!  In all seriousness, I don't expect that we will get anything.  But I do have hope that she might be able to find something for us.  Either way, we are going!!

I think I have decided that I might stay longer.  SIL was a teacher but became a stay at home mom while the kids were small until she recently started back part time.  She is planning to start back full time so that might cut her time in London short.  I think it will depend the hotel and air issues that come up, but I'm strongly leaning toward staying longer.  Who knows...maybe I will find a cute English tour guide to show me around.


I did okay yesterday and I'm guessing I will do okay today.  Basically, I just lost the bloat from last week.  :)  I think I have resigned myself to the fact that I'm only going to lose big when I'm exercising big.  That is my plan for July so we will see how it goes.

Debi & I are going to see Spamalot tonight so that will be fun!  I probably should pack sometime soon...  I probably won't talk to you all again until Monday, so have a great weekend!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dallas Area Blogger Lunch

Okay, DFW girls.  Let's plan to meet up on Sunday, July 24th.  Let's meet at the Starbucks at Southlake Town Center at 1pm and we can decide where to go from there.  If I'm the only one there, I can go shopping!  :) 

If you need directions or have any questions, email me

See you soon!

2 Days to Vegas!!

Vegas Rundown

In two days, I will be leaving for vacation #1!  Here is the plan:
  • Thursday - Fly out around 10am and arrive in Vegas at 11am local time.  We have the rest of the day free and I'm sure we will explore the strip and do a little gambling.  We have tickets to KA in the evening, so that will be fun.
  • Friday - We have most of the day open, so other than registering for the conference and shopping the wares of people pimping their products, we can continue to explore Vegas.  The Jazzercise taping (we are going to be Jazzercising with the instructors doing the instructional video that is sent out to the instructors nationwide (worldwide?) to learn the new routines) starts at 4:30pm.  I believe that will run for about 3 hours which is a lot of consecutive Jazzercising!  But I'm sure it will be fun.
  • Saturday - This is Jazzercise Day.  We have several classes to attend:  9:30 am-Crazy Boys & You (I have NO IDEA..), 10:30am-Pure Muscle (I can already feel my abs crying), 11:30-Vegas Club Mix (I bet this will be super fun!)  At 12:30pm, we break for a 2 hour lunch.  2:30pm-Showgirl Strength & Stretch (I like the strength & stretching, but you feel it later), 3:30pm-Jazzercise Burlesque Style (I CAN'T WAIT.  I anticipate a lot of booty shaking and fun dancing going on.)  The conference ends at 4:30pm.  We have the evening to do what we want...if we can walk.
  • Sunday - our flight is at 11:30am so I'm guessing we will just get up, eat breakfast, and hobble to the airport.
Now...I am NOT in charge of this trip.  As you will see when you see our itinerary for Long Beach which I will post next week, I plan VERY differently.  I am a planner.  I enjoy planning vacation almost as much as I enjoy taking them.  I'm not even joking.  Also, I can't stand it whenever everyone looks at each other and says, what do you want to do...I don't know, what do you want to do?  Ugh.  I like to have a plan, if something better comes up, then change it.  But a plan avoids the wasted time.  If nothing else better comes up, then we will follow the plan.  (Hell, the better thing that comes up can be a nap, I don't care.  I just don't like not being prepared.

I have a feeling that there will be a TON of wasted time going on this weekend.  There are six girls and no real plan.  Ay-yi-yi.  Once we get to the airport, I am going to do my best to turn off my personality.  We will see how that works.  :)  Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised!  Regardless, BFF will be there and we will have fun no matter what.


I did okay with my challenge yesterday.  I still think I will be under the 90# lost mark (again) by the time I leave for Vegas. 

Four NSVs:
  1. My jeans are looser.  I wore the same jeans yesterday that I wore last week and I swear they are looser. 
  2. My arms are tightening.  I still have bat wings, but they are getting better.  For a while in Jazzercise, I would think someone was coming up behind me, but it was just my arms flapping!  They still flap, but I don't feel like I'm going to get air. 
  3. I forgot to mention that when I went for my bikini wax, I had the same girl I had last time.  She was the one who had a tummy tuck and told me that if she had my belly, she wouldn't have had one.  Well this time she told me she was jealous of my tight thighs.  Now I am aware that no matter how thin I might ever get, I will always hate my thighs so I was incredulous.  But she insisted that she wants tight thighs like mine.  Weird.
  4. I've started wearing sleeveless shirts in public.  ::gasp::  I KNOW, right??  Two of the dresses I'm taking to Vegas are sleeveless.  I think that like my thighs, I will NEVER be happy with my arms.  But at some point, I'm not going to miss out on fashion because of them.  Wish me luck!  (I consider this an NSV even though I don't LOVE my arms, because I would NEVER where sleeveless in public before.  At least not when I was trying to look decent.  :))

Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Days to Vegas

Weekend Wrap Up

I had a nice, fun, relaxing weekend.  Since I'm not going to be having another of those for a while, I enjoyed the heck out of it!!  Friday after work, I went for my bikini wax.  FYI...the second time was MUCH easier and WAY less painful. 

Saturday after Jazzercise, I had some pampering getting my hair done and getting a pedi with Debi.  Saturday night, BFF & I went to Lizard's house.  She cooked for us...shrimp & scallop kabobs with grilled vegetables and a Caprese salad.  DELICIOUS!  In fact, it has inspired me to get a grill.  At first, I thought a grill could be my reward for sticking with my July crazyass fitness regimine.  But now I'm thinking that having it DURING July would be helpful  I will keep you updated on that...

Sunday, after church, we went to see Next to Normal.  Oh My Wow.  I don't identify with parenting stories or with mental illness (the musical's two major themes) and I still thought it was beyond amazing.  I can see why it won the Tony.  If you love the theater, it is a must see!!

Challenge Update

Okay, so I didn't do so great over the weekend.  I lost 2 pounds for the week, which is smashing!  But I was down 4 pounds before the weekend.  Monday bloat is a killer for me.  My key weaknesses were drinking on Saturday night (although I ony had one drink, it was loaded with calories) and Sunday treats.  I have three days to do GREAT!  :)  At this point, if I can lose the 2 pounds I found over the weekend, I will be satisfied. 


So, Vegas is coming up in 3 days.  We leave Thursday morning.  I'm not two worried about gaining weight on this vacation since we are going to a Jazzercise convention and we will be working out 2-3 hours on Friday and 5 hours on Saturday.  Surely that with all the walking that comes from being in Vegas will allow me to at least maintain.

Once we get back from Vegas, we only have 4 days until we leave for Long Beach.  Crazy!  But all of our plans are firming up and I'm getting excited.  I might even be meeting a fellow blogger while I'm there!!

Today is a NORMAL day.  Work, Jazzercise, Tanning, Home.  I'm taking tomorrow off from Jazzercise to pack because Wednesday night I'm going to Spamalot with Debi and won't be home until LATE!  Thursday will be here before I know it. 


Friday, June 17, 2011

Dallas Area Bandsters

Anyone up for a meet and greet on Sunday, July 24th?  Yes, I realize that is over a month away, but that's how I roll.

Ronnie, Dawnya, Andrea, Fluffy...anyone else?  If not, no worries.  I'm just feeling a whole lot of Blogger love tonight.


Adorable Blog

I was busy and barely able to get through the necessities when Grace nominated me, but now Debi has as well, so I need to be a good (and grateful) blogger and do my part!!  Thank you, girls, for thinking of me!!

10 Things about Me (Them's the Rulz.)  Then...pass it on...

1.  I am an open book.  I tell everyone everything about myself.  I keep secrets when told, but if you want to know something about me...I'm going to tell you.

2.  I have a half brother that I have only met once.  He is my dad's son, but because of the times and situation, he was adopted by my dad's ex-wife's husband and told that my dad had died.  They reunited a few year's ago.  He was nice enough, but apparently wasn't interested in getting to know our family.  Oh well...his loss!

3.  I minored in Spanish.  Between high school and college, I had eight years of it and even spent a summer in Costa Rica.  Yet, I can barely ask for the bathroom.  I'm really more of a numbers person.  :)

4.  I grew up in Indiana and went to Indiana State University.  I lived in Bloomington for a year before moving to Texas.

5.  I have worked at the same company for most of my adult life.  I started as a Staff Accountant in May 1998 and here I am a VP in June 2011.  I was the baby of the group when I started.  We expanded to 3000 people strong and now we are back to 30.  I love my company and as long as we have legs, I'm here.

6.  I love the Olympics.  Not like normal people like them.  I'm obsessed.  I have taken off days from work to watch the Olympics.  My happiness of the advent of the DVR stemmed from the new ease of recording all of the Olympic events.  So, as my reward to myself for weight loss, I'm going to London with my SIL next summer.  The ticker to the big day is on the side of my blog.

7.  I have four sets of season tickets.  Three are for theater and one is for Texas Motor Speedway.  Don't usually see that kind of crossover, huh?  I love doing stuff.  :)

8.  I have two godsons.  One lives in NC and I just booked a flight to go see him (and his mama) in September and one lives just down the street.  I consider these children part of my family and I love them bunches. 

9.  I have wonderful friends, but I thank God all the time for my BFF.  What are the odds that two happy, fun-loving, single, 30-something females who like to go everywhere and do everything would find each other?  We have fun doing absolutely anything and I try every day to not take her friendship for granted.

10.  I don't know what I expected from my Lap Band, but I never expected all of the "extras" I got.  First, I got a BBF (best banded friend - tm Debi).  Second, I discovered this whole blog world where I'm making new friends every day.  Finally, I think I finally want to be friends with myself.  Our new intern told me I was cool yesterday and you know what?  I think I agree with him.

I'm passing the torch to:

Laura Belle
Sarah at Thinfluenced
My BOOBs Roomie, Kerri

Three posts in one  Have a great weekend!



It’s time for BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy! We answer some questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blog brains a break. Copy and paste to your own blog and ENJOY!

1. Do you make your bed every day? Tell us about or show us a picture of your bed comforter?

• Negatory.  My bed gets made once a week and it is when my housekeeper comes and changes my sheets.  I've never been a bedmaker and I'm not sure if I ever will be.  I used to sleep like a crazy person and sheets were all over the place.  Now that I'm a more calm sleeper (and no sleep apnea), maybe it wouldn't be such a pain to do...but I doubt I find out any time soon.
2. Johnny Cash or Elvis? Thin crust pizza or deep dish? Coke or Pepsi? Beer or wine or neither?

• Used to be Elvis, but I think these days I would pick Johnny Cash.

•Thin Crust for sure!! 

•I don't drink much soda anymore, but back in the day I was a Diet Cokeaholic.  Now, every once in a while I have a Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade.  YUM!!  Hmmm...maybe I will have to get one of those tonight.

•I LOVE dark beer but post-band it is hard for me to drink so I don't have it often.  I get very gassy and bloated.  I LOVE red wine, but post-band it gives me ginormous headaches.  So, I try to stick to rum.  I can darn near drink a half a bottle of rum in a night and not be hungover.  (Thanks for those genes, Dad!!)

3. Who’s your fave blogger lately? Funniest? Most inspiring? Can you link them for me??

Some of my faves:
Laura Belle - I swear this girl is my long lost Bloggy Bestie.  She may not realize it and that might make me a stalker, but there you go.  LOVE!
Sarah - Such a great motivator when it comes to exercise and life in general. 
Debi - One of my real life Besties.
Fluffy - Another source of inspiration and knowledge for me!  She was banded six years ago and has been through it all already.  Love her input and advice!

I just realized that I could add a ton more!  I will cut it off there, but it made me realize that maybe I should start highlighting some people on my blog posts.  Gosh, Leslie, Amanda, Kerri...ugh!  I could go on and on!

4. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

Real life…is SPECTACULAR!!  I'm busy and happy.  Can't wait for Vegas and Long Beach!

Blog land...loving all the BOOBs anticipation.  Feeling the motivation coming through.  July is going to be a tough month with my exercise plan, but I know that I will have a ton of support out here to get me through it!!


6 Days to Vegas


The challenge is going very well.  In 3 days, I have lost the 4 pound bloat that I found last week.  Now, as I mentioned yesterday, I know that most of that isn't "real" weight loss as I have not had 10,000 calorie deficit in that time.  But it still feels good.  Plus, I think that losing that bloat helps make clothes fit better.  I'm back at the 90 pounds lost mark (which is roughly where I was at the beginning of the month.)  Now I can start chipping my way to the 95 pound mark again.  I got and stayed there through April, but it came back on in May. 

I might need to go back and read my May posts to see what was happening.  I have 6 more days and it would be super nice to lose another 3 pounds or so.  My aggressive goal is to lose 5 pounds and that might be possible.  We shall see.

If you look at my Goal page, I had wanted to be at the 100 pounds lost mark by 6/23 (which was a revised goal from 5/30).  That would take losing almost 10 pounds from now.  I don't think that is realistic at all, so I will probably have to revise my goals again.  That will be a-ok with me as long as I'm on a downward trend again. 


For those of you that asked, the lakehouse my friends and I visited belongs to one of the owners of my company.  He is incredibly generous and was so kind to let us enjoy his house.  I'm so blessed to work with such amazing people.  It's interesting because a few people asked me if it annoyed me that he had such an extravagant place while our company is struggling a bit.  My answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Our owners have given so much to us over the years and have given us perks when there wasn't much to give.  Plus, they are just financial backers now...if we are going to make it as a company, then we have to stand on our own feet.  :)  I'm blessed.

Weekend Preview

Tonight I'm getting my second ever bikini wax.  So that will be super fun.  Actually, it wasn't that bad, so no big deal.  The rest of the night will be chillin...and I might be in bed by 9pm.  (I made it to bed last night at 9:30!!) 

Tomorrow, I will go to Jazzercise in the morning.  Then I have a haircut and pedi with the Debster in preparation for my upcoming vacations.  YAY!!  Then tomorrow night, BFF & I are going to Lizard's house.  She was kind enough to tape the away games for the USA Volleyball team and we are going to go have dinner and watch.  I already know the outcomes but that doesn't negate the fun of seeing my hotties! 

Sunday, after church, we have theater tickets to see Next to Normal.  It is a Tony winner and I have no doubt it will be incredible.  It is a heavy story, so I'm glad it is a Sunday afternoon one and not a Wednesday night one.  Sometimes on a weeknight, I just don't have the energy.  :)

Have a super fun weekend, y'all!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Making Better Choices

Since Debi is on my ass...(and thank god for that!), I wanted to post about my lunch.  We were going to an Italian restaurant.  I have had salad the last three days, so that was out.  My choices seemed to be pizza, pasta, & sandwiches.  In other words...Carb City, Sweetheart!

When looking at the menu at the restaurant and as an appetizer, there was an antipasto dish.  Meat, cheese, olives and some bread.  That's what I decided to get.  When I got back in the office, I added up all my calories and I was below my target for the day.  YAY!!

It wasn't what I WANTED to get, but it was somewhat tasty and it certainly was more calorie conscious than lasagna.  The cheese was a little to mild for cheese plate cheese...bring on the stinky cheese!  But over all, it was tasty.

That's it...just checking in with a good choice!


7 Days to Vegas


One day down in my 8 Days to Vegas revamped challenge.  I'm annoyed that I still can't find Jillian, but oh well, the show must go on.  I consumed 1525 calories yesterday.  In a normal work day with no organized exercise, I typically burn around 2000 calories.  I'm guessing with the added activity I had in the evening, it was closer to 2100 or more.  So, I was at rougly a 475-600 calorie deficit.  Interesting.

I have been doing so crappy with my eating that coming in at 1525 calories felt like work.  Go figure.  I guess it really was time to pull the reins.  I think I have gotten used to picking up a piece of candy here and there (they are just begging to be taken in a bowl here at the office.)  I have also started drinking (alcohol) more.  Not a lot, by any means, but it is wasted calories.  I also noticed that I have been deferring to the less healthy option instead of the healthy one...i.e. ordering fried instead of grilled, carbs instead of veggies, not scraping off a portion of the butter/gravy/sauce.  I need to get back into some of those basic simple habits.  Pair all of that with less exercise and I can see why the scale is not going down. 

Breakfast:  coffee & egg cups  (I like variety in my breakfasts.  I don't like oatmeal but I wish I did so I could mix it up more.  The egg cups are good, but I have to make them on the weekend and I'm not always willing to take the time to do that.)

Lunch:  Frozen Dinner & sugar-free pudding cup  (This didn't really keep me full for long.  I was hungry about 2 hours after I ate.)

Snacks:  Crunchy Cheese & granola bar  (I LOVE crunchy cheese snacks.  I believe I first saw them on Shelly's Eggface Blog and I ordered some.  They are 70 calories a pack and are a good salty crunchy snack when I need a little something to tide me over.  I am looking for other good snack ideas.)

Dinner:  Potbelly's Farmhouse Salad with Potbelly Dressing  (I LOVED this.  I was so proud of myself because I only used 1/2 of the serving of salad dressing.  So, I started to modify the calories on my tracker this morning, but decided to check the Potbelly website first.  Good thing.  The calories posted for a serving is only 1/2 of what they provided.  If that is the standard that they provide, then that is the calorie count they should give, right?  Annoying!)

I forgot until I was on the way to work that I wasn't going to weigh myself this week.  Lordy, I just forgot everything while I was lounging out by the lake, huh?  I think that little piece of the challenge will wait until July.  It will probably be good not to weigh myself a lot when I start strength training anyway.  Look at that justification.  I am a CHAMPION!!

Anyway, I weighed this morning and I was a pound and a half down from yesterday.  Losing that bloat at the beginning is nice.  I know I won't see the same results the rest of the week, but I like the start. 

Today's challenge:  we are going to lunch at an Italian place today.  What do you all think?  I have had salads the last three days and none of their options sound good to me anyway, so that is out.  Should I go for lasagna, pasta primavera, or thin-crusted pizza?  There is no nutritional information available for this restaurant which is a big, fat bummer.  Right now I'm leaning toward the lasagna.  Let me know what you think!!!

Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot was adorable!  I always have fun with BFF but it is a bonus when the entertainment is good too.  Speaking of BFF, she had the most super cute dress on last night.  Loved it!  I wore my new animal print heels with a denim dress.  We were some styling chicks out in Big D last night! 

Next show on the agenda:  Next to Normal with BFF & Ro on Sunday.  I LOVE THEATER!  :)

Tonight is Jazzercise.  It will be nice to get back into a routine, even if it is only for a few days. 


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

8 Days to Vegas

As the Debster pointed out, it is actually 8 Days to Vegas...not a week.  No use to wait until tomorrow!  So, here I go.  As of this morning, I am 9 pounds up from my very lowest (which I know wasn't real and was probably some dehydration...blah, blah, blah), but I'm ready to get back to it.  I want to lose some of that so I can enjoy Vegas and Long Beach with no guilt.

I'm sad that Jillian (my BodyBugg) is missing, but I'm sure she will turn up soon.  I really want to find her by the time my July Fitness Extravaganza starts.  In the meantime, I know approximately how many calories I burn in a day with/without exercise, so I will track calories consumed and that should keep me honest. 

What is your favorite single serving quick, health-conscious, band-friendly, single serving dinner?  I'm good at big dinners that feed me for days, but I'm looking for some quick and delicious things I can make for myself the next few days without having a bunch of leftovers.

BFF & I are going to see Billy Elliot tonight.  It looks great!

Hope you are all having a good week.  I'm exhausted, but I wouldn't change my life for a second!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life is good.

Y'all, I just came from heaven.  Seriously, my overnight trip with the girls to the lake was AMAZING!  The pictures will not do it justice, but here are a few.

BFF in the golf cart we used to ride around the grounds and check in on the animals.

Part of the beautiful landscaping.

The "backyard".

The "frontyard".

The main gate to the house.

View from the front.

A small portion of the main living room.

BFF in the kitchen.

Another portion of the main living room.

An elk roaming around the front grounds.

We got there just after lunch time yesterday and after claiming our rooms, we changed to head to the pool.  There were enough rooms for us to not have to share, but we decided to bunk in a set of rooms near each other.  BFF & I took a double room, Lizard and ShareBear took singles and KK & Rie took the bunk room.  The bunk room had three big bunk beds (total of six beds) and was cute as could be. 

The house was huge.  Upstairs was the main Master Suite which was unbelievable.  I would post pictures, but I feel weird posting pictures of someone else's bedroom.  :)  The main living area was gigantic and had about 4 or 5 independent seating spaces.  Each of the spaces was as big as my living room.  The kitchen opened into it so it looked even bigger.  I don't know how high the ceilings were but it was crazy...20 feet maybe?  They were beyond vaulted.  It was like the lobby of a hotel almost.  The kitchen was decked out with everything including a built-in single serving coffee maker.  There was also another bedroom upstairs.

Downstairs, there was a huge gameroom with a large lounging/TV area, pool table, gaming table and shuffleboard.  There was also a full bar with a Margaritaville Blender.  Sweet!  Our bedrooms and some other rooms (like laundry and bath) were down there as well. 

The deck went almost the entire way around the house on both levels.  It included a Man Cave BBQ area, ping pong table and about 5 or 6 gathering spots with tables/chairs. 

There are two waterfalls (one that ends in a pool.)  I don't have a picture of the pool, but I know ShareBear took one, so I will have to get a copy.  The grounds also included a gazebo with 3 lounging areas and a fireplace (it was a BIG gazebo), a sand volleyball court, basketball/tennis court, horseshoe and archery (?) area, plus paths to ride around in the golf cart to see animals.  They have elk (although BFF kept calling them emu...ha!), deer, and longhorns to see. 

After playing in the pool and checking out all of the grounds both on foot and via golf cart, ShareBear & I took advantage of the Margaritaville blender and we all lounged and chit-chatted.  I couldn't get anyone to play with me.  :)  But I did enjoy the company.  Then we had dinner provided by a personal chef.  We had the BEST salad with greens, granny smith apples, mozzerella, pecans, & dijon dressing.  DELICIOUS!  Dinner was pork loin with pineapple chutney and raspberry chipotle sauce, baked potato casserole, carrot casserole, asparagus, and roll.  Dessert was rum cake.

After dinner, we took out the golf carts again.  Lizard was a little disturbed when we got chased by the donkeys, but all ended well anyway.  We ended the evening lounging in the main living area just chatting and enjoying being together.

Good:  I have such a great time.  The place was beautiful and amazing AND my friends are precious to me.

Bad:  I ate and drank like crap.  The 10 Days to Vegas Challenge is going to modified to a Week to Vegas Challenge!  Whoops!  :)  But I wouldn't change anything for the world.

Have a great week!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend update


I gave you an in depth post about CrossFit this weekend.  I woke up Sunday barely able to move.  Ha!  I'm not sure I have EVER been this sore and if so, it has been a LONG time!  I went over to Debi's yesterday for some fun, impromptu pool time and it made me feel MUCH better.  But by evening, I was limping around like an 80 year old.  This morning it is tough too, but I will live.  The think I hate is that I will have to start all over in July!  Oh well, what doesn't kill you, right?


I went on my birthday shopping spree!  I took pics!  First I went to Nordstrom with my gift certificates and bought some cute shirts.  Apparently I was into stripes.  Ha!

Then I went to Macy's with yet MORE gift cards and bought a dress.
Finally, I ended at DSW and got a couple of practical shoes for work and a couple of sassy pairs for my upcoming vacations!

YAY!!  I LOVE the silver ones and can't wait to wear them.  They all seem pretty comfortable as well.


YAY Mavs!!  I had a couple friends over to watch the Tony's last night which we had scheduled before the Mavs game was scheduled.  So, I started the game very late.  I was around halftime when my mom texted me with the results.  I was SO MAD!!  Mom doesn't even really care about the game.  ARRRRGHHHH!!!  It took me about a half hour to scrape myself off the ceiling, then I just settled in and enjoyed the celebration.  I love it when a true team takes the prize.  Delightful!!


Today, my dinner group (sans Cowgirl that had a family obligation at the last minute) is headed to the lake in a few minutes.  I don't think I have even absorbed how amazing this house is going to be.  I will try to remember to take pictures!!


Today also starts the big challenge I'm doing with the Debster (mentioned above).  It is going to be tough until I get back tomorrow around lunchtime, but I will do my best.  Have a wonderful day!!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Special Saturday CrossFit Edition

I don't usually post on the weekends, but I wanted to tell you all about CrossFit.  I woke up about an hour earlier than I needed to because I was in such anticipation.  :)  It didn't take me as long to get to the gym (it is in a different city) than I thought so I was the first one there.  A couple of people walked up soon after and nicely introduced themselves and welcomed me which was really nice.

Soon, the trainer got there and in addition to being extremely hot, he was very welcoming and not like the douchebag trainer I had at the big gym (at least not that I could tell in an hour.)  Everyone was friendly and welcoming.  Brandon (the trainer) had us stand in a circle and introduce ourselves.  There were about 20 people there which they said is a big class. 

We picked out our kettlebells before we started and since us newbies were the last to pick, there weren't many left.  I got a 10 lb kb and Brandon seemed to think that was right.  Honestly, I thought I could go heavier, but the next one left was over 30 lbs, so I didn't argue.

We started with a 400m run.  I was the last one to finish (except for a girl getting over bronchitis) and I was a little intimidated.  Then we went to warm up.  Windmills, jumping jacks (which I remember I couldn't do 80 pounds ago!), little sprints and shuffles, etc.  After the warm up, I feel like I had already worked out.  Ha!

Brandon went through the day's workout and explained how to do each thing.

30 Burpee Tuck Jumps
20 Double KB Push Press
20 KB Renegade Row
100m Run
20 KB Swings
20 Double KB Front Squat
200m Run
20 Pull-ups
20 Push-ups
20 Sit-ups
100m run
I had to modify a lot.  Burpee tuck jumps require you to squat then go to the floor in a push up position, then lower to your belly, push up, then jump to your feet, then do a tuck jump.  So...I did squat thrusts.  Ha!  "Just" doing 30 squat thrusts was ridiculously hard for me.

Next was the KB press and since I only had 10 lbs to lift, it wasn't hard for me.  I think that was the easiest piece of the work out.  I don't even remember what the Renegade Row was.  Ha!  As I ran the first 100m run, I felt good.

During the KB swings and squats, my legs were REALLY starting to burn.  After I got back from running the 200m, my legs were twitching like crazy!

Obviously, I'm not at the point I can do pull-ups, so I did Ring Rows.  I would hold on to the ring as I was leaning backward and I would pull myself up.  I actually did two "regular" push ups, but I couldn't touch my stomach to the, I could only do two.  The rest I did on my knees and I still had to rally to finish them all.  Sit-ups were normal and I can do those okay.  The last 100m wasn't too bad, especially since I knew I was going to be done.  I finished in 17 minutes and wasn't the last person to finish!!

When everyone was done, Brandon mentioned that he forgot that there was supposed to be another 30 Burpees at the end.  Ugh!  But instead, he wanted to do an Indian Run.  Everyone runs single file and the last person runs to the front, when they get there, the person that is now in the back runs to the front, etc.  I started out with them, but I was running as fast as I could run just to keep up, so I knew I couldn't get to the front.  I bailed and ran/walked back to the gym.  I hated that I couldn't keep up, but I was glad I gave it a shot!  Now I have something to aspire to.  :)

So...I will start my Fundamentals classes on 7/05 (after all of the fun vacations!)  I have to work it out though because I have to go every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in July.  Since I work at Jazzercise on Thursday, I'm going to have to do some work arounds.  I have asked another Jazzercise class manager to switch with me so I can work Wednesdays in July instead of Thursdays, but I have no idea if she will be able to do it.  I love Jazzercise so much, that I want to do both.  Maybe if she can't switch, I can get subs.  It is just for a month, then I can go to a flexible schedule.

If it all works out, in July, I will be working out 5-6 times per week. 

Tuesday-CrossFit (plus walking with Godmother at lunch)

Whew!  But that should break my plateau, right?!  Once the Fundamentals class ends, I can be a little more flexible and I can worry about my schedule later.

I have just over three weeks to get myself mentally prepared.  :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  I'm going out to TMS tonight for the IndyCar race.  Go Andretti Autosports!!


Friday, June 10, 2011


It’s Friday so that means it’s BYOC day – Bring Your Own Crazy….to five questions we all answer in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blog brains a break! Copy and paste to your own blog and ENJOY!

1. How and why did you first start blogging? And how long have you been blogging?

When I first started researching Lap Band, I went to the Lap Band Talk website.  I started a blog there and my biggest inspiration to continue blogging during that six months was Band Groupie.  She went on to do her own blog on Blogger, but I was too intimidated to branch out like that.  I remember reading everyone's blogs talking about going to the first BOOBs get together and I was jealous.  :) 

A year after my surgery, I decided that my blog had become very important to me so I ventured out to Blogger and set one up.  Honestly, I really thought that only my mom would read it.  :)  Never did I imagine that I would have over 100 followers in less than 6 months.  I can't believe anyone would want to read this...but then I remember how much I love reading everyone else's. Many of you out there I consider true friends and I ::heart:: you bunches!!

2. Tell me about your perfect mate – if you could invent him/her?

I have no idea.  I THINK I would like a guy that could go to work in a professional environment and come home and get his hands dirty.  I want someone that likes to get out and go, but also enjoys a nice quiet night at home every now and again.  I want someone who likes to try new things and isn't stuck in a rut all the time.  It would be super awesome if I found some who like going to the theater (almost) as much as going to sporting events, but think I have come to terms that won't happen.  But maybe someone who would go to the theater (and enjoy it) every once in a while because he knows how much I love it.

I want someone that is kind but not clingy.  Someone who is happy and looking for someone to enhance his life.

This all coming from a girl who has never really had a boyfriend, so there you go.  Who knows.

3. Do you wear fake eyelashes? Do you want to? Do you use glue or self-stick ones? Do you like how they look?

I wore them once for a friend's wedding and I thought they looked cool.  I wasn't able to put them on myself, my friend did it.  But I think I could learn.  I have decent lashes, so it isn't worth the hassle to me.  But if they are done right, I think they look nice.  Although, if they aren't done well, they can come off as drag queenesque.

4. Let’s say money was no object and neither was time off to recover – are you an advocate of plastic surgery after weight loss?

I don't know if I would say advocate, but I'm certainly not opposed to it.  I think everyone has a different situation and they have to choose what is right for themselves.  Right now, my plan is to wait a while and see what my body does.  I don't have super big folds around my belly that would cause problems.  I just have saggy skin everywhere that is cosmetically unappealing.  If when all the dust settles, I want something done, then I will do it.  I won't post it on my Facebook page or anything, but if asked, I'm sure I would tell.

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

• Blog life is good in that I feel I'm really getting to know quite a few people.  My job and life have gotten in the way of reading regularly, but I try to keep up as much as possible.  I'm sure people just love my 3 and 4 day old comments.  :)

• Real life is AMAZING!  We leave work this afternoon to go to the track for IndyCar qualifying.  Tonight is the Truck race.  Tomorrow I try CrossFit!!  Then the IndyCar race is that night.  Sunday morning I am a Eucharistic Minister at church (I should be wide awake for that!) then I'm cooking dinner for a couple of friends that are coming over to watch the Tony's (although some of it might be preempted for a little basketball game that is going on that night in Miami...)  What a super fun weekend!!  All part of my super duper birthday month extravaganza!!


Strained Metaphor? I'm loving the Mavs, I can't help it...

There is no question that Lebron James is a great basketball player and he's kinda hot too.  Wade and Bosh have tremendous talent as well...although Bosh looks the love child of Snoop Dog and JJ from Good Times, bless his heart.  But the three of them are AMAZING basketball players.  Anyone who says differently is most likely jealous or not paying attention. 

All that said, I don't care.  I'm a Mavs fan and I believe that a gaggle of old men playing with heart can overcome the most talented group of prime players put together in many years.  This goes back to a recurring theme of my is not enough to WANT it.  You have to MAKE it happen with whatever tools you have at your disposal.

Dirk, Kidd, JJ, Chandler (hot!!), Jet...they are talented, but not one of them (even Dirk) alone could measure up to Lebron.  But that is the fabulous thing about team sports.  It is not about individual talent, but about the cohesiveness of the team.  It is about each player doing their best and filling in the holes of their teammates.  It's about lifting each other up and motivating each other to do better.

If the Heat wins the Championship, they will have deserved it and I give them kudos.  But a Mavs win would be so much more satisfying, yet no less deserved.  You can stack your deck with everything you need to win, but if you don't have the right support around you, it just isn't going to be as satisfying.

I feel the same way about my journey.  Someone out there might be the perfect dieter, perfect fitness beast, perfect band patient.  But if they are doing it alone, I can not imagine that they have the same satisfaction that I have working with my team.  My little world of Bloggers lifts me up when I'm down and fills in the missing pieces.  You all are such a big part of my team!

Go Mavs!!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fighting the Scale Whore Inside Me

Most days I talk to my mom during my commute.  The last two morning we have been discussing how weight loss and the scale fit into our lives.  I have been fascinated with Leslie over at Band Sweet Band's Scale Whore Challenge and her discussion of how her relationship with her scale is making her feel.  I brought that up to my mom yesterday and she immediately said that she would never stop weighing every day.  She said that is how she has always been and she is too old to change now.  My first thought was "Really, mom?  C'mon now."  [I have always been annoyed with anyone responding that they are unable or unwilling to change...both in my personal and work life.  I mean, you may not NEED to change, but to cut off your nose to spite your face just because you don't WANT to change, drives my batty!]

But I completely understand the emotions behind where she is coming from.  My entire life (at least from about fourth grade on), every decision, every choice, everything has somehow been about my weight with me.  I remember distinctly one girl in my school in fourth grade calling me Buffalo Butt all the time.  It was horrifying.  I think from that point on, my parents were involved in my "diet".  I remember going out to eat and not being able to get french fries when my brother could (even though it is very possible that my parents didn't really make that restriction), I just thought they did.  Honestly, I don't know...I just know it was how I saw it.  Around fourth grade is when I started hiding food and eating in secret. 

In High School I went to Weight Watchers with my mom and my parents also paid for me to go to Nutri System.  To them, I'm sure I was enthusiastic because I was, in that I wanted to lose weight.  During all of my diets,  I would do what I was supposed to do in public, but in private I would hide and hoard food.  When I went away to college, it was all over.  I ate WHATEVER I wanted WHENEVER I wanted.  Plus, I started drinking...nothing like adding empty calories!!  The first three years, my weight was kept somewhat under control (although I did gain about 15-20 pounds during that time), because I walked a lot on campus and lived in a FOUR story walk up for a couple of years.  My senior year, I moved off campus and started driving everywhere.  I gained about 40-50 pounds that year.  I hated myself.

As an adult, I have always actively been on a diet or not been on a diet.  Meaning that if I wasn't dieting, it was a conscious choice.  Either I weighed every day because I was being "good" or I wasn't weighing at all because I was being "bad".  I have always assumed how people treated me was because of my weight which I KNOW now was not always true. 

When I consider, truly consider, not weighing myself every day, I start feeling physical signs of panic.  My stomach starts to get sick, I get hot and my body starts to get a little numb.  Seriously.  Now how freaking ridiculous is that?  But it is true. 

When I honestly analyze my relationship with the scale, I think it is my security blanket.  Those times I haven't weighed, it was because I was out of control and gaining a lot of weight.  I'm scared now that if I CHOOSE to not weigh, I will gain a lot of weight.  I also think that right now, I use the scale as an excuse to make bad choices.  If I am down, then a treat won't hurt.  If I'm up, I don't have the treat.  If I don't have the security of will I know if I deserve a treat?  [Yes, I realize how that sounds as well.  Ugh.]

Instead, I just need to move forward with good choices.  Don't get me wrong, there is never a time I see myself eating perfectly, but that's okay.  I want to envision a life where weight is something that is in the back of my mind because I need to stay healthy, but it doesn't rule my life.  I honestly can't envision that right now.

So here is my baby step plan.  I will weigh next Monday morning to start my Balls to the Wall/10 Days to Vegas Challenge with Debi.  I will weigh on Saturday morning, 6/18 and I will weight on the morning of 6/23 when I leave for Vegas.  Today, I weigh the same as I did around the end of March.  That is over two months of plateau.  It is NOT because my body is fighting weight loss.  It is because I'm sabotaging myself. 

I know that for those of you that aren't a slave to the scale, this is all nutso.  But honestly, I'm more terrified of this, than I am of my CrossFit class on Saturday. 

I just read through this post and it kind of sounds sad.  It's not!  If I were coming from a place of depression and sadness, I would not be able to face my fears this way.  I'm coming from a place of happiness, determination and conviction.  Let's fight the fight!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today is NOT my birthday.


So, today it is no longer my birthday.  I'm not sure why yesterday was so magically great, but it was.  After I posted yesterday, my friends at work took me out to lunch at Ziziki's and it was delicious.  I asked for 1/2 chicken and 1/2 lamb souvlaki.  It turned out that it was really hard to eat the lamb, so I only ate about 1/2 of one piece and then at the chicken.  I also ate the potatoes and greek pico (I don't know what it was but it tasted like Greek spiced pico de gallo) and left the pita bread.  Not too bad as far as choices go and it was absolutely delish!  My boss ended up picking up the tab for everyone which was unexpected and really nice.

After lunch I treated myself to a second cup of coffee for the day and a few cookies from the box that one of our law firms sent me for my birthday.  I left work slightly early to make it to the early Jazzercise class.  I was subbing for someone that had Ranger tickets and I didn't mind.  I even signed up two new people...yay!!  The magic continued because I could have worked out all night.  I was giving everything and I did not feel overwhelmed.  Just good!

After Jazzercise and tanning, BFF & I went for some frozen custard.  I was going to post a picture of this big, ginormous sundae I had for dinner, but a modicum of common sense won out and I ended up with a regular size sundae with hot fudge, caramel & whipped cream.  I'm sure it still had at least 1000 calories, but still.  Then the Mavs go and win which is just stellar!

All in all, definitely one of the best birthdays ever!  However today, it is no more.  I'm still in a GREAT mood, but more subdued (which is probably a good thing...wouldn't want to burst!) 


This morning, (since it is not my magical birthday) my normally 30 minute commute took an hour and ten minutes.  Yikes.  The silver lining is that I actually drank my whole bottle of Smart Water before I got to work.  Additionally, since I have been here, I drank a cup of coffee AND another bottle of water.  I really do think that my tightness somehow kept me from drinking the amount of water I needed.  I don't know why or how to explain that, but I think it is true.  I just feel SO much better since my unfill and I'm not starving!

My Job

Reason #734 Why I Love My Boss

Boss:  Does Property X have any cash?
Me:  As of 5/31, they had $7.
Boss:  As in 700 pennies?
Me:  70 dimes, yes.
Boss:  So what you are saying is, it has only 140 nickels?
Me:  28 quarters...yeppers.
Boss:  So I want to make sure I understand...a Lincoln and 2 Washingtons?  Clearly they are broke...
Me:  You are correct on both counts, sir.

I know I'm a complete nerd, but it is conversations like that with a guy I could not possibly respect more that is one of the top reasons why I have come to the same place for work every day for over thirteen years. 

Today (not my birthday)

I had planned to Jazzercise tonight, but then I remembered that Godmother & I are walking at lunch today.  So, my new plan is to run home and do a couple of items that have to be done by 8pm.  Then I'm either going to go to DSW to go shoe shopping or I'm going to the mall.  I have $65 in gift cards at DSW, $75 at Nordstrom, & $50 at Macy's.  I would like to have some time to unwind at home tonight and go to bed early after staying up for the Mavs game...after all, I will be up late on Thursday for the next one!  So, I don't think I will go everywhere. 

Whatever I don't do, I will need to try to go to this weekend.  I would REALLY like to get a couple of new splurge items for the Vegas and Long Beach.  So wish me luck on finding something hot and sexy!!  :)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today 37 is my lucky number!!

Today is my birthday.  I woke up to little pings on my phone telling my I have Facebook messages.  Everyone should have a Facebook account for the sheer pleasure of having it on your birthday.  :)  I know not everyone agrees, but I find it absolutely delightful! 

My mama & dad wished me a happy birthday this morning.  Wait...I don't think my dad actually wished me a happy birthday.  He probably doesn't love me anymore.  Or he loves my brother more than he loves me.  Sidenote:  he used to tell us that ALL THE TIME growing up.  BUT he would tell us both equally.  If I was whining because Big Bro got to do something, dad would say "that's because I love him more than I love you" and he would do the same to Big Bro when he was whining about me.  Bystanders were appalled, but we knew he was full of it and loved us both tremendously.  It was genius!

Anyway, I got to work and as a birthday gift to me, one of the girls who works for me wore a dress...I'm pretty sure for the first time ever to work.  How awesome is that??  Then my godmother (did I mention that I work with so many of my closest friends?) gave me a sweet, sweet card. 

I walked over to BFFs desk to ask her how she likes the new coffee I brewed (Sidenote #2:  we cold brew our coffee each week and bring it to work.  Not sure if you have ever had it, but I like it better than regular coffee.  Each week we have a different kind.) since it was a new kind we picked up during our trip to Granbury a couple weeks ago.  She handed me a James Avery bag and told me happy birthday.  Nothing bad EVER comes in a James Avery bag!!
Isn't it cute?!  You all should know by now how much I love volleyball and specifically, the Men's USA Volleyball team.  I didn't have a necklace on today, otherwise, I would totally be wearing it!

THEN...Lizard came in with this...

And a card from her and the rest of my Dinner Group that had gift cards to DSW and Macy's.  I think I told you all that I got a Nordstrom gift card from some of my friends on Saturday.  Plus, I got birthday coupons from DSW in the mail last week.  I would LOVE to go buy a couple of rocking shirts and shoes for my Vegas and Long Beach trips.  I just have no idea when I'm going to go!! 

At lunch we are going to go to Ziziki's which is one of my favorite restaurants ever.  YAY!  Then tonight, I'm going to the early Jazzercise class.  After I'm meeting up with BFF & Lizard to go get a giant birthday sundae!! 

I don't know if you all can tell, but I'm about to jump out of my own skin because of pure happiness.  Not because of all the gifts...I mean those are awesome without a doubt!  But just because I'm happy and I have the best family and friends and most of all because I'm in control of my life. 

Last year, I didn't celebrate my birthday much.  I think we went out to lunch and that is about it.  Oh and I remember my Dinner Group friends brought me a piece of keylime pie.  :)  I was on the road to happiness, but I wasn't ready to make a pitstop then.  Now?  Now, I just want to live.  I want to do.  I want to see.  I want to make out with a boy!  (Not sure yet when that is going to happen, but I will be ready for it!!  :))  I'm sitting here looking at my calendar for June and for the rest of the month, there are only 8 days with nothing written on it...well, I have Jazzercised penciled in on those days, but nothing else. 

Frankly, it looks exhausting, but it also looks like happiness! 

I hope you all have a Happy My Birthday!  :)


Monday, June 6, 2011

BOOBs & my Band

Yes, I know I posted earlier.  But I decided I have more to say!


I made sure I was following all the blogs of the lovely ladies going to Chicago in the Fall.  I realized that there are people that follow me that I FEEL LIKE ARE MY FRIENDS, that I wasn't following myself.  Bad Beth Ann!  I don't know if I didn't realize they had blogs or what, but yikes!  I'm so sorry girls, but that has been rectified and I cannot wait to catch up! 

My super roomie Kerri and I have been emailing back and forth a lot to get to know each other.  Kerri suggested doing 20 questions and I LOVED the idea.  So, I started by asking (and answering myself) 5 questions.  Then she responded by answering those questions and asking five more.  We have been doing that back and forth for a while and I feel like I know her better than ever!  I highly suggest it for anyone that is rooming with someone new.  Anyhoo...I heart my roomie!!  I can't wait to meet the rest of you.  What a fun time we are going to have!!

My Band

Listen to your body, people.  I say that as someone who has trouble listening to my own advice.  Just a couple weeks ago, I was thinking of getting a fill.  A couple of nights of slight acid reflux made me rethink it.  I can eat almost whatever (bread, etc.) and I don't really have stuck issues.  So, when I started full on acid reflux (like sore throat and feeling like I just ate three hours after a meal) a week or so ago, I couldn't imagine that it was band related.  I mean, I get hungry a could it be my band?

But I KNOW that acid reflux means your band it too tight.  I also know that there is a part of me that is scared that I will gain weight.  But doing the right thing for your band and therefore your body is the right place to start.  As I was explaining my symptoms to the doc, she was nodding.  I told her that I didn't have any right now, but mostly at night.  However, as soon as she took some out (and it was only a tenth of a cc, so hardly any at all) and I felt some relief.  Apparently, I got so used to it that I didn't realize that I was having it until it was gone.  Beth Ann...for shame, for shame.

Anyway, I can't tell for sure what effect it will have on my hunger, but I know that all I have had today is a cup of coffee and a right-size frozen dinner (sometimes efficiency wins out) and I'm satisifed.  In an hour, I'm going to try and drink water.  I think that perhaps (and it is something I'm going to watch) I wasn't getting my water in because I was too tight to drink it properly.  Don't know for sure. 

Anyway, I'm mad at myself for not taking the time to go earlier.  But I am glad that I listened to my body in the end.  These are the kind of things if not addressed, could have long term consequenses.  I don't want to sabotage myself!!

I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone is on the fence.  If you are having acid reflux, go to your doc.  They will make it better and it doesn't mean you will walk out starving.  Listen to your body!!  (That means you, Beth Ann!)


Monday, Monday


I'm getting ready to go to the doc for a slight unfill.  I have had A LOT of acid reflux the last few days and even though I feel hungry quite a bit, I know that acid reflux is a sign of a too tight band.  So, my hope is that my issues relate to the tightness and fixing it will only help.  Perhaps because I'm too tight, I'm not making the best eating choices and not getting enough water.  At any rate, I need to take care of the band first, and then focus on how it affects my eating.  At the very least, I will FEEL better than I have this weekend and will get rid of the nasty feeling.  :)  I will keep you updated.

Getting Soft or Out of Shape?

When I ran my first 5K, it hurt.  I was only running about 1.5 miles at a time in training and had never run more than 1.75 miles, I don't think.  My SIL ran by my side and helped me push through.  I did not stop running the whole time and even though it was hard and it hurt, I wanted SO BADLY to finish running.  So I dug deep and I did it.  Likewise, the next three 5Ks (with Lizard, then BFF, then myself), I did the same thing.  I remember thinking during each of them that I just couldn't do it anymore, but I kept pushing.  Each time, I did it.

But then you get to my last three and...not so much.  While it's not like my times have been absolutely horrible, (I've been within a minute or so of my best times), I do not push myself like I did before.  Likewise, my workouts have gotten lazier.  Well, except for Jazzercise.  I do that consistently and I put in effort when I'm there.  That's why I'm starting the CrossFit.  I'm really hoping that it helps me get that competitive edge back.  I think that if I can do that, more things will settle into place. 


I had the most wonderful weekend!  Friday night, BFF, Lizard, & I went to see Something Borrowed.  I loved the little impromptu outing with two of my favorite people, but I hated the movie.  I just can't be entertained by a movie where people are screwing over their friends and/or cheating on their significant others.  I don't think it is charming, I don't think it is cute.  I do love John Krasinski though, so he helped me get through it.  :)

Saturday, I got up to do the 5K.  I wanted to cancel, but I promised my friend Lish that I would go.  So, I got there and she was on her way.  I picked up our numbers and chips.  I was concentrating on making sure I didn't mix up the chips because they went with the specific numbers.  I put on my number as she got there and she pointed out that I had put on her number.  Well since I already had on her chip, we just went with it.  She said that when she crossed the finish line, someone yelled out my name.  HA!

I ran some errands and did some relaxing, then Lizard and I went to church.  I was so glad we did so I didn't have to get up in the morning!!  We met at Fuzzy's Taco Shop.  YUM! 

 Ronnie scolded me for hiding in the back, but I promise I wasn't.  See Debi next to me?  :)  She was the tallest, then me.  It may not look like it, but all my other friends are shorties. 

Then we headed over to the Aardvark to see Bowling for Soup.  There were two opener bands and LONG waits in between, so everyone was exhausted by the time BFS took the stage at 11:30.  But we hung for a little while.  And I got my pic with lead singer, Jaret.

I actually really like this picture. 

I woke up yesterday and tried to be somewhat productive.  This week should be a fun one (as should be every week in June!)  My goal is 4 Jazzercise classes and CrossFit on Saturday. 

Happy Monday!