Monday, October 31, 2011

Surprise Revealed!

BFF, BBF, & I headed down to the Salty Dog yesterday so I could get the tattoo that I have been wanting.  It hurt, but it was doable.  It turned out perfect for me!

I researched different places around DFW and I like this guy's work.  I wasn't getting anything too artistic, but it is going to be there forever, so I wanted it to be good!!

I had a picture of what I wanted, but then Jon drew it out and I liked his version even better.  I was SO happy with the results.  My original idea was for the flower to be white, but he wanted to make it a color.  We settled on some blue shading and again, I think it is perfect.

It is a little dark, but I think you get the idea.  The ladybug has been on my ticker from the beginning and is my symbol for my weightloss journey.  She not only makes me think of how far I have come, she also inspires me to finish what I started.  The flower, as cheesy as it sounds, represents how my life has bloomed in the last couple of years.  I finally truly feel alive!

Today starts my renewed work toward reaching my goal.  I've rebooted myself 100 times it seems in the last year, but nothing has really "taken".  The last 2-3 weeks, I have been headed in the right direction with the inspiration of my Leap to Goal friends.  And today, I take things a little further.  I'm committing to four months of good behavior.

I will use the points system I talked about last week where I reward good behavior with points.  Each point is basically worth 25 cents.  IF I demonstrate good behavior over the next several weeks, I should be able to earn the Tiffany ladybug charm with a chain before Christmas.  YAY!!  If my behavior isn't so good, it will take me a lot longer.  :-)

I would like to also earn a new flat screen TV for my bedroom before Valentine's Day.  It is TOTALLY doable.  I just have to behave well.  My thought is that if I make my points based on behavior instead of weightloss, I won't get as discouraged.  If I'm doing the right things, the weightloss will eventually follow.  I just have to keep at it and historically, I get frustrated and quit before I see the rewards. 

So that is the plan.  Tomorrow is my first official day of counting points.  I sound like I'm doing Weight Watchers!  Today I'm getting a fill which hopefully will help me with my goals as well.

Prayer note:  thanks for the prayers for ShareBear's dad.  He still has some recovery work to do, but he is doing much better!  However, SIL's mom is in the hospital and is very sick.  They think she has meningitis or encephalitis, neither of which are any kind of picnic.  She is a strong lady, but it is going to take a lot of fight.  I would sure love it if you could send some love in her direction.  Thanks!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I'm super busy today, but I wanted to do a quick accountability check from yesterday:

Water - check
Fitness - nothing planned, nothing done
Nutrition - fair

Not the best day, not the worst day.  Goals for today are to work out at lunch, drink 100 ounces of water, & eat under 1800 calories.  Let's see what I can do with those bad boys!

Oh, quick note, I will be spending New Year's Eve with my boyfriend Adam Levine.  Sweet!!

Hugs!  (Special super hugs to Stephanie M. since I know now how much she loves a good "hugs" sign off!!  <3 you, girl!!  :))

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Better & Better

Today is the first day that I got out of bed on the first try!  I still wanted to stay there and I'm still getting up about 30 minutes later than normal, but it is progress.  :) 

I did pretty good yesterday with focusing on my goals and making good choices.  Assessment and today's updates:
  1. Working out - I went back to Jazzercise.  I would say that I did low impact most of the class, but I definitely got my heart rate up.  It was a tough but good class and it felt good to get moving again.  I do not plan to work out today, so hopefully I will be good to go for a nice power walk at lunch tomorrow.
  2. Nutrition - I did GREAT with this all day!  Until dinner, that is.  I had leftover chips & queso which is my weakness.  I will say that I'm slightly proud that I actually stopped eating after a decent amount instead of finishing it off.  In a way, that is huge for me.  I'm having sushi at lunch today which isn't bad nutritionally.  I just want to continue to keep in my calorie range goals.
  3. Water - I drank over 150 ounces of liquids (mostly water) yesterday.  That is fantastic for me and I'm shooting for over 100 ounces today.
  4. Work - I was productive yesterday, but didn't get to my to do list.  I have a project to work on this morning, but I'm hoping the to do list will be my project for the afternoon.
  5. Personal - no working out tonight and no Rangers game gives me a free evening.  I'm going to go get an allergy shot (which should have happened a while ago and is probably a big contributing factor to the sinus infection).  Then to bed early so maybe tomorrow, I will feel even better!
This weekend I'm doing something special.  This is just a teaser, because I'm not going to tell you about it until Monday!  How do you like that?  :)


Monday, October 24, 2011

Balancing BETTER with NOT QUITE 100%

Today is the first day in a week where my first thought upon waking up was NOT that I should drive holes through my head.  Improvement!!  Although even on my way into work, if someone would have told me that I could turn around and go back to bed, I would have done that.  I'm not a napper and usually once I'm up, I'm up.  But I'm still SOOO tired. 

This is where it gets tricky for me.  My usual MO would be to say, I'm better.  So, let's get to it.  I need to catch up on work, working out, blogger, errands, etc.  Let's go, go, go, go, go.  For once, I'm really trying not to do that.  I want to get better and be better long term.  So, I'm forcing myself to slow down.

1.  Working out - I will go back to Jazzercise this week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  I will walk at lunch on Wednesday.  After doing nothing this week (literally nothing) as far as fitness, I think that is the right amount.  Next week, I will start working CrossFit into the schedule.  Honestly, the reason for the postponement of CF is because of the change in my sleeping schedule.  Body isn't ready for that.

2.  Nutrition - I have eaten like crap this week when I have eaten, so I'm skeptical of the six tenths loss this week.  Especially after a FIVE pound loss last week.  (Sidenote: thank you to my Leap to Goal girls!!)  I feel that the loss may come from muscle loss from not working out or dehydration from all the medication.  That being said, there isn't much to do, but stay on course.  I've started logging my calories again and my goal is to do that for the week.

3.  Water - I'm actually logging my liquids today.  I don't usually do that.  I have had 8 oz of coffee and 34 oz of water so far.  I hope to finish my 17 oz bottle of water in the next hour and then refill my 34 oz bottle.  If I can get that all in before I leave work, it will be a serious improvement from where I have been.

4.  Work - after lunch, I'm going through my inbox and making a to do list.  I have been working to put out fires for several weeks and now that I have a lull, I need to get organized. 

5.  Personal - nothing is so important that it needs to stress me out.  I'm very happy that I don't have anything on the schedule this week.  Saturday is pretty full, but then Sunday is another free day.  That means I should have time to get in the essentials, work out to my goal, and get plenty of sleep.  Any coddling will be over next week, so I need to make myself take advantage of the down time!

6.  Blogger - I haven't kept up well at all!  My goal for the week is to post once every day.  Catch up on new posts by others each day.  Use Friday night or Sunday to catch up on the past couple of weeks.

Now that I have all that written down!  :)  Back to the Leap to Goal Challenge.  I'm sure you've seen that some other folks are doing this too, including my BBF (who BTW I feel like I haven't seen forever and I'm glad to say we are getting together this weekend hopefully!!).  My goal of this challenge is to get to my goal weight of 165 by Leap Day 2/29/2012.  I added a ticker to my blog is supposed to be me leaping down the beach.  Heh.  I have 29.2 more pounds to go which means I need to lose around 1.6 pounds per week.  Honestly, that might be too aggressive for me these days, but if I don't shoot for it...well, then I KNOW what my results are going to be...or not be, huh?

If I actually do that, I could enter 2012 as an overweight person, instead of an obese person.  Just for the record, I have never not been obese.  Well...maybe for a little while in high school.  Just thinking that could be a possibility definitely gives me some motivation today.  I had just started to get back into my ONE DAY AT A TIME philosophy when I got sick, so I think it is time to jump right back there.  I get overwhelmed about thinking of losing weight every single week for the next 4 months, so I will just think about doing it THIS week.  :)

On a completely separate note:  my friend ShareBear's father had a heart attack this weekend.  I think he is going to be okay, but it is a tough road, especially since her mother has struggles as well.  Please send out prayers, good vibes or happy thoughts in their direction.  <3


Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm alive!

So, last I left you, I was going into a relaxing weekend.  I enjoyed the heck out of the Ms. Mature Irving Pageant.  It totally rocked!!  Saturday I found a great dress at the vintage store.  Sunday, BFF & I took in a great play. 

Then I woke up on Monday feeling like I was run over by a truck.  It was crazy!  I spent the better part of three days in bed.  It is the first time in my career that I can remember taking off three days of work unplanned.  I went to the doctor on Monday and got some antibiotics for a sinus infection.  But I just kept getting worse.  On Wednesday, they tested for strep and the flu, but felt that it was just a horrific sinus infection.  Two doses of antibiotics, a steroid shot and a round of oral steroids later...I'm actually on the mend.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not 100%, but I am at least seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  This weekend should be a truly relaxing one, so I hope that I am at least able to be productive next week.  I'm guessing that it will take another week before I can get myself back into my normal routine.  This is NOT what I expected my October to be.  But in all honesty, I don't think I have been my total self for a while.  I think this little booger has been waiting in the wings for several weeks and finally just took me down.  I hear you, little booger!!

Hope all is well out there.  I hope to catch up with you all while I'm sitting still over the weekend.  :) 

Big hugs!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Raiding the Closet

Skipped CrossFit this morning because TOM is hear and I just didn't want to deal with all that getting ready in the work locker room.  TMI, probably.  :)  I actually think I'm skipping Jazzercise tomorrow too, but more on that in a bit...

I was going through a few things in my closet last night and I stumbled on some old things.  There was a shirt I had purchased from Banana Republic in 2006 when I had a crush on a boy, joined Jenny Craig and got down to my now 3rd lowest weight as an adult.  Interestingly, the shirt was slightly too small at the time and it is VERY clingy, so I have NEVER worn it.  I try it on with jeans sometimes, but it just never looks right.

I also came upon a skirt that I bought from the Gap in 1999 when I was now the 2nd lowest weight I have ever been as an adult.  I remember losing the weight, but I don't remember why.  Anyway, the skirt was very tight even back then and I NEVER wore it without opaque tights.

Today, I put them on together along with my awesome new boots and trusty jean jacket.  I was really thrilled with the combination!!  I don't even hate my hair today.  :)

I still feel like I don't like the pictures as much as I like it all in the mirror, but I think that is just how things are.  Whatev.  It is nice to get into these old clothes and truly know that I have surpassed anything I have done before. 

I do feel like I'm back on the right track.  (Thanks to my Let's Leap to Goal Challenge Mates!!)  I'm still 4.8 pounds up from my lowest point ever (back in APRIL...what the??) but I seem to be going in the right direction again.  The real test comes this weekend.  I'm not working out AT ALL which is not usual for me, so I will really have to watch my food/drink intake.  I guess Monday morning we will know the real truth.  :)

I had planned to get my pictures taken while I was in Chicago, but it didn't work out.  For the last several days I have been corresponding with one of Debi's friends that is a photographer.  We have been coming up with some ideas for an edgy and different photo shoot.  I'm not going to give away the details, but he has gotten me fired up and Saturday morning, I'm going to go out trying to find things to make the idea happen.  I'm really excited and I'm hoping that we can execute his vision in an awesome way!!

I'm going to a pageant tonight for women over 60.  How freaking awesome is that?  Fair warning...I am so going to do this when I'm 60!!!

Have a great weekend all.  Hugs!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Texas mini-BOOB Date Change

We Texas girls are all over the place!  Turns out that Saturday, November 12th is a more suitable date for the DFW to Waco roadtrip.  Our little Miss Debi is in charge of this excursion, so if you are interested, visit her blog and/or send her an email.

Yeehaw!  (Because that's what we say in Texas!)

And Go Rangers!

Waco Roadtrip - are you in?

Sunday, November 13th - the plan is to drive down to Waco in time for a long lunch.  We would leave about 10am, then return to DFW in the early afternoon. 

Once I know who all is in, we can pin down where to meet to carpool and where to meet for lunch.


West Sy-eed

Happy Thursday!!  I went to see West Side Story with Roro last night.  I was really looking forward to it, but I was disappointed.  First of all, I think half of my mind was in Detroit with the Rangers.  I hate missing the games!!  And the other half of my mind was asleep.  It was dark in there.  :)

Second, it seemed to me that it didn't know what it wanted to be.  I think I should disclose that I have never seen ANY version of WSS.  I discussed with my theater friend at work and he assured me that this version had tried to modernized some things and that may have contributed to the problem for me.  I think if I would have known that it was a Sondheim musical, I might have been more prepared.  It just seems kind of like an opera at times, like a ballet at times, like a cheesy Rodgers and Hammerstein musical at times, and like an edgy piece at times (all of which I would like, just not at the same time).  I need to rent the movie and see if I like it better.

So, the Rangers won.  Woohoo!!

I got to bed about midnight and was up and ready to take BFF to the airport this morning at 7am.  Yeesh.  I'm not tired yet, but I get the feeling I will be soon!

I'm on an organizing frenzy at work today.  I have a mission!

Go Rangers!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday is feeling a little Blahday.

I had a lovely time, as always, with my dinner girls last night.  This time we not only were celebrating the Rangers post season, we also got to toast ShareBear's birthday with some Jello shots!  My immediate reaction (since I'm in Challenge mode) was to text Brandi and ask how many calories are in one.  Shockingly she didn't have an answer, but the interwebs tell me that it is somewhere between 50-100 calories.  Since I forwent (is that a word?) my pudding cup when I got home, that puts me right on schedule.

Aren't we cute?  It was nice that we were all together, because usually at least one of us can't make it.  Interestingly, as soon as I saw this picture, my first thoughts were, "ugh, I look fat.  My arm is huge.  I thought I looked so cute and sassy in my animal print, but who was I kidding with that fat ass."  Sigh.  Whatever, right? 

At dinner, I decided that I was going to stay up and watch the Rangers game instead of going to bed early so I could get up for CrossFit.  I felt really guilty, but what the hell, the Rangers aren't going to get to the postseason every year.  As a Colts fan, I know you have to take advantage of these moments!!  By the bottom of the 7th, I knew that I had made the wrong choice.  I got all my things ready for the monrning and went to bed.

5:30 comes and I turned on the TV to hear that it is a monsoon outside.  Well, okay, maybe not a monsoon, but we are Texas and in a drought, so practically a monsoon.  I get up and decide that if it is actively raining, I'm going back to bed.  If it is just wet"ish", I will go.  It was pouring!  Back to bed!!  I felt a little bad, but I decided that fate was telling me NOT to go and I needed to listen.  :)

When I really got up, you know to actually NOT turn around and go back to bed, I weighed and was pleased to see that all the Chicago and PMS bloat was gone.  Sweet!  Now I can really get into my Leap to Goal challenge.  (By not working out today...hmmmm.) 

I put together a new outfit today and thought I looked all sorts of cute until I saw the picture.  Bleh. I really hate my hair now.  It is too long to wear down and too short to wear up.  If I'm going to get my pictures taken professionally, I'm really going to have to figure out what to do with this mop.
Tonight I'm going with Roro to see West Side Story.  I have actually never seen it so I'm REALLY looking forward to it. 

Today I will make good food choices.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's all about choices.

First of all...GO RANGERS!!! 

So, I've kind of been struggling or coasting lately and I needed something to motivate me.  So I'm doing a little challenge amongst some of my sister wives to push us over this coasting phase and get us to goal!!  And knowing that we are all competing supporting each other, I think might really help me this time.  I know that at least for ONE DAY (well, almost), I made really good choices.  It made me realize how lax I was many times I picked something up and ate it or drank it without giving it any thought. 

On one hand, I'm glad I am at a point where I feel like I can eat pretty much what I want and still maintain.  BUT, if I am going to get into those size 10s and size 8s, I have some work to do.

I went to Support Group last night with my BBF and the lovely Andrea among others.  It was educational and super fun, as always.  We even had a couple of guys there and it is nice to have that perspective!  I was sitting in the back with my phone "watching" the Ranger game.  Cruz Grand Slam in the bottom of the 11th? Super spectacular!!!

I had to leave Group a little early since I was CrossFitting in the morning so freaking early.  I got home and stuffed my face with some Bugles. 


Wait...what??  Yes, you read that right.  After a day of making one good decision after the other, I ate Bugles.  Damnit.  I'm glad to say that I still came in under my calorie budget, but those are the dumb choices that I need to work on.  At least I cut it down to one bad choice in the day??  Baby steps!

Before I went to bed, I checked my CF WOD: 1 mile time trial, 25 Mutant Man Makers, 50 Abs of choice.  Holy shitake mushrooms.  I didn't even know what Mutant Man Makers were, but seriously?  You know they can't be good.  Karma.  This is the workout I get for eating those damn Bugles. 

Then my mind started going...I went to CF this morning, I don't REALLY have to go tomorrow.  You don't HAVE to do anything and no one can make you.  I don't wanna!  Sigh.  Then I thought of my challenge-mates and realized that I already knew I was going.

I showed up this morning dreading the mile TT from the first moment.  Butch was kind and gave us a light warm up then we got right to it.  Let me start by saying it was 6am and it is still very, very dark.  We run outside and there are some street lamps, but it is still really dark.  Butch sent us on our way and within 100m, I had totally lost the pack.  Sigh.  I hate running.  I know we are supposed to take a right at the 3rd stop sign and even though everyone has already gotten that far, I know that I just need to keep my pace.  I keep running and I keep running. 

All at once, I realize that there is no way that I haven't run the 400m to the turn.  Damnit again.  I decided just to turn at the next street and as soon as I did, I realize that I have gone at least 2-3 blocks out of my way, plus, because I did, I was going to be forced to go another couple blocks out of my way because there is no street where I need to turn.  Damnit in triplicate.

As I was making it down the home stretch, just me and the crickets, I wondered exactly how long I would have to be out there before Butch sent out a search party.  I was fully prepared to take a beating when I got in, but in true CrossFit fashion, they all just said "Way to go, Beth Ann!"  Seriously?  Butch must have seen my face because he giggled just a very little and asked me if I went too far.  I told him I did and he said that it happens all the time.  These people are entirely too nice.  Ha!

So, now that I had ran 50% more than everyone else and they had a nice little break, it was time to start the Mutant Man Makers.  What are Mutant Man Makers, you ask?
  • Start in a plank position with weights in your hands.
  • Do a push up.
  • Do a row with your right arm (we used 15# hand weights) while still in the plank position (although they did allow us to spread our legs a little for stability).
  • Do a row with your left arm while still in the plank position.
  • Pop your feet up so you are bent over.
  • Clean the weights (which means you bring the weights from the floor to your shoulders while getting into a squat position.)
  • Stand up as you push the weights over your head.
  • Bring the weights back down to your sides.
  • That was one.
We had to do 25 each.  Sigh.  I am now a man.  :)  I grouped up with Sprinkles and her BFF (who just started, so I may have lost my partner...) and we did 5 at a time for 5 rounds.  It was super tough.  Then we did the abs on our own.  I did 20 sit ups on the little horsie looking thing which has a name that I always forget, 10 V sit ups, & 10 regular sit ups.

I'm tired, y'all.  But I'm SO GLAD that I went!!

I'm looking forward to my monthly Interesting Dinner with my girls!  Then the Rangers play at 7pm.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to stay up because I'm getting up early for CrossFit.  Choices!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Do you live in Texas?

Hey DFW BUUBs!  Anybody open to a get together on 11/12 or 11/13?  I was thinking about a possible little roadtrip down to Waco if a certain Black Butterfly in Austin is available.

What do you think?

Happy Columbus Day!

Lots to talk about today!! So, let's get to it.

Might as well start with some TMI, hmmm?  I'm on a birth control pill that makes it so I only have four periods per year.  I love that and it is super awesome.  Except, of course, for those four times per year.  I have no idea how my body knows it's coming, but it does.  I guess I have been doing it long enough that it knows the drill, I don't know.  Anyway, last week was my version of PMS.  I'm starving, I eat, I crave, I eat...oh my, it was not good.  Add all the extra food to my bloating and today I hit a high on the scale that I haven't seen for a while.  That is NOT okay.

I can't lie to myself anymore.  I have been in maintenance.  I would push here and there, mostly after I was bad (like now.)  But it never lasts long and really I'm just working out a lot so I can eat bad stuff.  While there is really nothing wrong with that, if I am ever going to make it to my goal, I have got to do better. 

The part that stinks is that I don't think I have any more motivation this time than I have the other 137 times I have jump started myself in the last year.  So, what will make this different?  Honestly, I'm not sure yet.  I do know that my London trip was my gift to myself for losing 100 pounds and since I haven't accomplished that yet, it is kind of a problem.  I have several size 10 pairs of jeans I bought that don't really fit yet.  I would like to fit in them by the holidays and that should be absolutely doable. 

I need to get back to my one day at a time mentality.  The last time I really lost any weight was at the beginning of the year.  Maybe I need to go back and read my blogs for some guidance.  I made a fill appointment for 10/31 today.  That is three weeks away which gives me plenty of time to focus and see if I really NEED it or not. 

New topic...I went to CrossFit for the first time in almost three weeks today!  It was great!  The 400m warm up kind of felt like a beating though.  I forget how fast those folks run.  I started third, WAY ahead of the pack and I was pretty much last at the end.  Bleh.  I was breathing hard and wheezing.  Good thing I have no excuses not to get back into the routine. 

However, it was a lifting day and I can lift!  I maxed out on my Press (lifting the weigh from my shoulders about my head otherwise standing still) at 75#.  The last time I did Presses, I only got to 65# and I made a note that I barely made it.  So YAY!!  Then we did Deadlifts where you lift the weight from the floor up with your arms straight down so it is lifting with your legs.  My max deadlift last time was 105#.  WG partnered up with me today and we started there.  Both of us had an easy time with it so we methodically moved up in weight.  I maxed out at 175#!!  SEVENTY pounds more than last time.  Obviously I wasn't pushing very hard then, huh??  :)  I bet tomorrow is more cardio heavy...scary!

I plan to CrossFit 4 times this week and Jazzercise twice with a bonus Pure Muscle class on Saturday.  By the way, that Jazzercise Pure Muscle class is no joke!!  My body is feeling it for sure.

And I will leave you with this:
I was feeling fat this weekend and I needed to see how far I have come.  The bottom pair was at my biggest and the top pair I'm just getting into.  I picked up the bottom ones...a little bigger than the old Right Size 3 from Lane Bryant.  It was hard to believe that I not only fit in those at one time, around my surgery date, I was BUSTING out of them.  No matter how frustrated with myself I am at the moment, I can't let myself forget that.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buub hangover.

I think that all the posts on Blogger and Facebook helped me get through yesterday, but today the depression (or at least massive letdown) has begun.  It is starting to sink in that it will be at least a year until I get to see many of my BUUB ladies and that makes me very sad.  Luckily we have so many ways to stay in touch, so that's good. 

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I met FitBy40 for lunch.  I wasn't sure if she minded if I posted her picture, but now I have approval. 

FitBy40 & Beth Ann

Debi, FitBy40, Beth Ann, KMR
First of all, isn't she gorgeous??  Plus, she is sparkly and so sweet in person.  We had such a good time at lunch catching up. 

For all of you that made me feel so good about my fitness regime this weekend, I have a confession.  I'm totally blowing off CrossFit this week.  Now, I'm going to at least 5 Jazzercise classes and I went for a little walk at lunch today, so I'm not just sitting around.  But I have to get up at 5:30am to go to CF and I'm just too sleepy.  I will start back next week.

I got a fun call from SIL...she was booking her London flight.  Looks like it is official and we have everything set that can be done until a few weeks prior.  YAY!!  U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A

The last couple of days I've been having these little happy feelings.  I honestly think I'm the happiest I've ever been in my entire life.  Even my dad mentioned it yesterday.  It is so nice to be experiencing all of these wonderful things from this perspective.  And I'm just so glad that I get to share it with all of you!

What a freaking gorgeous bunch!
Love you, guys!!


Monday, October 3, 2011


Settle in, pumpkins, you know this is going to be a whopper!  No one mentioned to me not to put up photos or use names, so I have...but please, please let me know if I should take one down or change a name and I would be glad to do so.  Thanks!

Before I get started, I want to thank the organizing committee.  You all did such a FABULOUS job and we thank you!!  Also, I want to reaffirm my BBFness with Debi.  I'm SO glad you were there and I <3 you so much!!!

Thursday I got on a plane and headed to Chicago to spend the weekend with some of the most amazing women that I'm honored to know.  I took a cab to the hotel and immediately ran into about 10 BO0Bs (see that Brandy/Debi??)  and I couldn't even tell you who all was in the group!  I was so overwhelmed but in a really good way.  I was such an odd feeling to have these people to be saying my name and giving me hugs.  I was almost crying when I checked in.  :)

Once I got that squared away, I put my things in my room and went out to find people.  I found another group by the pool and visited for a while.  This group included my roommate for the night Darlin1.  Then I continued to my room for the following two nights to meet those roommates...Brandi, Dawnya, & Stephanie.  I had met Dawnya and I already knew how freaking awesome she is and how much I love her.  I had talked with Stephanie off and on and felt like I knew her as well.  I didn't know Brandi well, but I fully expected to love her too!  We (along with some other lovely ladies) went to Pizzaria DUE for dinner and it was the first of many times that I had a moment where it almost felt like it was unreal. 
KMR, Stephanie, Jessica, Brandi, Angie, Dawnya, & Beth Ann

Beth Ann & KMR
Before dinner when I was talking to my roommates, I mentioned that I wasn't thrilled with my outfit for Saturday night.  Stephanie told me to try on the dresses she brought because she bought a new one to wear.  Since she is so much smaller than me, I didn't have much hope.  One of them was in fact too small, but the other was not.  In fact, I'm convinced that it might be the BO0B equivalent of the Traveling Pants.  It was the magic dress and it looked awesome!!  More on that later...

After dinner, more people started to make their way to the hotel.  Debi made it which was great because as you know, she is awesome.  Many of us made our way to a Drag Show.  It was so much fun and we all drank up and acted silly.  My favorite part was when the hostess asked from the stage what brought us together and completely in unison, we yelled "BO0Bs!!"  Fabulous!
Debi, Chili Pepper, Beth Ann & Joey

Debi & Beth Ann
I branched out with some zebra leggings but I liked them and Debi rocked her dress!!  It was such a great time.  After the drag show, several of us headed back to the hotel.  Debi & I caught up a little and nibbled on some Trader Joe Chocolate Chip Cookies (those things were AWESOME!) and then went to bed.  My rocking roommate made it home close to 3am.  YOU GO, GIRL!!!

Friday morning, Debi & I went shopping.  I don't have pictures of the fabulous coat I bought, but just know that it was fantastic!  :) 
Debi & Beth Ann on the Magnificent Mile

Beth Ann w/ Marilyn
After spending much of the day on the Magnificent Mile, we went back to our respective rooms to get ready.  I spent some quality time with my new roomies.  Stephanie was frantically busy with the planning committee making sure that everything was getting done.  Did I mention that they rock???  Because they totally do and this trip kicked ass!  Anyway, it was around this point where I started spending some real time with Brandi and began to realize that I might have a slight girl crush on her. 

We all headed to the Friday night meet and greet with big smiles and lots of love!  The gift bags rocked the freaking house.  I still haven't had a chance to enjoy all my goodies, but I can't wait.  The organizers really outdid themselves.  The Friday m&g was the first time I really got to spend some time with lots of people.  I was so overwhelmed and busy trying to meet up with everyone that I didn't take many pictures.  I'm actually okay with that because my sassy cami didn't do much to hide my arms and I'm not loving that.  But I love my BO0B girls, so here are a few of the pictures that I did take.
Maria & Beth Ann - Maria was someone I felt I didn't know well before this weekend and now I know she is the bomb diggity!!  I'm so glad I got to spend some time with her!!

Beth Ann & Jessica - Jessica is my freaking hero for doing the Triathlon Relay.  She is inspiring me to work toward something like that myself!  Plus, is she hot or what??

My Chocolate Love Bunny Dawnya & Beth Ann - This girl is the real deal, y'all.  She is one of the kindest souls I have ever met.  Even if I do drive her bonkers!!  :)
After the party, it was time to head to The Second City for some comedy fun.  It was hilarious and I had a great time getting to know a few more people.
Stephanie M., DiznyDiva, Darlin1, Debi, BG, Stacey, Donut Butt, Jen & Lap Band Gal
Pardon the mix of real names and blog names, if I wasn't sure which I should use, I defaulted to blog name.  After the show we headed back.   I got to sleep around 2am, and then got up Saturday morning at 8am to go to Jazzercise.

We ended up with five girls going to Jazzercise which was great!  The class was small so we almost doubled it.  :)  The instructor was fun and I think we gave some extra energy to the class. 

Debi, Becky, Dawnya, Catherine & Beth Ann - Before!

Becky, Debi, Beth Ann, Dawnya, & Catherine - After and trying (badly!) to look gangsta! 
I feel like I got to know Becky & Catherine during this little excursion.  Catherine almost made me cry when she told me how glad she was that I organized the trek.  It truly WAS a great moment when we five women took time out of our vacation to work out HARD when a few years ago we wouldn't have even been able to walk up a flight of stairs together without gasping for air.  We ROCKED this!!

After the class, we couldn't find a cab so we walked the 1.5 miles back to the hotel.  Honestly, this might have been my favorite part,  We had such a fun time together on that walk home.  That Becky is not only a little prankster, she is such an amazing person.  I consider her such a friend to me.  Plus, on the walk back, I got to see Dawnya run.  That girl MOVES when she is about to be hit by a car!!!

After Jazzercise, I met FitBy40 for lunch.  First of all?  She is GORGEOUS!!  Second, she is such an inspiration to me and I was so happy that she took time after a huge vacation to meet up with me.  I love you, girlie!!

Saturday night!  Dinner was nice, the restaurant was great, the drinks were fab and the company was absolutely delightful.  Everyone looked fantastic and I got to wear the magic dress!!  :)  Sidenote:  after so many compliments, feeling like a $1M, and requests for me to pass on the dress to others when I was done with it...I asked Stephanie how much it was cost me to bribe her out of it.  That lovely little lady passed it on to me!!  (With the caveat that I would send it back to her if she needs it which I TOTALLY will!)  Thank you, Stephanie!!  It is an amazing gift!!  Big hugs!!

Now for the pics:
Angie is another BO0B that I didn't feel like I knew well before this trip.  If y'all don't know her, you should work to do so.  She is AWESOME!!

Beth Ann, Liz & Maria - I'm not even 100% sure I was following Liz before this weekend.  WTF?  We are friend on FB and I talk to her a lot.  I'm just going to assume that was a Blogger issue.  Ha!!

Beth Ann & Grace - I got to bond with Grace a little on Saturday night and she is super fun!!

Darlin1, Sandy Lee, Band Groupie & Beth Ann - I kept teasing Darlin1 that she was my mom because she kept taking care of me, Sandy Lee and I talked Canadian geography, & Band Groupie was my original blogging inspiration.  Super cool ladies!

Ronnie, Beth Ann, & Amanda - Not sure why I keep putting my name in there as if you don't know who I am.  It's my blog.  Whatev.  Anyway, I had already met and adore Ronnie (Go Texas!) and I talk with Amanda frequently.  I feel quite certain that I will have more time with these girls in my future!

Who's that?  Oh yeah!  It's my BBF!

Beth Ann & Stacey - Stacey is so super quiet but funny as hell!

Angela, Beth Ann, Jessica & Fluffy (taking the picture.)  - these are my fitness goddesses.  When I need to get my ass to a workout, these are some of the people I look to for inspiration!  Oh and fashion tips...these girls have STYLE!

Lap Band Gal & Beth Ann - LBG is so down to earth and just so much fun to be around!!

Plus, we are Jazzercise buddies!!  Jazz hands!

Stephanie M. & Beth Ann - I got to know Stephanie M. more this weekend too!  She organized the Second City outing where we had such a blast!

Beth Ann & Tessie Rose - <3  One of the sweetest most wonderful people on the planet.  I didn't get to spend as much time with Tessie as I would have liked, but she is just absolutely lovely.

Debi's funny.  :)

Jenny & Beth Ann - this picture totally cracked me up.  We look so confused!

That's better!  More <3!

Beth Ann & Brandi - my new sister wife.  Seriously, this girl is like my long lost friend that I never knew I had.  Debi & I had so much fun with her that sometimes I think we forgot we just met!! 

Dawnya, Beth Ann & Debi - A lot of Texas sexy in this picture!!

Beth Ann & Draz - I think I might have frightened her!  :) Although, you can't see my hands, so it is quite possible that I just grabbed her ass... 

Beth Ann, Read, & Brandi - Read is as hilarious in person as she is on her blog!

Beth Ann & Becky - Becky rules! 

Beth Ann, Debi, Becky, & Brandi - this is like happiness in a picture for me.  :)  Except I looked possessed.  That's a little weird.
After the marathon dinner, we went back to the hotel for a massive pajama party.  I really felt like I got to connect with so many people.  I feel like I probably have missed talking about someone very important because I didn't have a picture to jog my memory.  I can't wait to see everyone else's pictures, read about their experiences and comment! 

Sunday morning, Brandi, Debi & I went to an eggsellent breakfast before we headed out.  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend!! 

Ladies, I had an amazing time and I just can't thank all of you enough.  Everyone was SO fun and inclusive and friendly.  I think it would have taken real effort not to have felt happy and inspired throughout the weekend.  I love all of you and I can't even put into words what a difference you have made in my life!!