Thursday, June 4, 2015

Where does time go???

It has been over two weeks since I last posted. I can't let myself veer too far away. I need to refocus myself for the challenges summer brings.

I have been holding my own the last two weeks. Work has absolutely exploded (in the best way) and I have been hitting the ground running every morning when I get in.

CrossFit is going very well. We are all starting to get to know each other better so I think we are having more fun. I managed to get there a third day this week. Here is my crew:

Monday and Tuesday's workouts were full of pull ups and hand stand push ups. On Monday, I did pull ups (with assistance bands) for the first time in about a year. On Tuesday, I can't do hand stand push ups, so I was doing pike push ups.

I was a little embarrassed that I had to scale it to this degree, but what are you going to do? We started with 25 of them. Then for the workout, I did 50 more. What I found out is that after 75 of those suckers, you are going to feel it the next day. I was walking around like a T-Rex all afternoon.

It was nice to do some stretching and mobility work today. The workout involved wall balls, toes to bar (which I modified to lifting my knees up as high as I could) and deadlifts. The coach told me my deadlifts were awesome. Woohoo, go me! Speaking of my coach, it was totally cool because he is an alum of my old box. Made me a bit nostalgic, but I'm just glad I'm working hard somewhere.

Tonight is my newest and eldest godson's confirmation. I can't wait to be a part of this big day for him. I have three other godsons, but they are all young so this is my first confirmation.

Tomorrow starts my birthday weekend celebration, lots of food, drink and fun friends! I need to find the balance of enjoying myself while not eating all the things. :)



The Happy Whisk said...

Happy Birthday Celebration WEEK!

That's the way to do it.

Bonnie said...

Awesome job on the exercise. Enjoy your birthday!

Amy W. said...

I know dude. I was going to prompt you the other day and say HELLLLOOO? WHERE are YOu? But I'm glad it's because you were busy and sidetracked with life and work and not because you were in some dark cave covered in chocolate and pizza. Although...that DOES sound kind of nice!