Monday, October 12, 2015

Good, Bad, & Ugly

Lots can change in a week. When last I checked in, I had just gotten a partial unfill of my band and was having horrible tension headaches.  Gradually over about 5 days after the unfill, my headaches faded. Turns out that the headaches were my body's way of screaming at me that there was something wrong.

The good news is that headaches are gone.

The bad news is that a heaping helping of acid reflux has taken their place. I will say, I can handle the reflux better than the headaches, so that's good. But long term, it is really bad for me, which brings me to...

The ugly news is that likely I will need to have my Lap Band removed. Not going to sugarcoat it, it sucks. I was unsuccessful for years in trying to lose weight and finally I found something that helped me enough that with diet and exercise, I could do it. I have kept off almost 70 pounds for years now. I do not regret this journey in any way, shape or form.

But now comes the big unknown. I will be meeting with a surgeon soon to first rule out any other possible issues and confirm that the problem is indeed, my band. Then comes the hard part, what to do next.

I'm not sure if it is coming across very well, but I'm actually in a wonderful mood. With the headaches gone, I feel like myself again. I'm bummed that I have to deal with the band issue and reflux, but I'm in a place in my life where I know that I can.

My ultimate goal is to be healthy and at peace in my life. Now I just have to determine the best course of action to make that happen long term.

I will keep you posted.



Lori said...

Oh man! I am sorry you are having to make such a hard decision. I will pray for wisdom for you. Perhaps since you've kept the weight off this long, the new way of eating is more ingrained than you imagine.

MandaPanda said...

That sucks about your band! Sounds like erosion but obviously I'm no doctor. I'm glad the headaches are gone. No matter what happens, you will still be successful. It'll be OK.

SuperMegaAnna said...

So many of us can relate as we too have faced this. I have never regretted my journey and I did have a sleeve after having my band out and some healing time. I have never lots much more with my sleeve, but I have also pretty successfully kept off about 70 lbs. Whatever you do, you need to feel good.

Amanda Kiska said...

Hi Beth Anne, I also had some complications with my Lap Band, but I wasn't ready to let it go. My surgeon agreed to reposition it, which he did. The conversation to the sleeve wasn't an option for me.

Laura Belle said...

Oh honey!!! You will do fine!!!! You've grown so much over the years, you're a completely different person now than you were before, without the band, trying to lose and keep off the weight. You know what to do!! It's a mental thing, but you can do this!!! I know it!!!