Thursday, February 9, 2017

Did it really happen?

I haven't blogged since October, October 3rd to be exact. Usually, if I step away from my blog for 4 months, I come back with the intention of resetting myself because I've gone astray. While my mind can always use resetting, that isn't why I'm here.

I actually came to allow myself to reflect on the amazing things that I have earned these last few months. My October 3 reset must have worked because I lost almost 5 pounds that month. And another few over the weeks that followed.

On December 6th, I reached 100 pounds lost. That journey started in January 2010, almost 7 years earlier. This is me that day:

Wow. Who is that girl on the left? I haven't known her in so long it is hard to remember that I lived as her for so many years.

Then one day in December, I realized I was wearing the same outfit I had worn a couple of years earlier and I couldn't believe the difference.

I am really starting to see the true difference. I had made a goal that by the end of January, I would no longer be obese. On February 1st, I reached that goal!

I actually put on outfits and feel beautiful or sexy. People I have worked with for years stop me in the hall and with wide eyes tell me how much I'm changing before their eyes. Most of the time I still envision myself as the girl in the unicorn picture on the left above. I wonder how long it will take before I can envision myself as the girl on the right?

One last picture...

The boots were my gift to myself for breaking that obese barrier. I'm now proudly overweight! :-) My next goal is to lose another 5 pounds. If I do that, I will let myself splurge on a dress for my friend's Memorial weekend wedding. If I don't make it, I still get a new dress, I just have to be more reasonable. Ha!

Anyway, thank you for letting me indulge myself. Now back to the quest!


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