Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Little Victories

Yesterday was a productive day.  I followed my food plan, worked out twice and had an all around great day.

I went to the Rangers game last night with my besties.  We had the sweetest seats on the first row at third base, right next to the visitors dugout.  As you can see, I stand out from my friends.  One of the Pirates went to my high school (albeit a "few" years later).  I couldn't get myself to wear Pirates gear, but I supported him this way.  The sad thing was that he didn't even play this game (he is usually a starter), so I didn't get to interact with him at all.  Oh well.
I really need a haircut.  :-)  In the end, we made a big rally which could have resulted in a walk off win, but we couldn't quite get it done.  Not even a little victory for my Rangers.  But I'm ever the optimist, so I believe that today will be different!  Go Rangers!

When I went to the game, I budgeted 2 regular hot dogs and that's it.  I could have zero calorie drinks, but no beer, no popcorn, no french fries, etc.  Hot dogs are not all that bad for you and quite filling, so I went for that.  I ate my two hot dogs (one before the game and one around the third or fourth inning) and that was IT.  They had free samples of beer and I passed it over.  There were all sorts of different food options and I ignored them.  I was so hungry on my way home from the game, but I managed to go straight home and go to bed.  No late snacks and no wasted calories.  I say it was a little victory, but it was actually a pretty big one.

I'm going to start documenting my calories in and out each day...just for a little while.  I need to see on paper how much the little things affect the big picture.  I am working on one month of good through 10/10.  That is my focus.



Vanessa said...

Huge victory!!!1 I'm having one of those hunger moments right now.....and because of you I shall drink water instead!

Sheila said...

Yep I'm with Vanessa. HUGE VICTORY! planning and sticking to it is a big deal, WTG!!!

Cat said...

Yep, gotta agree with the Warrior. Huge victory!! /hugs

Were your Rangers playing the Pittsburgh Pirates? I'm not a fan so I don't follow, but they are a PA team...

Lap Band Gal said...

The little things really do affect the big picture and outcome when you step back and look at your victories. :)

Well done my friend.

Coincidentally, the blog post that I just drafted for tomorrow touches on this point. We must be on the same page my friend. :) HUGS!