Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday, 12/03

Hi all! Hanging tough through Thanksgiving. I came back with a 2 pound bloat but it is gone now. Just trying to chip away at the steroid weight gain. Same ole, same ole.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I went to Florida and hung with the folks. We took some pictures. This was the first one:

I made them take another pose then tried to explain to mom how I'm not ashamed of my size, but I'm bigger than she is, so if she puts me in front of her, I look odd. If we are side by side it is better:

Then I took selfies with both of them and I thought they turned out cute.

Last night I went out to dinner and to see A Christmas Story, the Musical with my CrossFit buddy. We had a blast catching up with each other and the show was adorable! I hope we get together again soon!!

I feel kind of cute today. I have on a new Gwynnie Bee pleather peplum top with skinny jeans and motorcycle boots. I added my new sparkly Stella & Dot necklace. It looks awesome but the lighting in our bathroom is horrible and you can't see it. Maybe I will buy an over the door full length mirror for my office. Honest to goodness, I don't think anyone here would think a thing about it. Ha!

Here it is, but you can't really see anything...
But here is a close up where you can see some of the shirt and the necklace:
It all worked. I was given Usher tickets for tomorrow night which is super exciting. I'm off to go Jazzercise now!


2 comments: said...

Super cute photos. Your hair is gorgeous in the last portrait photo of just you.

Manda said...

Luckkyy... see Usher. Love your bathroom fashionista photos. Keep them coming... but I understand about the lighting.