Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Am I a narcissist?

Am I a narcissist?

In a recent conversation, one person said that she didn't understand blogging. She said that it is really only for narcissists that like to hear themselves talk. In all fairness to this person, she didn't know that I blog. Although my close friends know, most of them don't read it. The vast majority of my friends don't even know about it.

The conversation made me think about why I started my blog and why I continue to post.

There were a few reasons why I started my blog:
  1. Support - When I decided on weight loss surgery, I read A LOT of material. One thing I saw over and over was that people who surrounded themselves with other people going through the experience had better results. So I joined a support group and started a blog on a WLS website.
  2. Accountability - I had hoped (and found to be true) that a blog would keep me focused and keep my head out of the sand.
  3. Networking - In this instance, aka friendship. Thanks to some extremely amazing and motivated Jedi Kittens, I was given the opportunity to meet many of my fellow bloggers. I count many of them among my true friends and a couple of them among my BEST friends. I met up with bloggers during my travels in London, NYC, Chicago and I'm hoping to do so in the Bahamas over Christmas as well! Who knew that this little blog would fill my life with so many friends?? Most of them don't blog anymore, but I'm fortunate that I can keep up with them in other ways.
  4. Emotional Outlet - I have AMAZING family and friends, but they don't need to hear my woeful irritation about jumping on the hamster wheel each Monday morning. That is why I have my blog. I can put all my frustrations, sadness, anger, irritation...whatever...out here and then walk away. I can see that sometimes people might read my blog and see me as this 2 dimensional person that is always whining about being fat. But that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, the blog exists to keep that from happening!!
  5. Documentation - I can go back over the years and see what was going on with myself. How I was successful and what didn't work. I can remind myself how absolutely miserable I was many moons ago and how now, even when I'm frustrated, my life is wonderful. It gives me perspective!
  6. Information for Others - If someone is interested in WLS or has weight struggles, they can read about one experience here. When I was considering surgery, I couldn't get enough! I wanted to hear about it from every angle. In fact, I'm always looking for good blogs, so if you have one or know of one, let me know!
I suppose that #2 & #4 are my biggest reasons that I continue to post. And #5, maybe. I find that when I don't post, I'm not honest. In "real life" I don't like to dwell, so I just ignore it. That's fine for a little while but it is a good way for me to gain 30 pounds in a year. :-) So, I post almost every Monday that it is time to get my crap together. I suppose it is sort of my diary. I would post whether a single soul saw it or not.

Honestly, I don't know if it makes me a narcissist or not. But I do know that it is one part of the process that makes my life happy. Plus, if someone doesn't want to read it, they don't have to. That's enough for me!



Hollee said...

I have thought of this too... especially when a friend commented that I take too many selfies and post too many transformation photos on instagram and blog too often.

I don't think you're a narcissist at all. I think you're creating a personal archive. This archive has many benefits... it gives you a reference point in the future of where you've come from. It allows you to meet like-minded people. It is an outlet for you that doesn't impose on anyone else's willingness to listen to you.

I use mine mostly as an outlet. My friends get sick of hearing about surgery stuff and Mr. Banker stuff, so my blog is my place to throw that. And if anyone doesn't want to read it, that's cool too.

If someone wants to think you're narcissistic for blogging, that's one opinion, it doesn't make it true.

FritoBandito said...

I do it for all the same reasons as you...although I conveniently manage to NOT blog when things aren't going well...like now, for example.

But it has been ENORMOUSLY valuable in showing me where I've been, and how I got to where I am when I need a reminder. I am so glad I have it. I don't know that many people read it anymore, and that's okay with me. It provides me value on a regular basis.

To me it is like journaling...only I choose to share that journal with some people. No one in my life knows about this blog. My husband knows it exists but has never asked to read it.

Tracey@bariatricfoodforlife.com said...

People who don't read or write blogs don't really understand the blog. I have never thought you sounded narcissistic and I've been reading your blog for years. Keep on keeping on. Your posts inspire me.
Be well, Tracey

Manda said...

I agree with everyone who has previously commented. Lol. Anyone who does not do blogging, will never understand the reasons behind. And to be honest, if those same people use any type of social media then they do can be accused of narcissism themselves.

You should have told them your a blogger. Doesn't hurt to open minds and give a different perspective.

Laura Belle said...

Nope. Not even close. My counselor put it to me this way when I was worried about following my fathers footsteps of narcissism...Do you feel guilt?.....Yup, I sure do....Well, you're not a narcissist then.

Good to know.

Besides, if it helps you....and lord knows it helps others when you right!!, then who gives a poopy. <3