Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer Craziness!

June was crazy busy! Work was crazy, workouts were crazy and there was a whole lot of fun in there too!

I worked out 21 times for a total of 18.5 hours including 12 times at CrossFit. Not bad! I lost 6.4 pounds and over 4 inches. I'm starting to fit into my size 12s. In all fairness, they are big size 12s, but size 12s nonetheless!!

This weekend is going to be crazy busy as well, but I wanted to check in. I need to get back to posting on a regular basis. I'm doing well, but I know how quickly I can go off track if I'm not careful.

I spent my birthday month preparing for my big trip to Brazil and spending a lot of time with friends. July will be more of the same. My biggest focus is making sure I work out regularly and that I focus on nutrition. I get my labs done next week and I have my follow up with my bariatric doctor the week after that. I should learn if I have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies then. I think I might be low on iron. I seem to be bruising a lot. But that is easily fixed.

The doctor wanted me to lose at least 16 pounds in the 3 months between visits. I had hoped for closer to a 25 pound loss. I hit a 3 week stall though when I started back to CrossFit so that isn't likely. I know I was building muscle and doing good things for my body so no worries. Even with the 3 week stall, I'm still right at 16 pounds lost. Since I have another couple of weeks, I should be more than on target with the doctor.

Yesterday, I went through my closet and all my "too small" clothes. So many things actually fit now! I'm so close to my all time low and it is so exciting to start fitting into things I haven't worn in years.

Here is a picture from exactly four years ago. I had just had plastic surgery and I weighed almost exactly the same as I do now.

I hope to check in a little more regularly!!



Val said...

When do y'all leave for RIO???
I can hardly believe we'll be boarding our flight to Heathrow in 11 short days... Just ordered my collapsible hiking staff which they assured me will arrive by next Wed 7/20.

~Miss Lorie~ said...

Ahhh! I am so glad you still post occasionally! I need to get back on the blog wagon!