Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday morning blog reset

I woke up this morning feeling defeatist. If you have been with me long, you know I'm a decidedly half-full person. I'm taking a few minutes to reset and determine why I feel the way I feel.

Weekly update. I weigh every Monday. That is a stupid day for me to weigh, but I tried to change it once and it didn't stick. So, Monday it stays. I neither lost or gained any pounds this week.

Monthly update. I lost 8 tenths of a pound this month. Not great, but at least the right direction. For two months, I have lost a total of 4 pounds.

Measurement update. I didn't take measurements last month, so these are for two months (corresponding with the 4 pound loss). I lost almost 8 inches in total. Most notably, a full inch in my left arm, 1.50 inches in my bust, 2 inches in my belly, & 3/4 of an inch in my left thigh. These are truly significant changes.

Size update. I'm now in all of my "skinny" jeans. My size 12 Levis and Gap jeans fit, albeit snugly. My Cato size 10 jeans fit great. In fact, I went through the remaining items in my "too small" bin and everything I have ever worn previously fit. YAY!! The remaining items were pieces I had never actually worn before, like the size 10 Gap jeans I bought on sale in anticipation of moving down a size but never made it. It would be super awesome if I could actually get in those for the holidays.

In every conceivable measurement (scale, inches, clothes), I'm doing great. Maybe not off the charts, but certainly nothing to feel defeatist about.

So, let's talk behaviors. Fitness. I injured myself at CrossFit last week. Not horribly, just a lower back strain that I need to baby a bit, but I still am Jazzercising and walking, so nothing to be ashamed of there. This week, I'm planning at least 4 workouts which again, isn't off the charts, but certainly solid.

Nutrition. Ahem. Okay, maybe I found the problem. Since returning from Rio, I have been eating terribly. I will have a day or two here or there when I will stick to the script, but most of the time it is a free for all. I know that if I continue with this behavior, I will eventually fail at my overall goals. So, now I have admitted it to myself and put it in writing for all to see...what to do?

Fortunately, I'm still keeping to small portions, but I need to focus on protein over carbs. I also need to focus on limiting sugar. I hate tracking my food, but I plugged today's meal plan into MFP last night. My hope is that if I put it in there before hand, I will actually follow it.

Breakfast: coffee & mango keylime smoothie
Lunch: ground beef nacho casserole
Snack: mixed nuts & laughing cow
Dinner: homemade pasta dish

The mixed nuts and cheese in the casserole make the day a little high in fat, but otherwise (calories, carbs, protein), I would be exactly at target. Now I just have to be mindful.

Nothing like a Monday morning blog reset. It always puts my mind in the right place for the week!


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Sounds like a solid plan. You didn't start at a very high weight so your progress will be slower. I had many plateaus along the way regardless of what I ate. Baby steps, baby steps.