Friday, September 23, 2011

Better Late than Never! BOOBs survey.

Since Super September has made me a super sucky blogger, I missed out on the BOOBs survey.  I'm finally getting with the program!!

1.How did you pick your blog name?
Anyone that knows me well knows that I'm always chasing a goal.  To me, my never-ending quest isn't frustrating because once I finish one quest, I start another. 

2.When did you start blogging?
I started blogging on LBT in November 2009 and moved to my own blog space on Blogger in January/February 2011.  Wow, really?  It seems like a lot longer than that!!

3.Theme of blog.
Exercise, weight loss (or the quest thereof), & my crazy life.

4.Did you go to BOOBs 2010?
No, but I remember reading about it and wishing that I was part of it.  Hence the move to Blogger.

5.When were you banded?
January 2010. 

6.How much have you lost?
90-ish pounds.

7.What are you most looking forward to at BOOBs?
Meeting my new friends. 

8.What/who do you hope to find/see/accomplish at BOOBs 2011?
To allow myself to relax and enjoy!

9.Children? Pets?

10.Who is your roomie?
I just surprised myself with tears.  WTF?  My roomies are Stephanie, Brandy & Dawnya.  The tears should tell you what I think of these ladies. 

11.What day do you arrive?
Thursday evening.

12.What airport/flight/time?
O'Hare 4:15pm.  If anyone is coming in around that time, I'm up for ride sharing!

13.What events are you signed up for?
Thursday night drag show, Friday tour, Friday night Second City show, Saturday morning Jazzercise.  I like to be a busy girl!!

Working out, going to the theater, doing stuff.  :)

I'm a VP for a development company.  Mostly I'm presented with problems or messes and I fix them.

16.Single? Married? In a relationship?
Single with a BFF platonic life partner.  :)  I think everyone thinks we are a couple but we aren't.  Of course, there is the imaginary relationship I have with my fake boyfriend Adam.

17.Your birthday month?

18.What do you want other BOOBs to know about you?
Come talk to me because unless you hit me, spit on me or tell me that I'm fat...I'm going to like you!!  Can't wait to meet you all!


Ronnie said...

Woohoo! And I get teary when I think about BOOBs at all, can't tell ya how awesome I feel about my roomies. :)

Jessica said...

Have fun in Chicago... PS You have my dream Job. I have always wanted to work for a development company.

Stephanie said...

We love you too, Beth...Can't wait to meet you!!!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I will do my best not to hit you or spit on you. I definitely won't call you fat...because you're not! Can't wait to meet you!

Becky said...

Beth I really look forward to meeting you. I'm so glad you're going on the walking tour Friday! I'll see you there. That is where I am going as soon as I can drop my luggage off. :)

Kiwigirl said...

I hope you have a fabulous time!