Friday, September 23, 2011

Quick Check In

Hi everybody!!  :)  Super September is still in full effect.  Work is busy (in a good way), social time is busy (in a great way), and I have completed 3 of the four out-of-town trips on my schedule.  After Chicago, things slow down and I will be able to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging and commenting schedule.  Thank goodness.  I miss you all!

Tonight I'm going to the Maroon 5/Train/Matt Nathanson concert.  We all know how I'm dating Adam Levine in my head, so my fantasy world will intersect with reality tonight.  :) 

CrossFit update:  I'm getting stronger all the time.  I even held a handstand for a couple of seconds!  I'm sore all over, but it feels great.

Still no further weight loss on the scale, but I'm hoping that when I measure next week, I will see some changes.  Honestly, I'm okay with where I am and as I continue to improve my fitness, I'm only getting healthier.  So while my perfect scenario of losing 40 more pounds and wearing a size 8 isn't really happening at the moment, things are still really good.  And really good is...well...really good. 

I'm looking forward to Chicago!!  I need to be thinking this weekend about what I need to pack.  At least it isn't still in the 100 degree range here, so it is a little easier to imagine what the weather might feel like.  Donna, Stephanie, Brandy, & Dawnya...I hope you are ready for me!!  There are so many people that I just can't wait to meet.

See you soon!!  Lots 'o hugs!


Amanda said...

I can't wait to meet you too!!

Ronnie said...

Think how epic Texas BOOBs 2011 was, and I'm pretty sure this'll be 10 times better (only b/c of the amount of people will be 10 times more, LOL - you know I enjoy my Texas BOOBs!). :)

Speaking of, you have to help me find a HAT! I can't find one around here that I love. :((

Cat said...

Hi there Hero! You need a Sept pic honey before it's over!! :)

Also - I'm getting to know you bestie and I ADORE her. Very good choice.

Your Sept sounds amazing!