Thursday, November 21, 2013

Focus on the good!

The good news.  Yesterday was another day (2 in a row!) of healthy eating.  The bad news (or maybe annoying news) is that the scale didn't move, but then again we know that isn't an automatic thing.  It is just fun when it does.

The best news is that at CrossFit this morning, one of the girls mentioned how much weight I had lost and that I am looking SO good.  I tried to graciously take the complement, but mentioned the scale hadn't moved much over the last few months, so I let her know that meant a lot to hear.  So, even though I'm up a little, I think I'm actually looking better.

You know how when you lose a whole bunch of weight, you get that nasty skin around your middle?  I try to be so thankful that I don't have that.  I mean I spent a good portion of my life beyond morbidly obese and while I will never sport a bikini, I do not have the skin issue around my middle.  However, my extremities were a whole different matter.  Even though I have permanent scars from armpit to elbow, I will never regret having the skin taken off my arms. 

Now the issue is my legs.  They aren't lean enough yet to even discuss surgery, which I'm not as keen to do anyway.  I have huge leg muscles but they are hard to see because of the fat that is left on my thighs (that junk would be the last to go) and the hangy grody skin.  I'm always self conscious in shorts and skirts.  I feel better when I'm tan, but because of my fair skin, that isn't easy to accomplish.  That is why I LOVE winter.  I can wear tights and leggings to hold at that hangy stuff in and wear shorter skirts without feeling self conscious.  It is totally worth the cold and gloomy weather, because some of my favorite outfits are my short dresses which make me feel sassy and cute.  YAY for winter!

I have tomorrow off and I plan to go down to Dealey Plaza for the JFK commemoration.  Hopefully the weather won't be too bad.  Next week I'm off to see the parents in Florida!!



FitBy40 said...

Hey, you're back and blogging! Missed you. I need to get my butt into gear and write a post or two. It's just not high onmy priority list these days.
Love the new picture.
Have fun with the parents. Florida sounds awesome right now!

tz said...

hola -- I so love the tights thing and even better spanx makes tights so even better! You are looking great and it must be all that working out -- have you been taking measurements? maybe you are still 'losing' but in inches.