Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014...Let's do this.

2013 was a good year.  I lost 3.8 pounds in total which is the right direction.  I had some fun vacations and spent time with family and friends.  Work was busy but productive and I continue to love my company and my job.  All in all, I'm happy and satisfied!

2014 is going to bring a lot of things, I think.  I was sick a lot of 2013...more than I have been in a long time, so I want to take some time and focus on my health.  I work out A LOT!  But I continue to eat like crap.  My New Year's Resolution is to eat Paleo style for 30 days to detox myself and then reevaluate after that time to determine what to do next.

Today's menu:

Breakfast:  Egg, ham & salsa scramble

Lunch:  Meatballs with cucumbers & green peppers with a Paleo friendly creamy Italian style dressing.  I also have my leftover black-eyed peas from yesterday that are not paleo, but everything else in the dish is (ghee, ham & onion), so I'm eating them anyway.  I refuse to believe that this is an horrific cheating event.  Hmmm...hope that isn't a sign of my bigger problem.  Stay tuned.

Snack:  Apple with a bit of raw almond butter.  If I need a second snack, 1/4 c mixed nuts.

Dinner:  Grilled chicken and leftover braised cabbage from yesterday.  The cabbage was super yummy and I think it will be good leftover.

I actually didn't get home from the store with the roast beef and ham that I thought I bought.  I didn't realize it until I was planning out my meals last night before bed.  I subbed the meatballs for the roast beef because I had them in the freezer.  Then when I got to work, I bought some ham from the restaurant from the lobby of my office building.  It was expensive ham, so I can't be doing that a lot!!  I'm proud of myself for being flexible and hope that continues.

The only thing I have eaten so far was the breakfast scramble and it was delicious.  I usually eat cheese with it...heck, on I have to get used to that, but it was still good.  I didn't even have coffee this morning!!  I credit going back to CrossFit for being able to get through no coffee.

I had been sick all of December and hadn't had a good workout since Thanksgiving.  It wasn't even particularly tough today, but my lungs felt like they were going to come right out of my mouth.  It was not pleasant.  But I did it and I didn't die, so tomorrow will be a little easier. 

I have been a sh*t-tastic blogger lately, so let's see if I can do better this year!



Vanessa said...

Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing how the paleo goes.

Chris P said...

Paleo seems so interesting to me. I may have to look into it. I have never really researched it but have seen many bloggers that participate. Happy New Year! Keep up the good work!