Thursday, August 28, 2014

Update & request for ideas

Today is fill day. It is the last of the three steps that I have set for myself this week.
  • Figure out and address foot/ankle pain. Check! I have been on anti-inflammatory and it seems to be working well.
  • Put CrossFit on hold and focus on Jazzercise & running. Check! I went to Jazzercise Monday and yesterday and my foot felt good. I'm skipping today because I don't typically have the energy to work out on fill days. I will Jazzercise on Saturday. Next week, I will add running to days I don't Jazzercise. More on that below.
  • Get a fill and implement band rules.
I have been having a difficult time sleeping lately. The problem isn't necessarily falling asleep, but more that I have disruptive sleep. This was one of the major things that told me I need to get my act together. It is like I'm teeter-tottering right on that line between good and bad. Five pounds this way or that makes a huge difference. I need to get myself well below that so that my normal roller coaster does not affect me as much.

I'm nervous about starting to run again. Even at my best, my running never became any easier. I am not a smooth or graceful runner and it is uncomfortable. Why do it, you ask? Nothing, and I mean nothing, helps me with weight loss like running. CrossFit, Jazzercise, power walking, elliptical...I have done it all, but nothing slims me like running. It is probably precisely the reason that my body hates it so much.

It has been so long since I have focused on it that this will almost be starting over. I had gotten to the point where I could "run" a 5K all the way through without feeling like I was going to die. It was still a challenge, but it was doable. The last 5K I ran was ugly. I can hardly run a mile without stopping. My 400-800m CrossFit warm up have even become difficult.

But...I have a choice. Suck it up and start over OR just don't. I will take it one step at a time.

On a different subject...smoothies. I am fortunate to have a smoothie store on my way to work. It has been easy breezy. Now that I'm moving, I won't have one in my area. I really need to learn to make my own smoothies. Do you make your own? What do you put in them? Do you use a blender, bullet, emulsion blender...? I really need good ideas because I have not at all be successful at this. Thank you for any suggestions!!



MandaPanda said...

I HATE starting over...especially with the running. I went to the gym a couple weeks ago for the first time in a year and a half and the performance was absolutely pathetic. Running was never my strong suit either but I would push myself to do it because, like you, I found there was no other work out as effective.

Smoothies - The ones at most smoothie places are really just sugar and empty calories. If you make them at home, i highly recommend adding kale or greens to it to get some extra veggies in.

~Miss Lorie~ said...

That is how my body is with running. It isn't pretty, but nothing helps me shed the pounds like running. Nothing.

SuperMegaAnna said...

Okay, on the smoothie front... we have a vitamix. They are EXPENSIVE, but work like no other. You can put entire fruits and veggies in them and they crush them down to the perfectly smooth and delish mix! Vitamix is what all the smoothie places and starbucks use and there is a reason. I agree adding kale, nuts, fruits and veggies is a great plan. Also great yogurt or protein powder for an added kick.

Vanessa said...

I have the same relationship with running - i get super slim when I run but it hurts and I hate it.
Vitamix. enough said. you can put anything in it - I do soy milk, frozen banana and some peanut butter and soy protein. Cheers to starting over!

Tracey Delaplain said...

I can't run and I hate it. Spinning is like running without the pain. Foot and ankle pain sometimes starts with calf tightness. Try a foam roller or tennis ball under each calf to release the trigger points then work your way up to the glutes and hamstrings. Be cautious of smoothies because drinking calories is so easy. And keep blogging.