Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday, October 29

Yesterday was a particularly lovely day. After starting the day with my Gwynnie Bee fun, it just got better. I went for a run at lunch and it actually didn't suck. I was out there for 8 songs (like how I measure things?) I walked most of the first song and all of the fifth one, but jogged the rest. I stopped because I was out of time. I think I could have run a 5K yesterday!

Don't get me wrong...I was running, so it wasn't fun. I still had to focus on breathing and had to encourage myself to keep going. BUT. The big thing is that it didn't hurt with every step. My lungs didn't feel about to burst at any moment. It was more normal hard, not excruciating. Dude. I will take it.

Then BFF & I went out to dinner. It wasn't anything exciting, but we always have fun. During dinner, that weird rash I seem to have contracted flared up which wasn't so fun. Luckily I went to the allergist today. Turns out that he believes it came from contact with something. He thinks that because I run hot, it never settled down and then it got infected. I have to cure the infection and keep it cooler so the treatment can make it better. I have FOUR prescriptions. Plus, no hot showers. Hopefully it gets better soon now. Good news is that he expects that once it is healed, it won't come back. Fingers crossed.

Here is my Gwynnie Bee outfit of the day:
I love it! It isn't my favorite pattern, but it is cute and I like the colors. The dress is fully lined so it doesn't overly cling, and it hugs exactly the way it should. The sassy red tights and platform shoe booties set it off perfectly. Interestingly though, I had a completely different vision in my head. Here is the website pic:

I think that it ended up being a lot darker and smoother than I anticipated. But I feel cute, so YAY! I hope that things continue to be this fun!

Tonight I'm Jazzercising. Looking forward to a fun weekend!


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Hollee said...

Ahhhh you should've used my referral link! lol

I love GwynnieBee, but a lot of their clothes end up being too big. I have to size down a lot!

You look great! I might have to go closet this dress :)