Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Eating and Hunger

I was just reading a post by Lori and she said something that really got me thinking:

"After all, alcoholics don't have a sip of wine on weekends or special days.  Addicts, don't have a hit of heroin on their birthdays."
That is SO true. Unquestionably. And if they were surrounded by people that would tell them, "go ahead, take a hit. It is a special occasion." We would tell them to flee from these people. Don't surround yourself with people who would encourage your bad behavior.

I think there are major similarities with unhealthy eating (or any other bad habit.) When I hung out with lots of other people that smoked, I smoked more. Once I started hanging out with people that didn't smoke, it took a while, but I was able to quit. When I started taking better care of myself with my nutrition and fitness, I surrounded myself with like minded people and it helped me change my overall behavior.

I will concede that someone will occasionally tell me to "splurge" when I shouldn't. Or (even worse) make me feel guilty when I do something like skip a workout or eat a piece of cake. I can really rebel against that sh*t. :-) I'm learning to make decisions for myself instead of for other people. It really does make a difference.

Another thing on a related but different subject. Does your stomach hurt when you are hungry? I mentioned to my mom that before my Lap Band surgery (and one of the main reasons I got it) was because of the pains I get when I'm hungry. She said she didn't think that was a thing. Heh. (Not mean like or anything!) Anyway, back then, trying to be on a "diet" was horrible because I would get so hungry that my stomach would actually hurt. Not like cramps, but more like an intense version of a stomach growl. It would be so bothersome, I couldn't think of anything but eating.

After my surgery, I would still get hungry, but it is more subtle. My stomach will growl or I will feel headache-y or fatigued. I definitely know I'm hungry but it is WAY more controllable.

Since I went through that reflux issue a few weeks back and had to take a lot of fluid out of my band, I have been feeling more like the old (pre-surgery) me. Not the severe "painful" hunger, but something more reminiscent of that than what I have had in the years post-surgery. I had hoped that after all this time of eating better, things would be a little different. Apparently not. I'm scheduled for a fill on Tuesday. Nothing major, but hopefully it will be enough to help me stay on track.

All of this made me wonder if other people ever had the stomach discomfort from hunger? Thoughts?

I wasn't going to work out this week but after not doing it yesterday I was feeling really draggy. I ended up running today at lunch even though it means I will look a bit disheveled for the show tonight. I'm going to see The Illusionists with an old CrossFit friend. I know she won't care and I reminded myself that I don't make decisions for other people especially random people at the theateranyway. :) I'm so glad I did. I feel a lot better. I'm not sure when I will do the errands I was supposed to do at lunch, but I will figure it out.



Gwen said...

Just some growling. Never hurts. However, rarely truly hungry, because I stay away from grains, processed foods, and sugary stuff. That's where the hunger comes from. ;)

p.s. I have a blog post tomorrow planned that's a great article from a renowned Addiction specializing physician. :)

Bonnie said...

Growling and headache, but have never had pain. Would love to hear how Illusionists was. They are coming to town in 2016 and I was thinking about getting tickets.

KajunDee said...

No pain, but I could feel my blood sugar drop. Now, post surgery, I don't get hunger.. The strange thing is I don't get that blood sugar drop anymore, so now I wonder if that was in my head lol

The Happy Whisk said...

Never had any pain, sorry that you did. Glad you got your workout in. Very cool.

Richard said...

I can't say I have pain, once in a while I get low sugar to the point of being snappy but as soon I eat a little it's all good.

I also read Lori's blog and thought that her statement is so true for any addiction.

Hollee said...

That's why food addiction is so hard. Other addicts can completely cut out their trigger. We can't cut out food, but it is so hard to use it just for survival and not every other reason in the book!

Laura Belle said...

It's like my stomach is it's own person sometimes!!! lol. It's almost louder than me!