Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Getting Back to It

My little vacation break is over and it is time to get back to bidness. I will talk a little more about that tomorrow, but for today I will just tell you about my Vegas getaway!

Thursday evening, I had dinner with a couple of work friends and kicked off the Drinking Weekend Extravaganza. We went to the Grilled Cheese Company yet AGAIN. Hopefully I won't be back super soon. That place is lethal. In a super mega yummy way!

Friday morning, BFF & I got up bright and early to head to the airport. As you may or may not know, I have a phobia of flying. In my head, I understand that it is the safest way to travel, but my body seems to disagree. So, I had some eggs with a side of bourbon. No worries after that!

We got to Vegas relatively early and checked in. Our lunch was just so eventful that I can't even remember where we ate. Wherever it was, afterward we went to a Stripper 101 class. Now this was just F-U-N!! First we learned a chair (lap) dance and if I had a boyfriend, I would totally rock his world with that. Then we learned a quick pole dance. I have to say that I was way more talented with the chair. Although I was able to jump up and spin around on the pole. 74 bruises later, that was done.

But we had our very own stripper licenses!

We picked our own names. Do I seem like a Willow?

Anyway, after that, we gambled a little, snacked a little, shopped a little, etc. etc. etc. We had reservations for three for dinner at Mon Ami Gabi, but our friend was late flying in. Luckily since there were only two of us, they seated us on the patio and it was the most gorgeous night! We sat for a long time while we watched the Bellagio Fountains and the passersby.

It was an early night because BFF had a meeting the next morning. After she was up and gone, I leisurely got up and made my way downstairs for breakfast. I ate eggs benedict for the first time, which seems odd, but it always looked so gross to me with all that yellow sauce. Turns out, it is quite delicious. Then I made my way to the spa...

When choosing my spa visit, I was pragmatic. I needed to take up several hours while BFF and the others were in their meeting. I started pricing services along the strip and then looked into the spas off-strip. I will say that I think you need to decide why you are going to a spa before you make an appointment. I would rather pay for services than atmosphere. I would gladly give up the opulence and grand feel of the strip spas for cheaper services (provided they are good.)

After a search, I settled on this place. It was located in a strip mall on the backside of the strip. Not within walking distance, but a reasonable cab ride. (If you schedule it right, they also offer free shuttle service, but my appointment was too early to get a ride to the spa.) The place itself is not fancy, but it is functional. They had me change into a robe and gave me a locker in the restroom. My first service was a scrub followed by a wrap. I had never done this before and thought I would hate it, but was willing to give it a try. I'm so glad because it was awesome!!

After the wrap was done, she had me take a shower in the restroom to rinse off all of the gook. That shower was fantastic. I could have stood in there all day. But alas, it was time for my massage. I may have never gotten a wrap, but I definitely know about massages. I almost never get them at the spa because I find them ineffective and overpriced. I have a couple of therapists that I go to in the area that are reasonable and actually very helpful. I had set my expectations low. But it wasn't necessary! It was the best spa massage I think I have ever had. Score!

After the massage, I only waited a few minutes in the lounge for my facial person. I have had a few facials in my life and this one was what I expected. Nothing earth shattering, but good and relaxing. If I went back, I would do it again.

I was there for over three hours and spent just a little more than I would have on a massage in one of the big spas. Totally worth is in my opinion! Especially with the free shuttle back to my hotel.

Not too long after I got freshened up, BFF's meeting was over. We went with our friend Jazz to Caesar's for a drink. After we went to see Elton John. The ticket was expensive, but the concert was great! Probably one of my top five ever. We had so much fun!!

 After Elton, we made our way over to Mesa Grill and had a delicious dinner.

The next day, BFF, Jazz & I went to Hash House a Go Go for breakfast. I didn't realize it was a Man vs. Food joint. The portions were HUGE. The food was okay, but nothing too exciting. BFF did have a guy ask for her number, so that was interesting!!

After breakfast, Jazz stayed behind because her flight was that afternoon. BFF & I went downtown and ran out of gambling money quickly. We headed back to the strip and piddled around watching people and looking at the things. We had dinner at Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan which was AMAZING and then finished with a drink at Scarpetta (which is my most favorite restaurant...if you are there, order the gallardo drink. Delish!)

Monday, after another balcony meal at Mon Ami Gabi, we went to the Bellagio. I actually won a little bit for once at the casino. I'm sure I will spend it (and more!) when we go to WinStar in a couple of weeks. After, it was time to head home and back to reality. We did have a final dinner with some of the girls we knew (I had to have my bourbon, you know.)

And now I'm home. No more day drinking!

I'm ready for some routine! But less than two weeks and my parents will be in town and we are going on a quick roadtrip next weekend. Honestly though, I wouldn't have things any other way!



Gwen said...


glad you had a great time! Welcome back!

Bonnie said...

I've been to Vegas twice and had a blast. I loved hearing about your trip. Made me feel like I went too. I feel like I've been reading about a lot of vacations lately which is great. My daughter is going from commuting to college to living at the University Park campus so I won't have vacation money for quite some time. :(

Sarah Kopf said...

That whole trip looks AMAZING! So cool!

Do you know that a pole dancing class is on my bucket list? I. Would. Die. But my inner sex kitchen thinks that would be a BLAST!

Sarah said...

You look so relaxed and skinning. You were in my neck if the woods. Well, sort of. I'm 400 miles from Vegas but it's a $100 plan ride away, maybe next time ....
Tracey said...

Skinny. Stupid iPad.

FitBy40 said...

OK, just for one weekend I want to have your life! You rock.