Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Life is Good

I think I'm coming to terms with the fact my life won't ever be completely routine. I just like doing stuff. So I'm going to have to figure out how to make it all work.And by work, I mean having all this fun and enjoying life while not regaining tons of weight or allowing myself to live in an overall unhealthy way.

When last I left you I was working for the weekend. I did end up going to Jazzercise Thursday night and I have to say that after that, my soreness melted away.

Friday afternoon, BFF & I headed off to WinStar Casino in Oklahoma for the Pitbull concert. Cori was having good luck at the slots, but it was zapping me big time. Anyway, there was a lot of day drinking, flashing lights and jingle jangles until it was time for the show. As always, the dude put on a performance...

Mr. Worldwide

BFF & I ready for the show...
We danced and danced. It was awesome! After the show we stayed at the casino hotel. The next morning we ate breakfast and did a little more gambling. I'm happy to say that I hit the mid-sized jackpot on the last game I was playing and ended the weekend pretty close to net zero. That is a WIN in my book!!

Saturday afternoon we drove home and stopped for pedicures. Rough life. We went straight to church after. I have to say that I'm absolutely loving my new church. The message this weekend was that we are all God's children and all good people of the world can get to heaven. I love that inclusiveness.

Anyway, after church, I cooked for us from my Home Chef delivery. It was French-cut chicken breasts with a Caprese type salad and spinach. It was delicious!! We also watched the Frank Sinatra documentary on HBO. Dude was totally hot.

I got up yesterday morning for CrossFit. It was rough. I don't usually have an issue with muscle cramping, but my upper quads/hips were cramping so badly that I was having trouble with the WOD. But I got most of it in. Lots more burpees.

I went again today.

Today, we did 5 sets of 5 lunges on each leg. I started to add weight to the barbell but realized that I was breaking form. So I ended up dropping the weight for the last two rounds. I'm determined to ramp up the weights properly.

The WOD: 16:00 AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
  • 400m Run
  • 20 Kettlebell Swings (25#)
  • 20 Push Ups
I know I have talked to death about what a slow runner I am. It is just how it is. But the more I work at it, the less slow I get. Today was a little tough. The guys run literally twice as fast as I do, so they were lapping me like crazy. But I just kept focusing on moving. I ran the whole way...no walking. I did my KB swings, I did the push ups...no knees, I pushed my body up off the ground every single time. I know that I'm working as hard as I can. ME. That is what matters and when I'm done, I feel amazing. I don't care that they got in 4 rounds or whatever...I did two full rounds and another run. And I worked hard the whole damn time. Next time, I will do a little better. One workout at at time.

Today my parents are driving to Texas from Kentucky. They will be in sometime this evening and will be visiting through Monday. We always have a great time and I look forward to it! But things will be hectic. Again...no routine. That's okay. I'm running a 5K on Saturday and I will be back to CrossFit on Monday.

Saw this on somebody's wall today and loved it...



Amanda Kiska said...

I love the idea of spending the night at a casino hotel after drinking, gambling and seeing a Pitbull concert and then going to church. That's kind of how I roll too. I go to church, but I'm also a real person who lives a real life. And my church is a no-judgement zone too. I think they should all be that way.

The Happy Whisk said...

Great post, great energy. And no lie, I almost did a Life is Good title for my second blog today. Instead, I went with Woohoo! Suck on THAT

Richard said...

I like that: "all good people of the world can get to heaven", now how can we be good and what does that really mean. So I guess coming back from sin city, church is mandatory! LOL

Great workout Beth Ann, you don't have to run a marathon, so what if it take a bit more time to run a 5 K

Amy W. said...

Yeah. Heather would did your churches philosophy. She likes to believe in a higher power and believes that if you try to do good and be good, that that is enough for whatever comes next.

I have almost stopped running altogether. I just hate it. And we aren't signed up for any races, so there isn't really anything that pushes me to run. I would rather do cardio at the gym and watch hula. So, I have only been running maybe once a week and my pace is back in the 12 minute mile....when it had been around the 10 minute mile mark when I was running regularly. I don't really care though. I was running with the dogs last week and just taking my time. I walked if I needed to. I wasn't competing with anyone and I wasnt going to post on facebook...so I tried to look at it as I am out there getting my steps, getting my cardio, working the pups, and doing something...and that is enough for where I am at right now and my fitness goals. It made it a little more enjoyable.

And who wants a routine life anyways. I have a friend who weighed in at 147 the other day and is now in crazy panic mode about her calories. I feel for her. I read a Michael Pollen book and one thing that stuck out was that if you just try and eat healthy, eat clean, eat veggies and fruit, that you don't have to count every calorie. I am certainly not there with clean eating, but I did realize yesterday how thankful I am that I am maintaing my current weight without having to count calories, measure food, etc. I think I really owe it to working out. And not just how much I currently workout, but how much I have worked out over the last 5 years. Perhaps my metabolism has really changed? I don't know. I will take it. And you seem to be doing the same thing. Hitting it hard. You realize the importance of working out. You will be all good sister. all good.

Lori said...

Sounds wonderful. Enjoy it.

Bonnie said...

Sounds like such a great weekend. I am totally with you that even is a win where gambling is concerned. We go to Atlantic City a few times a year and have an awesome time.

Sarah Kopf said...

Nate tells me that muscle cramps are the body's way of giving me the finger! LOL