Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Scars can be ugly. There are creams, ointments and oils to get rid of them or lighten them.

When I got the excess skin taken off my arms, many people were aghast that I would voluntarily have an operation that would leave a scar on my arm from elbow to armpit. To be honest, I thought about it a lot. I was concerned. But the skin on my arms was such a nuisance. When I would work out, sometimes I would think that someone was coming up behind me. But nope...it was just my bat-wings flopping around in the wind.

It was during that time that I realized that everyone has scars. Sometimes, like mine, they are visible. Although, I would argue mine aren't too bad. I had been working out three mornings a week in close proximity to several people and it took about 4 months before any of them noticed my scars. People just don't pay attention to that kind of thing.

You might see evidence of burns or accidents on people's faces or bodies. Some people have scars from their chicken pox or acne. My dad has a scar the entire length of one shin because he decided to add kerosene to the furnace when he was a little boy. (Side note: how my dad survived his childhood is a mystery...)

I have all sorts of scars I know are there, but people wouldn't see. On my head from the time I cat-sat for a friend. He assured me that the cat was really nice if you don't pet him with your hands. Um, no... I have scars from my weight loss surgeries. Or from where I sliced my hand with a knife. I still have a bump on my knee from when I cut it on a screw sticking out of the floor when I was in the 6th grade.

Everyone has scars. But most scars no one can see. Emotional scars from any number of things. I have several friends that suffer from anxiety and/or depression. Friends that were abused or mistreated. Friends who were bullied, lied to, made fun of...  Even when the wounds heal, there are scars.

Our scars might tell our story, but they don't define us.



Lori said...

Love it! I have two very long scars that run from my behind down my thigh on each leg. Most of the time, that part of my body is not exposed, so not one sees them. They've faded and will continue to over time. I don't think they'll tan the way the rest of my skin does, and that is when they'll be the most exposed. I'd choose the scars over not being able to walk any day.

Val said...

10 years ago, it was actually a touching moment when my 8-yr old noticed my thyroidectomy scar "shining in the sun" at the waterpark, inspected it closely while tracing it with his finger...
But it was 10 mos before I'd let my boyfriend/fiancé/& now husband see my abdomen with its "road map" of stretch marks in bright sunlight.
There's a barely-touched bottle of Bio-oil in my medicine cabinet; my scars & tiger stripes just don't bother me that much anymore!
Hope your side pain is relieved, Beth.