Thursday, December 15, 2011

Post-fill Day

Hi all!  Boy, this time of year is crazy, isn't it?  I'm behind in every aspect of my life.  I guess it keeps things from being boring!

I took a vacation day yesterday and I think it was a good thing because I woke up feeling puny.  Sensing a sinus infection coming on, I doubled up my Claritin & broke out the nettie pot.  :)  Yesterday was also Fill Day.  I have had a very successful month since I was last there, but I have been battling the hungries like crazy.

Last time, I was so paranoid about being too full that I asked him for just an itty bitty bit and he gave me .1 ccs.  It helped a smidge, but my (too large) portions were still only lasting me 1.5-2 hours.  I was excited to see that on their scales, I had lost 9 pounds!  That felt good.  Hot Doc even gave me a high five!

I told Hot Doc about my hungries and reminded him about my fear of being too tight.  He checked me out under the fluoro and gave me 2.0 ccs.  He said that at 2.5 things looked a little "eh", so he backed it down to 2.0.  I only had liquids for the day so it was probably a very good thing I wasn't around people.  Fill or no fill...a liquid diet makes me cranky!!  It's not that I feel particularly hungry, although I did get that way right before lunchtime, it's just that I don't have a lot of energy.  It's going to be tough to get through Jazzercise tonight.

This morning I had my morning coffee and then I tried Cream of Wheat for breakfast.  It was my first time eating it.  While I think it was a smart thing to eat on a fresh fill, it wasn't my favorite thing.  Believe it or not, I actually prefer the oatmeal!  Who would have thought it?

For lunch, we went to La Madeleine and I had a bowl of reduced fat Tomato Basil soup.  Delicious!!  They also had a new Yellow Pepper Soup and since the calorie count was reasonable, I picked some up for either an afternoon snack or dinner. 

Today I'm sending out my Secret Santa gifts along with some Christmas and Pay it Forward gifts.  I do love giving people stuff!!  I'm really trying to focus on random acts of kindness this holiday season.  You never know when you can put a smile on somebody's face.



FitBy40 said...

I hope the fill is what you've been looking for!
I'm still too damn tight and I only have 5CC in my band! I'm sticking it out though.
I've sent my secret santa gifts, and I've been checking my mail box every day for a little something. Maybe you got my name! ha ha.
Hope you don't get that dreaded sinus infection again!

Dawnya said...

Yippie on the 9 lbs. I love to see you excited about losing again. How much do you have in your band?

I didn't get my fill on Tuesday...and now I think I want it. LOL. OH well I don't have another appointment until February.

Cece said...

I'm in the think stages of another fill but am also worried about being too tight. Thanks for sharing your story ... maybe my Doc can look at mine under a fluro too. It's killer sinus weather here too in Michigan ... and my meds were pulled from the shelf !

Kristin50 said...

I hope your fill is good for you! Being too tight is hell for sure!

Jessica said...

Yay for the 9 Lbs... I got 2 cc today too!

Ronnie said...

Ooh, let us know how the yellow pepper soup is. :) I'm always looking for a new post-fill soup.

Cat said...

Mmmm that tomato basil sounds DEVINE! Best of luck with your fill hon. I totally get the idea of not wanting to be too tight. It seems from what my surgeon said that one cause of erosion could be too tight. Obviously it's not the only cause, but something to be careful with.

Sam said...

Those soups do sound pretty good, but I am hungr at the moment, so everything sounds good :o) good luck with your fill, and. Ingrates on the great weight check in with your doc :o)

Andrea said...

Love the tomato soup from La Madeline's! Glad you go the fill and hope it helps with your hungries!

Stephanie said...

I totally had a smile on my face...thank you so much. I thought you were my Secret Santa! LOL

Oh and yes, arm warmers are so me and the color will be perfect for the BOOBS color scheme in September!