Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend recap & Big Scale News!

Happy Monday, everyone!!

I have some super fun and wonderful scale related news, but you have to hang on until the end for that.  ;-)

Friday I went to see the Muppets.  I have to say, y'all, I was a little disappointed.  I LOVE the Muppets, but the movie fell flat for me.  Although, I did love the songs and the cameos.  Sheldon rocks!  I also think I decided that Scooter is my favorite Muppet because he makes sure everything gets done.  Ha!

Saturday, I was feeling quite festive.  I know you all are probably sick of pictures of me, but I took this one before my party on Saturday.

You don't get the full picture because you can't see my pink sequins Sperry's and my pink eyeliner doesn't really show up.  I was very pink and sparkly!!  And see the Starbucks cup?  That was my one & only Starbucks since getting my Keurig.  Wow!

Sunday, I finished putting up my tree.

I love Christmas decorations!  Even though I live alone and besides me, only BFF will see the tree, I have to have one.  I turn it on every night when I come home.  Love it!  Ronnie pointed out that it was a skinny tree that is reflecting my outward transformation.  I love that too.  :)

I had a funny experience on Sunday.  We have a new priest that came to us from Wichita Falls where he has been the last 10 years.  Sunday, I was serving communion and I went up to the priest to get the wine.  He did a double take at me and said, "It is so great to see you.  Looking good!"  I just stammered a bit and said, "Thank you, Father."  I have never met this man in my entire life!!  It was obvious by his words and tone that he thought he knew me.  It must have just been an amazing coincidence.  I told my mom that I choose to take it as a sign from God that I am on the right track!

Today, I'm wearing another new outfit.  I will spare you yet another pic, but I tell you that I just feel so good in all my new clothes.  Every once in a while, I almost feel pretty.  That is a big, huge stinking deal.  I don't feel it all the time and some moments I feel downright ugly.  But I'm seeing glimpses and I know that it is possible to feel that way.

Now for the big news!  I hit an official all time low!  *189.4*  I am beyond 95 pounds lost and working toward the big 1-0-0!!  That was a 2.6 pounds loss for this week.  YAY!!  I have lost 7.4 pounds since starting my What's the Point program for an average of 1.48 pounds per week. 

If I continue that pace, I would lose 4.4 pounds in the next 3 weeks which means my goal of 100 pounds lost by Christmas is certainly possible.  But I will have to keep my focus through all of these tempting holiday festivities!!  I have five different holiday events to get through this week:  I have two holiday work lunches, a work afternoon reception, dinner with a friend, & a holiday party with my Jazzercise friends.  It is going to be a HUGE challenge to stay within my calorie ranges this week.

Plus, the Skittle went a little nutso and I have to take it into the shop which means I'm not going to make it to CF tomorrow morning.  Lots of challenges springing up.  We will see how I get through them.



Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Congrats on your weight loss for the week! You are totally glowing in that picture, love it!

Anonymous said...

I lived in Wichita Falls for 23 years. Moved to Mississippi with the Air Force. Do you live near Wichita Falls?

Cat said...

Congrats on your loss Hero!! And may I just say, you are NOT boring us with your pics. I think I can probably speak for all of us when I say we LOVE seeing all the outfits and how absolutely FAB you are looking.

Sorry the Muppets were a bit disappointing and that the Skittle is not feeling well and had to go to the shop! : (

Cat said...

Eeep! Forgot your hearts today!

*hearts with red and green lights*

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Awesome Beth, you look so cute!

FitBy40 said...

You look amazing! Look at your waist...and your neck...and your smile! I'm so proud. You're doing fantastic. I have all the faith in you that you will pull it off this week, no problemo.

Kiwigirl said...

Looking Fab (and pretty) Beth Ann! Such an amazing achievement - you will easily hit the Christmas goal!

Kristin50 said...

You look fantastic! I can see the weightloss just since I met you at BOOBS wow you look great!

Vanessa said...

You look great! Love your skinny tree!

Dawnya said...

You look great!!! You can see all the differences in your body. I'm super excited for you!!! You are on your way to joining the century club. Hot dang!!!

I love your tree.

Laura Belle said...

Ahhh, you're tree is so pretty!

And way to go on the loss! You'll hit that 100 mark in no time! You're just such a great motivator!!!

Justawallflower said...

I love your waist in the pic, so tiny! And not only are you pretty, your gorgeous! Man, 100 lbs down, I think that is just a dream for me at this point. Nope, no its not. It is a reality, just gonna take a little longer to get there!

trisha said...

love your cute little skinny tree!! :)