Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blah Day

I'm so glad the holiday is coming up tomorrow!  My back is moderately better, but I can feel myself leaning slightly to the right.  No bueno.  A 7 hour car ride tomorrow isn't going to help, but the time off will.  :)  I'm also coming down with a sinus infection.  Bleh.  Let's just get it all out now, body of mine.

I feel like crap, so I don't have all that much to report.  I wish I had a surgical follow up today, but I don't.  At least I'm sleeping more normally!

I'm also settling into a paleo lifestyle a little more easily than I thought.  Yesterday, I made really good choices for the most part which I normally wouldn't do.  When I'm sick, I tend to cave on any dietary restrictions I've placed on myself.  So, that's a win, I guess.

My head is filled with things associated with the Olympics and London.  I think it will be that way for a while.  :)


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Ronnie said...

Have fun in Louisiana! And try to recline your seat as much as possible, that'll help alot. :)