Monday, July 2, 2012

Lots 'O Volleyball

Good news:  today at work, I got to flip the calendar to the page that has the words "Leave for London" next to the Olympic rings.  It's almost here!!

Bad news:  I got out my car this morning and my back froze up.  It is muscular, but boy, it hurts!  I used to have back issues all the time when I was bigger and especially when I didn't work out.  It was bound to catch up with me, I guess.  I'm laying pretty still with BioFreeze and patches on it.  Bleh.


Friday after work, I picked up my friend JazzMia and we went to see some volleyball!  Before that, we went to Cafe Brazil for dinner and I had the most delicious omelet.  I did really well on my paleo plan again this week.  Yay me!

Back to Team USA.  I just love watching them play.  I had never been to the Dallas Convention Center arena.  It was a nice venue. 

They move so much it is hard to get a decent picture.  We played Korea and we won in three hard fought sets.  Too bad BFF was in Orlando, because I'm sure we totally would have friendly stalked them a little.  :)


Saturday was a busy day.  I got a massage and then went for a bra fitting.  Hold on to your hats, folks.  I was measured as a 38D and ended up being fitted in a 36DD.  Holy moly!!  It's possible that they will still go down a little, but they look great so I'm thrilled.  While I was shopping, I found some fun outfits that I couldn't live without...

 I thought this was a nice overall outfit.  I've been really wanting a maxi skirt.  Then they had these snug fitting layering t-shirts that seemed to look great so I bought 3!  And I thought that the little cardigan would be perfect to throw on whenever. 
 This is my "Boobilicious" picture.  I'm actually still slightly bigger than I was pre-surgery, but the boobs make me appear smaller.  I will take that!
 I LOVED this outfit!  The different tones of cool colors go well together.  It shows off my figure.  And that skirt is wicked comfortable.  I think this will be worn a lot.
Please disregard my nasty post-massage hair in these pics.  Gross.  Anyway, if you notice my skirt pooling at my feet above...  I realized later, that it is actually a dress.  Crap.  I mean, it is cute, but I wanted a mxi skirt.  Now I don't know what to do with it.  Piddlesticks.

It is fun shopping with a better figure!

Saturday night, I picked up my friend ShellyBelly and went to eat at Company Cafe.  That is like my new favorite restaurant.  Then we went to see more volleyball!
As they were lining up for the national anthem, they started playing the Olympic theme.  Tears filled my eyes when it just hit me that soon I will be watching them in London on the world stage.  Happiness is...

Unfortunately, after five nail biting sets, we just couldn't pull it out.  We still had another night to make it into the World League finals so I wasn't too worried.


After church, I went to breakfast and excitingly did laundry.  But then it was time for BFF to get home!  I missed her since she was gone all weekend.  I had a lot of fun with my friends, but things just aren't "right" without BFF around. 

I picked her up and we headed downtown.  We were front and center and ended up being pic tweeted by DCC and USA Volleyball.  It's like we are famous.  Ha!  :)

I can't wait until I get these wraps off my arms!!  Team USA won the match and a berth to the World League finals in Bulgaria!  I hope the keep up the good mojo and have success in London.  I don't want my quarterfinal and semifinal tickets to go to waste!!

It was a fun packed weekend.  I guess my back decided I had enough.  I really need to be able to work out again.  :(  I'm leaving for Louisiana on Wednesday morning and I'm looking forward to that, provided I can walk!



Dawnya said...

Wear it as both a skirt and a dress. Two outfits with one garment.

Laura Belle said...

I agree with Dawnya, wear it as both!

And you look so cute in those pics!!!

Stacey said...

I have the same dress in black and I wear it as both.

I hope you back feels better soon!

Andrea said...

I just got fitted into a 36DD too and I was so excited! :)