Monday, July 9, 2012

This weekend, I broke every nutrition commitment I made to myself a couple of weeks ago.  I wish this were not so hard for me, but it is, so today I commit again.

I had a nice weekend in Louisiana with BFF and her family.  Sadly, her SIL's father passed away while we were there so we spent some teary time at the rosary and funeral.  He has been very sick, so it was not unexpected.  I was glad that BFF was able to be there with her family. 

Before I left, I felt a sinus infection coming on...this after my back went out.  Not my week.  Anyway, by Thursday (or Friday, I don't really remember), I just couldn't take it anymore and I went to Urgent Care.  The doc was nice and gave me a steroid shot which really helped.  I'm also on antibiotics which is getting rid of the infection, but my allergies still suck.  I really need this to go away! 

For me, it all comes back to not exercising.  My back, my sinus infection...I wouldn't feel like this if I could work out.  Tomorrow is my next follow up with the surgeon and my hope is that he takes out the last staples and clears me for normal workouts.  I just can't even deal with any alternatives right now.  I'm sick of the staples, I'm sick of the wraps, and I'm sick of feeling so tired.  I'm done. 

Wow, I'm cranky!!

It really hit me this weekend that my trip is coming soon.  18 days from now, in fact.  I needed to buy a raincoat so when BFF & I got back in town yesterday, I turned on the air in my apartment and headed for the mall.  I walked that whole place and found no raincoats.  Not a big demand in Texas in July, I guess.  In Nordstrom, on the way out, I stopped by the purses.  MISTAKE!  :)  This one was on sale and had my name practically written on it...
It matches my Skittle!  :)  I probably won't take it to London since it isn't part of my patriotic motif, but I will use it here.  So pretty.

So, I went for a raincoat and was leaving with a purse.  Nice.  I made one last ditch effort for a raincoat at Nordstrom.  They had two.  One was a simple, black short trench.  It was even on sale.  But they also had this one:

It wasn't on sale, but it is super light and scrunches down into a small tote so it is uber portable.  It is also reversible.  My only concern is that it would make me look fat in pictures.  Anyway, that is the one I got and even though I spent more than I wanted, it is a useful little jacket and should keep me dry in London.

Tonight is Group, so I hope to see Debi & Andrea!! 



Darlin1 said...

Cute raincoat!

Hi Beth Ann....just wanted you to know that the LA Times Travel section yesterday(Sunday) was dedicated to things you should do while in London for the Olympics......thought of you!


Laura Belle said...

Cute purse!!

It's amazing how exercise can make us feel so different. I'm fighting with the same thing. Just can't make my lazy pooper get out there and run! Eh, some day.

Ronnie said...

It's amazing what exercise does for our moods and sanity. I didn't even realize it fully until I took a few days off this week... hated it. Can't imagine how you feel being about 5-6 weeks post-op, especially when you're way more fit than I am.

I hope your doc takes those dang staples out and clears you SOON!

FitBy40 said...

Ugh, that's the main reason I've been putting off having the tumor (Lypoma) removed from my arm. I know I won't be able to exercise for several weeks and I'm so not ready for that!
ADORABLE purse my dear.

Andrea said...

I'm sad I didn't get to see you at group this month! My BFF was in town and we all went to dinner.