Monday, August 27, 2012

One successful week down!

Last week sucked.  Whether I truly had post-vacation depression or a series of bad events or I was just sucked.  I'm proud to say that I powered through it and even prouder to say that I lost 3.4 pounds.  I still have a long way to go to get rid of the post-surgery and vacation weight (not to mention those other pesky pounds to get me to my next goal), but it is a start.

I have three commitments I have made to myself for this week:
  1. I will work out 4 times before my mom comes to visit on Thursday night.  Jazzercise on Monday & Thursday and CrossFit on Tuesday & Wednesday.  This is completely doable, I just have to quitting breeding lazy.
  2. I will follow the food plan I have set for myself.  I have everything I need to have a healthy week.  I just have to choose to eat it. 
  3. I will NOT tank myself while my mom is here.  My mom is also trying to lose a few pounds after a summer of traveling, so there should be no excuse not to eat healthy while she is here.  We have a bad history of enabling each other, but I have every confidence that we can do the right thing!
I spent a lot of money this summer.  I don't for one second regret my surgery or my vacation, but both were a tremendous cash drain.  I would like to abstain from shopping as much as possible for the remainder of the year. 

I have two trips coming up:  my 20th high school reunion and BOOBs.  I WANT to shop for new outfits for both, but I have plenty of clothes in my closet.  Heck, if I lose 10 pounds, I have a GORGEOUS wardrobe.  :-)  Maybe while mom is here, we can pick out some outfits for me to take.  I know I have some fun dresses that I have been wanting to wear so this is perfect!

Losing weight is hard.  Losing 85 pounds in the first year after being banded took so much commitment and dedication.  Since that time, I have enjoyed my new life, but I have been lax.  If I am going to lose 30 pounds which is what I want to do, it is going to take that same commitment and dedication.  Actually, it might take more.  While there is no "end", I do know that I'm decent at maintenance.  However, LOSING takes a lot more OOMPH than maintenance.  Time to get it done.

One week down.  Let's see what I can do for week #2!



MandaPanda said...

I've been struggling with these last 30 for so long...I think my body has forgotten how to lose!

Cat said...

I also have the last 30 lbs syndrome. We can do this by simply making it a priority to make the healthy choices. I have recommitted now as well after my beach vacation last week. You're still my Hero! *hugs*

Also, I have missed you ALOT this past month. I hope London was great. I cannot wait to see the recap and pictures.

jennxaz said...

Can't wait to go to BOOBs and I hope to bring a little cash to shop!

FitBy40 said...

Your post is helping Me today. I've been stalled, and even creeping UP on the scale and I don't like it at all. Your dedication and commitment is just what I needed to kick my butt into gear!
We can do this!

Stacey said...

I, too, have been struggling this last few weeks. I think I burned myself out there for a bit and was finally able to make myself get up this morning. We can do this!

trishajo said...

you can do this girl - stay focused and keep your eye on the goal! :)

speck said...

I can really relate to the budgeting part of your post. I think we have that in common.

There are just some times when I have to buckle down and be satisfied with what I have. But believe me, I love me some TJMaxx and Marshalls! lol

I think it's a good plan though. I've found that when I pull back on the reins a little, I have more self confidence in myself. I think it a great way to show love to oneself. I hope I'm making sense. lol

Anyways, I look foward to meetin you Beth!


Laura Belle said...

Great post! I need to get back in the commitment to myself and health ASAP. But I like the shopping thing. I've been spending too, and want to buy new things for BOOBs, but I too have an assload of cloths that I can wear there. So i'm with you! We're laying of our credit cards for awhile!