Monday, August 20, 2012

What works for me?

Let me start by summarizing my last few months:
  • I had life changing surgery with my arm lift, breast lift & augmentation.
  • I took a once in a lifetime vacation for two weeks in London during the Olympics.
  • I gained a lot of weight. 
Those are the highlights anyway.  I will probably write a little more on the trip later, but right now I want to focus on my weight loss, or lack thereof. 

During my recovery, I couldn't work out.  I tried eating Paleo and while it is amazing in theory, I couldn't get it to work for me.  You want to know why?  Because I kept making excuses and I didn't follow the program.  It is the story of my life, so there is really no surprise there.  :)

So, Paleo didn't work.  What did work for me? 

What worked for me was having my band at proper restriction
and eating according to the gastric banding "rules."

OMG.  What a concept!  I can say with confidence, that I have had my band at "proper" restriction many times over the last few years.  But it was only when I was following the rules, that I had true and lasting success.  I type this as I just stuffed a ginormo bite of breakfast in my piehole.  Nice, Beth Ann.  Very nice.

So, what's the plan?
  1. Tomorrow, I go in for a fill. 
  2. I have printed out my rules for eating like a bandster and I will follow it.
  3. I will drink water.
  4. I will work out consistently.
  5. I will blog.
Those are the things I did during my extended period of weight loss.  When I started pushing the rules, eating things that I "could" eat instead of focusing on what I "should" eat was when I stopped losing.  I do feel strongly that the biggest reason I gained weight was because I could exercise.  That's fine and I don't regret my surgery or my vacation, but now I can't just maintain.  I have to lose.

Additionally, blogging is an integral part of me losing weight.  I make all sorts of excuses of why I can't blog, but if I'm honest with myself it is because I don't want to admit I'm failing.  Blogging makes me be accountable and I only don't do it when I don't want to face up to my actions.  Do I really want to lose weight?  Yes, I believe I do. 

My rules (mostly stolen from Maria...):
  1. Small meals
  2. Small bites
  3. Heed your stop signs
  4. Do not drink while eating
  5. Protein first!
  6. Avoid junk
  7. Water, water, water
  8. No liquid calories
  9. Chew
  10. Is it worth it?
I have 5 weeks until my 20th high school reunion and 6 weeks to BOOBs.  I can't say how much I will lose, but I know that if I follow the rules for nutrition and work out, then I will feel so much better about myself when it is time to meet up with old friends.  That's what matters, right?



Ronnie said...

Got got this, lady! Your intentions for the week are excellent and we're all working on this together.

Plus, I think having the rules handy will make things alot easier, too. Just put them somewhere you see them 24/7. (Heck, I need to do this as well. lol)

Good luck with your fill, can't wait to hear how it goes. :)

Lap Band Gal said...

I LOVE your plan and I know that you can and will be successful these next weeks leading up to some pretty fun and memorable events! :)


jennxaz said...

Love your plan! You know it it! Can't wait to see you at BOOBS!

Tara Sedov said...

I think you have a fabulous plan and I know you can do it! :)

Stacey said...

Great plan! Getting back to the basics is a really good idea. Good luck! :)

Joey said...

Those are great reminders! Life happens, all that matters is that you get back on that wagon. xo!

FitBy40 said...

we all know what to do, it's just a matter of actually doing it. You've been a great role model for me all along, so I know you've got this!
I know that the surgery threw you off. It was a total shock to your body. Now you'll get back on track and we'll be here to watch you do it!
Welcome back.

Maria said...

Looks good, my friend! We are going to make this work!

Sandy said...

I think the fill will help you. And no matter what, we still have to have rules in life. Glad I'm back following, after the dumb snafu with my google account. Now you have to keep on blogging.

speck said...

It's so easy to fall off the wagon but seems like we have to claw our way back up.

I have no doubt that you will get past this mild setback.

One thing that has helped me is(was where you were several months ago) was to start taking my multi vitamin and calcium(really helps with my cravings)

I can't wait to meet you in Chicago.


Dawnya said...

You an amazing woman. I know you will succeed. I will be cheering you on every step of the way.

adorkbl said...

Thanks for this post. Great plan. I am still learning to not eat because I can. But to stay mindful.

Beth said...

I also need a fill, but agree that I should have been better following the rules regardless! Good for you on getting back on track!