Monday, March 30, 2015

My "But For" System Continues

The weekend was awesome! The weather was beautiful, we spent a lot of time outside, I went for a run and cooked healthy meals. But for all of the alcohol consumed, it would have been a stellar-ly healthy weekend.


Breakfast - Yogurt and fresh fruit
Lunch - Home Chef steak, potatoes and asparagus
Snack - apple
Dinner - Chicken salad

But for the Krispy Kreme I ate this morning, it would be a fantastic food day! Honestly, things are going really well here. I'm not losing weight like I would hope, but I'm eating pretty clean and healthy and I'm maintaining like a champ. I will take it.


I went for a run at lunch today. I really do feel like I'm making progress. There is no denying that losing 15-20 pounds would make things tremendously easier, but I'm working with what I got. I haven't been using my Fitbit to pace my running. I think I'm just going to run (and live) without it the next few weeks. My hope is that when I start using it again in a few weeks, I might see a positive uptick in the pace. Wouldn't that be fun?!


Today's Gwynnie Bee dress:
I have worn this same dress in about 30 different patterns, it seems. It is easy, comfortable, non-wrinkly and just easy. It is nice to try bold patterns that I might not otherwise wear because I wouldn't buy them. Wearing them once then moving on has proven ideal for me.

The next three weeks are going to be challenging. I have my uncle's funeral this weekend and a trip next weekend to Vegas which will bleed into the following week. My goals are simple. Enjoy my family and my travels without using them as an excuse to go off the rails. Things are all easy peasy lemon squeezy until I step on the scale and gain 5 pounds without even knowing how it came about.



Richard said...

Is your ticker update? You don’t look like your bmi should be 36.3?
I won’t comment on the Krispy Kreme THIS TIME LOL

To really improve your running, you have to be out there 3-4 times a week. I’m just starting back to run and I can already see a difference. Now living without your Fitbit, that is just crazy talk girl :)

We are really different in ONE aspect… I never wear the same dress ha ha ha

Gwen said...

well, with restaurant eating (Vegas) comes sodium comes water / fluid retention. Other than that, you know how/what to eat to not be afraid to step on that scale. ;)

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

Great dress - you look awesome! Stick with it, sounds like you have some stressful times with the funeral coming up and Vegas can certainly be tempting. Good luck!

KajunDee said...

When I visit Vegas, my challenge is alcohol, not the food. Vegas food is just not anything worth cheating for 😏

Sarah Kopf said...

I always find that the best way to burn off negative energy is a workout! :)

Sending all my love with you as you say goodbye to your uncle. Please have fun in Vegas following his services! He would have wanted you to!


The Happy Whisk said...

Krispy Kremes ... ack! Don't like the taste. What's your favorite flavour?

Pamela E. Williams said...

My condolences to you and your family on the passing of your uncle.

Hopefully you won't gain any poundage. I am in love with Krispy Kreme. Lawd help me!!!

You look great Beth!