Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Yesterday was just a blah day. I really couldn't even get myself to post because I didn't feel strongly enough. Who knows what was up. I'm much better today!

Last night I met the Debster for grilled cheese sandwiches and the King and I. We had such a great time, as we always do.

Breakfast - someone brought in bite sized cupcakes. Assholes. I ate four which is about the equivalent of a full cupcake. Not a super start to the day.
Lunch - Home Chef pork loin with sauteed cranberry pecan brussel sprouts (yum!)
Snack - granola bar (thank goodness we ran out of cupcakes)
Dinner - Home Chef steak and wasabi mashed potatoes


After starting my day with a sugar crash, I didn't want to do anything at lunch. Luckily Godmother was going for a run, so I decided to go along. I ran about 2 miles which isn't so bad. I guess I'm getting another running speed. I was so slow there for a while that I was either running (taking every bit of effort I had) or walking. Today I know I wasn't at the top of my game, but I still was "running". So that tells me I now have a turtle speed in addition to my snail speed. :-)


I'm sad that you can't get the full effect of this outfit through the picture. I am rocking it today, my friends. It started with a black on gray lace skirt from Gwynnie Bee. I have had it for a while and it just felt overly dressy. I wasn't sure what to wear with it. When I put on this hot pink shirt, it dressed it down a little and the short sleeved sweater and boots pulls it all together. I always want to look my best but I don't often FEEL pretty. Today I FEEL it.

Tonight I'm getting a long needed massage. Hoping for a somewhat normal day tomorrow and then it is the weekend. Woohoo!



Gwen said...

very cute! :)

Richard said...

Beth Ann the fan behind you is it because you were so hot? ha ha ha

You haven't feel too good so running at a turtle warp speed two miles is awesome.

Pam said...

Oh the cupcake and cookie bringers. Gotta love 'em. You are looking fabulous!!

KajunDee said...

I love the outfit ;)

The Happy Whisk said...

Sounds like a roller coaster kind of day.

Sarah Kopf said...

YES to massages! YES to that outfit! NO to rollercoasters.... I heart you!


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Very nice! said...

Super cute outfit. I have banded all sugar from the office but I'm the boss so I can do that. Everyone is healthier because of it, even the skinny Minnie's win.