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Yowza, I was NOT good this weekend. Being iced-in obviously does not work for me. I did not work out, I ate like crap and just was not productive at all. Time for one big fat reset.

On a positive note, I will say that I didn't buy a lot of snacks so even though I did not eat super healthy the last few days, I didn't go crazy. It wasn't like the old days where I used a break in my routine as an excuse to live on mac and cheese and Doritos. But still, my bloat from this morning tells me that I made a ton of bad choices.

Monthly Check In

I knew that February was going to be challenging. I had a work trip and several nights out. It could have been disaster. But until the past few days, I did a great job of staying focused and otherwise, would have had a really good month. I ended up losing 2.2 pounds this month which isn't astounding but I will never begrudge a loss.

Measuring showed the biggest loss on my arms, 1/2 inch loss on each. Another 1/2 inch around the waist and 1/4 inch around the neck. It isn't as exciting as last month, but again...right direction.

I'm ignoring my weekly check in because with the bloat I have today, I'm at almost a 4 pound gain for the week which I know is not real. We will see where I land over the next few days.


My Home Chef meals look fantastic this week! I ran out of free boxes, but I will let you all know when I get more if you are interested in trying it. This week I chose steak with roasted root vegetables, gargonzola pork chops almondine and beef enchiladas.

Breakfast - coffee, boiled egg, & peach greek yogurt
Lunch - steak & roasted root vegetables
Snack - the company is having dessert today so I will have a small serving of whatever is provided
Dinner - beef enchiladas


I was supposed to have a work lunch today that was cancelled. Luckily I had my running clothes packed so I will run at lunch AND I'm going to Jazzercise tonight. That should help jumpstart me for the week!

It is a fairly routine week so there shouldn't be many challenges. It is the perfect time to get myself refocused before I can really get off the rails.

(I wrote this post in the early morning, but I waited to publish until after my run. I actually did it. I wasn't able to run the whole thing today. Between being on the treadmill and several days of lethargy, I couldn't make it happen. But I did run about 2/3 and my Fitbit said I burned 490 calories in 35:00, so that's awesome.)


Today's Gwynnie dress (the blazer is mine):

There will be challenges in March, just like every month. But I am learning to live my life and stay on my path at the same time. I think the key is catching myself during times like this and righting the ship quickly instead of dragging my feet. That is quite a mixed metaphor, but you get the idea.

Losing weight over 40 is WAY harder than just a few years ago. But I'm discovering that focusing on how I feel vs. what the scale says helps. The scale and my body will catch up eventually.


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Hey is that dress black and blue or white and gold? #thedress
Ha ha you look great.

The Happy Whisk said...

Wishing you luck on your healthy journey.

Gwen said...

Yikes! Hope that bloat is gone soon. :)