Friday, January 15, 2016

Back on Track

This week has gone much more according to plan than last week! I was able to work out Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday. I had my monthly dinner with the girls. I would post a picture, but my phone died this morning. I really hope AT&T works with me on it. That thing is brand new.

I also met my CrossFit girls for dinner which was nice. We ate right next to the gym and I got a little nostalgic when I passed it. I really can't wait until I stop feeling like I'm going to vomit pennies so I can go back!

Right now I'm most excited about my Rio trip. Four or five months ago, we were able to secure our event tickets along with flights and accommodations. This week I started working on tours. We have two full days with no event tickets.

For the first open day, I'm trying to line up a rain forest hike followed by hang gliding. I still have weight to lose in order to hang glide, but I'm taking the chance. On our other open day, I'm booking a private tour guide. He will spend the day driving us to all of the sites in Rio. I think it is going to be so fun!

We have several half days of time and those can be spent shopping, at the beach or whatever we decide to do at the time. Knowing me, I will have a list of ideas we can choose from each day. :) I seriously could come up with itineraries all day.

I did hear from the doctor and allegedly I'm supposed to hear back about my appeal by the end of next week. They are super nice, but terrible communicators. If I didn't love the doctor, I would have gone somewhere else by now. If I don't have some good info by the end of next week, I might have to change tactics.


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Lori said...

Rio sounds great! I lost weight initially so that I could skydive. Hang gliding will be great motivation for you.

Good luck with the insurance!