Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday is my happy place.

It has been a busy week!  With Group on Monday, Dinner on Tuesday, Jazzing Wednesday & Thursday, my days and nights flew by.  Work is crazy busy, but in a good way right now.  It is just that time of year for Accounting.  Plus, my company is starting some new business.  We haven't had that much over the last few years, so that is nice.  You don't mind being busy when it is creating something!

I have worked out 6 times this week and I expect to Jazzercise tomorrow to meet my stretch goal of 7 times.  I feel really good about that.  All of my water goals have been met as well.  I haven't done super well with my eating, but I have been logging everything and trying to bargain with myself for some better choices.  I'm hoping that will get a little easier next week when TOM goes bye-bye.

It was below freezing when I got up this morning and I was screaming at myself in my head to stay in bed where it is nice and cozy.  But I didn't.  I dragged myself up and got myself there.  We didn't have any portion of the workout outside, so that's nice.  We rowed 1000m to warm up and then mostly warmed up our shoulders for the WOD. 
  • 5 rounds:
  • 9 Deadlifts
  • 6 Hang Power Snatch
  • 3 Overhead Squats
You do all this with the same weights on the barbell.  I have never Snatched over 55# so that's what I went with.  I finished in around 6 and 1/2 minutes, I think.  I know I was doing better with the 55# than I have in the past, but I also know my snatch form sucks.  I think I will stay with this weight a little while longer while I work on proper form. 

Tonight, BFF & I are going to see the Iron Lady movie.  I love those kinds of movies, plus Meryl Streep is in it.  I feel sure I will love it.

Have you watched the show So You Think You Can Dance?  I LOVE that show.  In fact, when the first tour didn't come to Dallas, BFF & I headed up to Chicago to go.  That's how we roll.  Anyway, I somehow got voucher tickets for the auditions that are being held in Dallas tomorrow.  After Jazzercise, we are going to head over and see if we can watch.  It is first come first served, so who knows.  It's worth a shot. 

Sunday is my godson's birthday party.  Hmmm...I really need to go shop for that!  And then I'm cooking Sunday night, so I need to go shop for that.  I'm sensing a theme here.  So much to do and so little time!!



Jen said...

Impressive on the workouts!!!
I LOVE SYTYCD!! That would be soo fun to go watch the tryouts!
Can't wait to hear how the Iron Lady is... Meryl is my fave!
Have a great weekend!

o.c. bandster said...

You are such a workout rock!

FitBy40 said...

I've been to 5 stores in 2 days! I feel your urge.
Great job on the work out. You put me to shame today!