Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You want me to what?

First and foremost, Blogger was insane for me yesterday and I couldn't comment on all the posts I caught up on last night.  Phooey!  How am I supposed to tell you all how awesome you are if I can't comment??  I hope it fixes.  Bleh.

So I had decided that I wasn't going to blog so much about CrossFit and then today happened.  It was Gymnastics Day!  Super.  WOD:
  • Weighted Chin-Ups 5x5
  • 10-8-6-4-2 - Ring Dips and Toes to Bar
  • Hold a Pancake Split for 3:00
  • 3 Rounds:  15 Standing dumbbell inverted cross and 15 true push ups
Hmmm...okay.  I knew going in that it was going to be a modification sort of day!

So we started with a leisurely (eye roll) 800m run warm up.  After loosening up, we starting in on the WOD.  Since I can't do chin ups, I knew I couldn't do weighted chin ups.  Instead, I did negatives (where you start in chin up position and slowly work your way down) and dead hang chin ups (with the assistance of a giant rubber band.)  The very first time I tried to do a negative back in July, I didn't even hover at the bar for a second before I plummeted down.  But this time, just as I was telling Bach I couldn't do it, I totally did one!  I'm sure the face I made was hilarious.  Look at that!  I did a negative!

Then we did ring dips and toes to bars.  Ring dips are just that.  You hold onto rings with your feet off the ground and dip down and push back up.  I can't do that either, so I worked on them with the assistance of a band between the rings.  I would put my knees on the band to help hold some of my weight. 

Toes to bar - from a dead hang, kick your feet up and touch your toes to the bar.  Can I do that?  No.  The very first time I tried one, I was in a dead hang and when I kicked my feet, it is possible that they moved 2 inches.  I couldn't even really keep myself in a dead hang.  Today, I kicked and I got them just above parallel to the floor.  I was ecstatic!!  I will touch that bar someday!

By this time, my arms were starting to shake.  But it was time for the pancake split.  Ahem.  Yeah, right.  Basically, I sat with my legs as wide as I could get them and then pushed my hands out as far as I could.  Bach gave us heavy kettle bells to put in front of us to help us stretch more.  After 3 minutes, my legs were crying.  Well, they would if they had eyes!!

The last part of the WOD consisted of inverted crosses (which I really didn't think would be as hard as they were) and true push ups (which just means you pull your hands up off the floor between push ups.)  I tried 10 pound weights since that is what I have been using at Jazzercise.  I ended up using 8 pound weights the middle round because it was SO FREAKING HARD!  But I made it through.

Just as we were ending, Bach said to do an 800m cool down.  I informed her that isn't a thing.  800m cool down?  WTF?  But it's good.  The extra cardio helps with the weight loss, right?  So, I left CF absolutely spent.  But that's how it is supposed to be! 

Like my shirt says, "CrossFit, I hate you.  C U tomorrow!" 

Today is another "regular" day, so I should be able to make good food choices.  I did okay yesterday.  Today I want to do better!



Cat said...

I cannot see the comments I've posted on anyone's blogs today. Your WOD sounds brutal but satisfying to complete for sure. Great job Hero!

Kristin50 said...

That has to hurt after you do it! LOL sounds buck kicking for sure!

Justawallflower said...

Oh my goodness, I use to sit on the floor in the pancake split position and watch t.v.! Ah to be that flexible again! And just look how far you've come!

Sam said...

I love the fact that you even try these things :o) I'd take one look at that workout and run in the other direction :p