Monday, January 9, 2012

London & Olympicness


London/UK friends, how reasonable is it to consider bicycling as a means of transportation during the Olympics?  The communication I'm getting from the USOC and the London organizing committee regarding transportation is starting to give me heartburn.

I have absolutely no issue with using public transportation, in fact, I prefer it on vacation.  However, now I'm worried that it will get too crowded.  My hotel is on the Central line, as is Olympic Park.  I envision trying to get on the train at Marble Arch but it consistently being full.  BUT...maybe I'm just being silly.

Since London is so compact, it ran across my mind, that maybe I should rent a bicycle.  Work out and transport all in one.  Ha!  But that is probably a dumb idea.  (This is why it takes me a year to plan a vacation...)

Also, I want to "blog" about my experiences, but I know I won't be logging on here regularly during that time.  Plus, I want my non-weightloss oriented friends to have access.  But there is no way I'm starting another blog.  I thought about setting up a Twitter account for it.  That way I could post pictures that I might take with the athletes or of the different events.  The bad part of that is that I have to learn Twitter. 

I know this has got to seem like madness.  But my 2012 word is LIVE and I want to live every moment and experience everything I can while I'm there.  And when I get home, I want to see it all!

Meeting People
I've been also thinking of something I could do to help push myself to do things.  I.E. to get a picture with as many different types of athletes as possible.  Or to take pictures with people from as many countries as possible.  Or have them write a word in their language in a book I will carry...or have them sign it.  I don't know.  Just something that will get me to talk to people or at least get a conversation started.  Any thoughts?

6 months, 2 weeks and 5 days!


Cat said...

Oooh I love the idea of the word in their language. Have them write "Live" in their language!! How perfect.

Sandy Lee said...

When I went to Europe I blogged on I created a separate account name and then posted the link on Facebook when I did an update. It worked really great and let those who do not know about the band follow us on our trip. You can post pics too although I found it frustrating without a good internet connection. Try it.

FitBy40 said...

I was going to say what Cat said! The word LIVE in many different languages, and of course they would have to write their country so you would remember for years to come. Great idea.
I like Sandy's idea about the travel pod because I have no clue about twitter and I want to hear all your adventures. It is all about me, you know!
At spin class they were playing a video compilation of great olympic moments over the years, and I thought of you!