Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ice, Out

Goodness things have been busy. But I need to take 5 minutes to check in and make sure I'm keeping my focus. The ice kept me home on Monday and yesterday morning. Today is actually a normal day and it is nice. I did not work out enough while home and I didn't eat as well as I would have liked. For instance, one meal that should have been fish and vegetables was cheese and crackers.

However, I did stay within my calorie goals and managed to be very productive around the house. I have found that workout avoidance guilt is really good for household productivity. So all in all, I didn't go nutters and I'm still on a downward trend. Acceptable.

I can confirm that I lost 1.4 pounds last week. Nothing earth shattering but a completely acceptable loss.


Breakfast - Peach Greek Yogurt & a granola bar (& coffee)
Lunch - Leftover Home Chef Mahi Mahi
Snack - Strawberries and nuts
Dinner - Leftover Home Chef Chimichurri Pork Chop

I continue to feel like Home Chef is a good plan for me right now. I get to cook, the food is healthy and it is portioned well. My next box comes tomorrow and I'm all set to cook on Sunday!


Today I got back to it after not working out since Sunday's Mavs day.  I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes and went about my average pace. Which brings me to a little Fitbit discussion. It sounds like several of my friends are having Fitbit fatigue about the same time. Several different friends posted this article on Facebook over the last few days.

My feelings about the Fitbit are similar to any other device. If it helps you, then use it to its fullest! But if it is hindering you...whether it be the scale, a fitbit, blogging...cut it out. No one, including yourself, should guilt you into using something that is not doing you any good. Even BFF said hers was bugging her. When I asked her why she was wearing it, she didn't know.

Here is why I'm wearing mine: today as I was running on the treadmill (which I hate so very very much) I was having a tough time. The whole first half of the 30 minute run, I was telling myself that it was too hard and I needed to slow down because it was too hard. Wahhh. Each time, I looked at my watch to check my heart rate and every time it was under my target. So I told myself it wasn't too hard, it was just my brain wanting to be lazy. FINALLY, 17 minutes in I hit my target heart rate and it was like my lungs expanded threefold! The last 12 minutes were so much better. If I wouldn't have had my Fitbit, I would have stopped running. I would have convinced myself that my body couldn't take it today. I would have lied to myself. But my Fitbit wouldn't let me do that and I was able to push through it.

I'm meeting the Debster at yoga tonight too. Before I started yoga, I kind of expected it might help my flexibility. I did not expect it to have an effect on my lung capacity, but I really thing it has. YAY


I really wish I would have taken a picture yesterday without my jacket because I LOVED my Gwynnie Bee dress. You can't really tell, but it is a blush lined black lace dress and it was perfect for Kinky Boots which BFF & I went to see last night.

Here is a BFF selfie at the show:
Today, I meant to take a picture before I worked out, but I forgot. So I had to have Godmother take a picture of me after. Pardon the disgusting hair and sweated off makeup. :) This is also a Gwynnie Bee and darn it if you can't tell in this picture how flattering it is. Oh well.
It probably would have helped if I would have buttoned up the jacket for the picture, but damn it, I was roasting hot at that moment. I do love that necklace a ridiculous amount though.



FritoBandito said...

I have a 12-minute threshold on my elliptical. I'm cursing the thing and wanting to quit for the first 12 minutes of almost every workout. But...once I hit that 12 minute mark...for some reason it is all down-hill from there. I can stay on for another 40+ minutes easy. I wonder what the science behind that is. I've also recently started doing this other weird mind trick...which is I start the workout at a really high ridiculously high. I do that for about 5 minutes and then back it off by a couple notches (so like start at a level 6 and back it down to a 4)...then suddenly a 4 feels really easy. But if I start at a 4, it feels impossible. I don't know why but this mind-trick makes it easier to keep going.

Sarah said...

You look so great in ALL of your outfits! Such great style!


Marion Shaw said...

This is funny, Beth Ann, because I chose not to wear my Fitbit today. I usually wear it, but, in truth, I haven't found it motivational at all lately. I don't exactly dislike it, I just feel nothing at all.

You look great and have good attitude. The attitude is what keeps the weight you lost off. :-)

The Happy Whisk said...

1.4 sounds good though.