Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ten Things Thursday

1. Today is going to be a good day. My clothes fit. My hair did what it was supposed to do. AND I get a massage tonight. Not even the clouds can dampen my spirit. Although, the sun looks to be peeking out!

2. I started eating "real" food on Tuesday. It is going great! I only eat a small amount at a time, but I eat 5x each day instead of 3. So yesterday looked like this:
  • Breakfast - Greek yogurt & coffee
  • Snack - SlimFast Protein
  • Lunch - Homemade meatloaf & green beans
  • Snack - 2T peanut butter
  • Dinner - Lunchmeat & Cheese roll ups with avocado
I'm finding that I'm hungrier in the morning than I was with the band. So today I had egg beaters for breakfast and yogurt for a snack. It definitely made a difference!

3. I have my 6 week follow up appointment today. I feel like I'm doing great so I'm eager to check in.

4. Today I met my current mini-goal!! I'm now officially regularly obese instead of super obese. I know that is a very good thing, but it is too much to get happy for obesity... 

5. BUT...I will get happy for my reward! I have been wanting new bedding since I moved a year and a half ago. I decided that would be a great reward. I found what I wanted online, but when I went to price it, I couldn't get the bed skirt. I looked all over the internet and no bed skirt. Booooo! I have an adjustable bed that sits really high so I feel like I need one.

BFF & I are going shopping on Sunday so this is my #1 priority. I would like it to be bright and cheery without being overly busy.

6. I'm hoping at my appointment they give me workout clearance. I would love to be able to go to Jazzercise on Saturday. Fingers crossed!

7. After my surgery, I joined an online support group for people that have had weight loss surgery with my doctor. I'm having dinner with some of the people on Sunday. I've never met any of them, so it always makes me nervous. But I have found that you can never have too much community in this endeavor. Even though I'm nervous, I'm looking forward to it.

8. I have to get things done this weekend. I'm traveling 4 out of the next 5 weekends. While it will be fun, fun, fun...I also will have no extra time in the month of May. Gotta make things happen.

9. My dad is having surgery tomorrow. He is 75 so no surgery is really minor. He is having two surgeries on his foot. He will be in a cast for a while and then a boot for a while after that. I'm not sure who is going to be more annoyed, my dad...or my mom. Sending prayers of patience for both of them.

10. My jeans are almost too big. They may have to go soon. I'm going to have to break out the next size down!


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Lori said...

I have a bed that sits high off the floor and most bedskirts are too short. I made my own by sewing some coordinating fabric to a flat sheet. It was very simple - all straight seams. If you sew or know someone who does that could be an option.

I wish your parents well.

I want a report about the meeting with the other patients.

Enjoy your weekends.