Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's just a normal day.

The most mentally challenging time of my day is the moment my alarm goes off until I walk out my door.  The entire time I'm telling myself that I need to get up, I need to brush my teeth, I need to get dressed and so on.  Each step, I walk through with a little commentary and an imaginary cheerleader.  I. do. not. like. mornings.  But then, like today, when I actually get through the ritual and get out the door, it is so unbelievably worth it.

CrossFit was jam packed this morning.  They have added a 5:30am class (Which doesn't hold any appeal for me.  Can you imagine what the ritual would have to be to get to that class??) that overlaps with ours, plus there was a new fundamentals class.  It worked out though.  It is great outside right now in the mornings, so we did our warm up in the parking lot while the early class was doing their WOD.  Then we worked on handstands again.  I can easily kick up to the wall and I'm starting to be able to hover without touching the wall for little bits of time.  It is amazing the progression you can get when you go consistently...

The WOD was 3 rounds:  30 calorie row (which for me takes about 2:45...I'm not really any better at rowing than I am at running, but I do it!), 20 sit ups, 10 burpees.  In order to keep up with the crowd, I scaled the first two rounds to 5 burpees, (but I'm actually doing burpees during the WODs now, not squat thrusts, so I'm getting there.) 

I have happy news.  I was WAY down on the scale this morning, so I feel confident that my theory of water retention was accurate.  I think I can conservatively say that I lost another 6 tenths this week.  That would be about 4 weeks in a row with a roughly 1/2 pound loss.  That doesn't seem like much, but I will take it!  I was going in the wrong direction for so long that it is nice to be headed the right way.

This weekend I will take measurements again which I think will be interesting.  I have 2.4 pounds to lose to win my diet bet this month.  I won't reach that only losing 6 tenths a week, but I'm still trying.  I can feel my body changing again and I like it. 


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