Monday, May 12, 2014

Sure is Monday.

When I last left you, I was awfully cranky and not really feeling into the fight.  After blogging Thursday, I just felt worse and finally headed to the doctor.  Sinus infection with probable strep.  Well, I guess it made sense that I was in a bad mood.

I haven't felt horrible, but I have definitely felt consistently "not good" all weekend through today.  I think now my band is acting up from all of the drainage and such.  I relegated myself to liquids today hoping that will help.  I always gain weight when I'm sick, so I wasn't surprised that I was up 2 pounds today.

It kind of made me want to cry, but what good would that do?  Like I said a few weeks ago, it is really important to work hard when you ARE feeling it, because times like these come.  I'm really glad I worked so hard the last few weeks because the damage was less.  Now I just have to fight back.

Until I shake this, I'm going to focus on eating decently and getting sleep.  My plan is to stick to liquids and mushies (without resorting to ice cream and such) for the next several days.  I will Jazzercise today, Wednesday and Thursday.  That is about the extent of what I can wrap my head around.

One day at a time and soon I will back to normal. 

Hugs.  :)


FitBy40 said...

Oh, yuck! Being sick with that junk is no fun. Been there!
Hope you're on the mend soon.
I'm on liquids today with you just because I have to cleanse and get back on track after a weekend of 'not really caring'. So far today 2 protein shakes, a banana, and some baby carrots. Not actually hungry, so that's good. I just want food, and lots of it!
Be nice to yourself and get lots of rest.

Sheila said...

Awwww, feel better Beth. Sucks to be sick, makes you appreciate health so much more. You have a good solid plan in place and that will help you through the sick days.