Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Very Happy Ten Things Thursday

1.  I had a unenjoyable work week last week, but things have turned around quite a bit this week and that makes me happy.

2.  I was solidly at my diet bet goal weight this morning with no scale dance shenanigans and that made me happy.

3.  I'm wearing my crazy pants again today.  There is no question that they are looser than that day.  I'm about 3 pounds down from that day and I think it all came from my thighs!  No complaints here.  That makes me happy!

4.  I was looking at the photo page and scrolling through the pictures.  It is still amazing to me to start at the beginning and then watch my transformation.  Through April 2012, I was just shrinking and beaming.  :-)  Then there is this gap to June 2013 and looking at that makes me sad.  But then I keep scrolling and I'm proud that I'm fighting back when it would have been so easy to give up and to give in.  THAT makes me happy.

5.  I bailed on CrossFit again this morning.  I was trying to decide why, because I woke up but I just didn't go.  I did, however, pack my clothes to work out at lunch.  I'm not sure why I haven't been motivated to CF much this week, but it makes me happy that not working out is not an option.  That is a real life change.

6.  The Rangers got spanked last night for the 3rd night in a row.  There is no way I can spin that to make me happy.  :-)  I will, however, be happy when they get out of this slump and start not sucking again. 

7.  The weekend is coming.  How can that NOT make me happy?!  Tomorrow night I'm getting pedis and going to dinner with BFF.  Saturday I'm volunteering with the fire department to stand with some of the guys at an intersection asking for donations as part of the Fill the Boot campaign.  It will be hot and long, but helping out makes me happy.

8.  I was just conversing via email with my Leapster friends that I met through blogging.  They ALWAYS make me happy.  I'm so fortunate to have such great friends both here around me and across the country.  Blogging in particular has caused me to meet wonderful people all over the world.  In my office I have a picture collage of my London trip and I love looking up to see Sarah & Justine.  Plus, this summer I should be meeting up with Deb & Liz, both I met originally through blogging. 

9.  Masterpiece Theatre makes me happy.  Do you all watch?  Right now I'm catching up on the show The Paradise before I start the new season of Mr. Selfridge.  I finished Silk earlier this week.  I love all of those shows!

10.  I hope you are having a happy day!  <3



Sheila said...

I love your scrolling picture page! Your story is so similar to mine, it's eerie! But what I notice is your body doesn't look much different with the extra weight (I know I know...we feel it WE know, but looking there isn't a huge difference) and the ones where you lost the first time (ie -74) to where you are again (-74) your face shape has continued to change and you can definitely tell that the CF is working! We will keep hanging in there and fighting the good fight, because we are worth the effort. :-)

FitBy40 said...

So glad you're having an awesome week!
Here's to a happy weekend.