Thursday, May 8, 2014


1.  I'm reaching into the happy & positive bin today because I'm not all that happy or positive at this precise moment.  I slept through 3 snoozes this morning before I ever realized that my alarm was going off.  I never do that. 

2.  I woke up with an earache and sore throat.  I'm hoping that it is just something from the weather coming through.  Now that I'm awake and at work, I don't feel horrible, but the aches remain.

3.  I had another STELLAR day yesterday!  Another day with over an 800 calorie deficit.  I'm not starving myself, but I'm working out and eating very well.  However, the scale isn't budging.  Actually, it is budging, just in the wrong direction.  Small gains the last two days.  I'm going to follow the advice that I give ALL the time to just be patient and know that the scale will catch up.  But it doesn't keep the frustration from coming.

4.  We bought Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull concert tickets today.  I'm going with three Jazzercise instructors, so that should be hilarious.  I'm sure 90% of the songs will be Jazzercise songs.  It should be a very fun concert!  It's not until October though.

5.  It is pouring down rain today.  It doesn't rain much in Texas, so we really don't know how to handle it.  The lack of sun is also making it extremely cold in my office.  I usually run hot, but today I'm in a long sleeved jacket with jeans and I'm almost shivering.  Crazy nuts!

6.  My poor Rangers.  They are having a tough time of things.  We are going to go see them play the Red Sox on Saturday and I feel that it will not be pretty.

7.  Today's Nutrition Plan:
Breakfast:  coffee with cream (x2), SlimFast shake
Lunch:  taco soup
Snack:  greek yogurt (If needed...I haven't needed a snack the last couple of days.)
Dinner:  Bean soup & cornbread

8.  Today's Fitness Plan:  Leisure walk and read at lunch.  Jazzercise tonight.

9.  I was going to CrossFit tomorrow instead of Jazzercising tonight, but we have a cookout tomorrow afternoon away from the office.  Coordinating cars would be annoying so I'm planning to commute with BFF instead.  Plus, I have a 5K on Saturday, so there is no doubt I will be getting plenty of fitness.  I haven't run more than a mile at a time since this 5K last year and those miles were last summer.  So, this should be entertaining...well, for someone who is not me.

10.  You know, just blogging made me happier today.  It is the little things, people.  :)


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FitBy40 said...

Not needing a snack?! Oh, how I miss those days. I pretty much live my life hungry these days.

Rained cats and dogs here last night too. I'm not complaining though, we finally got some warm weather!