Monday, January 31, 2011

Day #1 - Preop Diet

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My smoothie this morning was great as usual, so no issues there. I even started my morning with some hot tea as recommended by the nutritionist and I really like how it cleared my throat.

About 10:30 I started getting hungry. At 11:00 I ate a sugar free jello cup which is allowed on the plan.

I told a friend that we could ride together to grab lunch. There isn't a Smoothie King by there, but there is a Jamba Juice so I decided to try it for the first time. I have to say that I was quite dissappointed. They had some good choices, but their protein powder is only 10g of protein. Not enough for my plan, but I decided to go with it this one time. I got a Mega Mango (all fruit) with the protein. I honestly almost can't drink it. It doesn't have much flavor and I can really feel the protein powder coat my tongue. It is going to take me 2 hours to eat the darn thing.

In the end, I guess it is a good thing. Won't be tempted by something that doesn't really fit in my plan.

I brought a jello cup and a pudding cup for afternoon snacks. I have theater tickets tonight so we are going to dinner somewhere I can get some soup and I have another pudding cup for dessert.

It will feel good to have one day on the books!! I'm hungry, but psyched up enough to keep on track.

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