Monday, January 31, 2011

Day #14 - Liquid Diet

Wednesday, January 26, 2010

This is it. This is the last day! So close!! YAY!

In my mind the process is broken down into steps:
  • Waiting period - done.
  • Pre op diet - almost done!
  • Surgery
  • Healing
  • Weightloss
    • 10% of weight lost (28.5 lbs)
    • 50 pounds lost
    • 75 pounds lost
    • 100 pounds lost
    • Nutritionist goal (120 pounds lost)
    • Surgeon goal (140 pounds lost)
    • Adjusted goal TBD
  • Maintenance
I have no idea how long this all will take, but I do better when I have smaller obtainable goals. Getting through surgery is a biggie for me and that itself will be be done (probably) by this time tomorrow. Whoa. Ahem...anyway...

The only thing on my mind is to get through the surgery safely then start on healing. I consider the healing process to be from tomorrow afternoon through my first fill which is scheduled for 2/19.

I will give you all an update as soon as I can!

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