Monday, October 31, 2011

Surprise Revealed!

BFF, BBF, & I headed down to the Salty Dog yesterday so I could get the tattoo that I have been wanting.  It hurt, but it was doable.  It turned out perfect for me!

I researched different places around DFW and I like this guy's work.  I wasn't getting anything too artistic, but it is going to be there forever, so I wanted it to be good!!

I had a picture of what I wanted, but then Jon drew it out and I liked his version even better.  I was SO happy with the results.  My original idea was for the flower to be white, but he wanted to make it a color.  We settled on some blue shading and again, I think it is perfect.

It is a little dark, but I think you get the idea.  The ladybug has been on my ticker from the beginning and is my symbol for my weightloss journey.  She not only makes me think of how far I have come, she also inspires me to finish what I started.  The flower, as cheesy as it sounds, represents how my life has bloomed in the last couple of years.  I finally truly feel alive!

Today starts my renewed work toward reaching my goal.  I've rebooted myself 100 times it seems in the last year, but nothing has really "taken".  The last 2-3 weeks, I have been headed in the right direction with the inspiration of my Leap to Goal friends.  And today, I take things a little further.  I'm committing to four months of good behavior.

I will use the points system I talked about last week where I reward good behavior with points.  Each point is basically worth 25 cents.  IF I demonstrate good behavior over the next several weeks, I should be able to earn the Tiffany ladybug charm with a chain before Christmas.  YAY!!  If my behavior isn't so good, it will take me a lot longer.  :-)

I would like to also earn a new flat screen TV for my bedroom before Valentine's Day.  It is TOTALLY doable.  I just have to behave well.  My thought is that if I make my points based on behavior instead of weightloss, I won't get as discouraged.  If I'm doing the right things, the weightloss will eventually follow.  I just have to keep at it and historically, I get frustrated and quit before I see the rewards. 

So that is the plan.  Tomorrow is my first official day of counting points.  I sound like I'm doing Weight Watchers!  Today I'm getting a fill which hopefully will help me with my goals as well.

Prayer note:  thanks for the prayers for ShareBear's dad.  He still has some recovery work to do, but he is doing much better!  However, SIL's mom is in the hospital and is very sick.  They think she has meningitis or encephalitis, neither of which are any kind of picnic.  She is a strong lady, but it is going to take a lot of fight.  I would sure love it if you could send some love in her direction.  Thanks!!



speck said...

I love this post Beth!

I love the meaning behind the tattoo and you've got to get that Tiffany ladybug charm!

And I too get such inspiration from the other BOOBS!

I'm rootin for you!

Jessica said...

Love the tattoo and the charm!

Dawnya said...

That tattoo is AWESOME!!!! I love it. You are so going to reach your goals. I'm so glad you have your Leap to Goal Gals to help you get there. I'm in love with your point system. Rewarding yourself for good behavior vs. weightloss is an awesome idea. I'm totally stealing it...there are surely some things I "want".

You are still an inspiration to me. Whatever you do I see success.

Glad to hear that ShareBear's dad is doing better.

Cat said...

Oooh Hero I love love it!! I think it's so important for tattoos to have meaning in our lives and this one obviously has incredible significance for you. It's also in a spot that is easily concealed or revealed as you wish!

I think your points system is a great reward system. I know my Aunt used to use a points = rewards system for my cousin when she was a kid. She was horrible about going to bed. For every night she went to bed with no problems she got a star on the calendar. For a whole month of stars she got a reward worth X amount, for each missing star the reward value dropped until a certain cutoff (1/2 way maybe?) she didn't earn any reward at all.

Interesting idea that I may consider adopting myself. Rewarding behaviors, not necessarily weight loss. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Love the tat...and ladybug is the symbol for good luck too...which you'll now have...Here comes GOAL!!! and I love the point system for behaviors!

Blogger issues...BG here

FitBy40 said...

I love it. Daisies are my favorite flower, I carried them on my wedding day :-)
And, the lady bug is one of my sorority symbols.
That's it, you and I are permanently bonded now!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Love the tattoo! Now you have me thinking of an idea to tattoo something on me representing my journey!

Kelli said...

Hi Beth Ann, new follower here. Your Tat is super cute, I love the meaning behind it. I look forward to reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

The tattoo looks very cute. And better yet, you look so happy in the picture.

banded bella said...

Thats awesome Beth Ann I love it.

Read said...

Love the tattoo and love your plan - you can do it and I look forward to watching it happen!!!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Love the ladybugs! I have 4 tattooed on my foot/leg!

Stephanie M. said...

How beautiful! It's perfect on you.

Kristin50 said...

I love the tattoo!! Awesome!

Andrea said...

Cute tattoo! What a cool representation of the new you and your weight loss journey!! I love the behavior points system! Because like you said if we are doing what we should be doing than the weight will eventually follow.