Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Better & Better

Today is the first day that I got out of bed on the first try!  I still wanted to stay there and I'm still getting up about 30 minutes later than normal, but it is progress.  :) 

I did pretty good yesterday with focusing on my goals and making good choices.  Assessment and today's updates:
  1. Working out - I went back to Jazzercise.  I would say that I did low impact most of the class, but I definitely got my heart rate up.  It was a tough but good class and it felt good to get moving again.  I do not plan to work out today, so hopefully I will be good to go for a nice power walk at lunch tomorrow.
  2. Nutrition - I did GREAT with this all day!  Until dinner, that is.  I had leftover chips & queso which is my weakness.  I will say that I'm slightly proud that I actually stopped eating after a decent amount instead of finishing it off.  In a way, that is huge for me.  I'm having sushi at lunch today which isn't bad nutritionally.  I just want to continue to keep in my calorie range goals.
  3. Water - I drank over 150 ounces of liquids (mostly water) yesterday.  That is fantastic for me and I'm shooting for over 100 ounces today.
  4. Work - I was productive yesterday, but didn't get to my to do list.  I have a project to work on this morning, but I'm hoping the to do list will be my project for the afternoon.
  5. Personal - no working out tonight and no Rangers game gives me a free evening.  I'm going to go get an allergy shot (which should have happened a while ago and is probably a big contributing factor to the sinus infection).  Then to bed early so maybe tomorrow, I will feel even better!
This weekend I'm doing something special.  This is just a teaser, because I'm not going to tell you about it until Monday!  How do you like that?  :)



Amanda said...

mmmmm chips and queso! Good girl! Sounds like you are on your way to a great weekend! Keep up the good patterns!

Cat said...

You tease!! I want to know NOW what you're doing this weekend. You know I live vicariously through you. /nod /nod

So glad about your water and getting back to exercise but keeping it low impact. Sounds like the allergy shot may be just the ticket.

Ronnie said...

I predict... you have a hot date? :)

FitBy40 said...

Ooh, I love a good surprise!
Hope you're 100% by the weekend. Feel better.

Andrea said...

Glad you're doing better!