Monday, October 24, 2011

Balancing BETTER with NOT QUITE 100%

Today is the first day in a week where my first thought upon waking up was NOT that I should drive holes through my head.  Improvement!!  Although even on my way into work, if someone would have told me that I could turn around and go back to bed, I would have done that.  I'm not a napper and usually once I'm up, I'm up.  But I'm still SOOO tired. 

This is where it gets tricky for me.  My usual MO would be to say, I'm better.  So, let's get to it.  I need to catch up on work, working out, blogger, errands, etc.  Let's go, go, go, go, go.  For once, I'm really trying not to do that.  I want to get better and be better long term.  So, I'm forcing myself to slow down.

1.  Working out - I will go back to Jazzercise this week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  I will walk at lunch on Wednesday.  After doing nothing this week (literally nothing) as far as fitness, I think that is the right amount.  Next week, I will start working CrossFit into the schedule.  Honestly, the reason for the postponement of CF is because of the change in my sleeping schedule.  Body isn't ready for that.

2.  Nutrition - I have eaten like crap this week when I have eaten, so I'm skeptical of the six tenths loss this week.  Especially after a FIVE pound loss last week.  (Sidenote: thank you to my Leap to Goal girls!!)  I feel that the loss may come from muscle loss from not working out or dehydration from all the medication.  That being said, there isn't much to do, but stay on course.  I've started logging my calories again and my goal is to do that for the week.

3.  Water - I'm actually logging my liquids today.  I don't usually do that.  I have had 8 oz of coffee and 34 oz of water so far.  I hope to finish my 17 oz bottle of water in the next hour and then refill my 34 oz bottle.  If I can get that all in before I leave work, it will be a serious improvement from where I have been.

4.  Work - after lunch, I'm going through my inbox and making a to do list.  I have been working to put out fires for several weeks and now that I have a lull, I need to get organized. 

5.  Personal - nothing is so important that it needs to stress me out.  I'm very happy that I don't have anything on the schedule this week.  Saturday is pretty full, but then Sunday is another free day.  That means I should have time to get in the essentials, work out to my goal, and get plenty of sleep.  Any coddling will be over next week, so I need to make myself take advantage of the down time!

6.  Blogger - I haven't kept up well at all!  My goal for the week is to post once every day.  Catch up on new posts by others each day.  Use Friday night or Sunday to catch up on the past couple of weeks.

Now that I have all that written down!  :)  Back to the Leap to Goal Challenge.  I'm sure you've seen that some other folks are doing this too, including my BBF (who BTW I feel like I haven't seen forever and I'm glad to say we are getting together this weekend hopefully!!).  My goal of this challenge is to get to my goal weight of 165 by Leap Day 2/29/2012.  I added a ticker to my blog is supposed to be me leaping down the beach.  Heh.  I have 29.2 more pounds to go which means I need to lose around 1.6 pounds per week.  Honestly, that might be too aggressive for me these days, but if I don't shoot for it...well, then I KNOW what my results are going to be...or not be, huh?

If I actually do that, I could enter 2012 as an overweight person, instead of an obese person.  Just for the record, I have never not been obese.  Well...maybe for a little while in high school.  Just thinking that could be a possibility definitely gives me some motivation today.  I had just started to get back into my ONE DAY AT A TIME philosophy when I got sick, so I think it is time to jump right back there.  I get overwhelmed about thinking of losing weight every single week for the next 4 months, so I will just think about doing it THIS week.  :)

On a completely separate note:  my friend ShareBear's father had a heart attack this weekend.  I think he is going to be okay, but it is a tough road, especially since her mother has struggles as well.  Please send out prayers, good vibes or happy thoughts in their direction.  <3



Cat said...

Yay Hero - sounds all like very manageable goals. I love that you are giving yourself permission to go easy on yourself this week while still recovering. Illness is nothing to fool with. I will seriously look forward to reading you every day again. I've seriously missed you these several weeks. Yay!

*sparkly hearts with a bit of Vapo Rub*

Laura Belle said...

I love that challenge! Great idea. I might have to steal that from you. Although, maybe i'll exchange 'workouts done' instead of 'pounds loss'. ummm, I shall think about that.

Glad you're feeling better! I think your FB wish to feel better and have the Rangers win is working!!!

Nora said...

Great challenge! I am trying to come up with a goal for the end of the year, but I don't want something so nutty that I can't possibly achieve it. Hope you are back to 100% soon! Feel better:)

Justawallflower said...

So sorry to hear about your friends father! Hope all is well there.

Your doing good taking your time and easing back in instead of jumping in full force! You are going to rock this personal challenge! I just hope I don't continue to gain every week! I have had a good day food wise though, so I will continue that into tomorrow!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Prayers coming your way - and I'm glad you are slowing down. Take care of you.

trisha said...

glad you are feeling better!

~Lisa~ said...

Glad you're on the mend! I will pray for your friend's Father..

Kristin50 said...

Great news that you are feeling better. I know how being sick can make a difference in all the things that we should be doing.

I am so glad you are back!

Amanda said...

a prayer is sent.