Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's all about choices.

First of all...GO RANGERS!!! 

So, I've kind of been struggling or coasting lately and I needed something to motivate me.  So I'm doing a little challenge amongst some of my sister wives to push us over this coasting phase and get us to goal!!  And knowing that we are all competing supporting each other, I think might really help me this time.  I know that at least for ONE DAY (well, almost), I made really good choices.  It made me realize how lax I was being...how many times I picked something up and ate it or drank it without giving it any thought. 

On one hand, I'm glad I am at a point where I feel like I can eat pretty much what I want and still maintain.  BUT, if I am going to get into those size 10s and size 8s, I have some work to do.

I went to Support Group last night with my BBF and the lovely Andrea among others.  It was educational and super fun, as always.  We even had a couple of guys there and it is nice to have that perspective!  I was sitting in the back with my phone "watching" the Ranger game.  Cruz Grand Slam in the bottom of the 11th? Super spectacular!!!

I had to leave Group a little early since I was CrossFitting in the morning so freaking early.  I got home and stuffed my face with some Bugles. 


Wait...what??  Yes, you read that right.  After a day of making one good decision after the other, I ate Bugles.  Damnit.  I'm glad to say that I still came in under my calorie budget, but those are the dumb choices that I need to work on.  At least I cut it down to one bad choice in the day??  Baby steps!

Before I went to bed, I checked my CF WOD: 1 mile time trial, 25 Mutant Man Makers, 50 Abs of choice.  Holy shitake mushrooms.  I didn't even know what Mutant Man Makers were, but seriously?  You know they can't be good.  Karma.  This is the workout I get for eating those damn Bugles. 

Then my mind started going...I went to CF this morning, I don't REALLY have to go tomorrow.  You don't HAVE to do anything and no one can make you.  I don't wanna!  Sigh.  Then I thought of my challenge-mates and realized that I already knew I was going.

I showed up this morning dreading the mile TT from the first moment.  Butch was kind and gave us a light warm up then we got right to it.  Let me start by saying it was 6am and it is still very, very dark.  We run outside and there are some street lamps, but it is still really dark.  Butch sent us on our way and within 100m, I had totally lost the pack.  Sigh.  I hate running.  I know we are supposed to take a right at the 3rd stop sign and even though everyone has already gotten that far, I know that I just need to keep my pace.  I keep running and I keep running. 

All at once, I realize that there is no way that I haven't run the 400m to the turn.  Damnit again.  I decided just to turn at the next street and as soon as I did, I realize that I have gone at least 2-3 blocks out of my way, plus, because I did, I was going to be forced to go another couple blocks out of my way because there is no street where I need to turn.  Damnit in triplicate.

As I was making it down the home stretch, just me and the crickets, I wondered exactly how long I would have to be out there before Butch sent out a search party.  I was fully prepared to take a beating when I got in, but in true CrossFit fashion, they all just said "Way to go, Beth Ann!"  Seriously?  Butch must have seen my face because he giggled just a very little and asked me if I went too far.  I told him I did and he said that it happens all the time.  These people are entirely too nice.  Ha!

So, now that I had ran 50% more than everyone else and they had a nice little break, it was time to start the Mutant Man Makers.  What are Mutant Man Makers, you ask?
  • Start in a plank position with weights in your hands.
  • Do a push up.
  • Do a row with your right arm (we used 15# hand weights) while still in the plank position (although they did allow us to spread our legs a little for stability).
  • Do a row with your left arm while still in the plank position.
  • Pop your feet up so you are bent over.
  • Clean the weights (which means you bring the weights from the floor to your shoulders while getting into a squat position.)
  • Stand up as you push the weights over your head.
  • Bring the weights back down to your sides.
  • That was one.
We had to do 25 each.  Sigh.  I am now a man.  :)  I grouped up with Sprinkles and her BFF (who just started, so I may have lost my partner...) and we did 5 at a time for 5 rounds.  It was super tough.  Then we did the abs on our own.  I did 20 sit ups on the little horsie looking thing which has a name that I always forget, 10 V sit ups, & 10 regular sit ups.

I'm tired, y'all.  But I'm SO GLAD that I went!!

I'm looking forward to my monthly Interesting Dinner with my girls!  Then the Rangers play at 7pm.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to stay up because I'm getting up early for CrossFit.  Choices!!



Kristin50 said...

WOW what a workout. No wonder you looks so utterly amazing. Your picture before and how I remember you from Chicago! Well, quite frankly it is inspiring as all get out!

You go girl!

Laura Belle said...

Holy shitake mushrooms is right!!! *giggle*

Those mutant things sound like they were invented by the devil.

Way to go on getting back into it!!

Dawnya said...

Woozer!!! I would have walked out the door. Mutant man my ass. That is just all kinds of wrong.

I'm so proud of you for doing it though. Ummm...try not to get lost tomorrow for the run.

Justawallflower said...

Okay, first of all, you rock, and I love you! Second, quick checking out the workouts before you get there! Third, that is awesome that you went to far. Totally something I would have done! Fourth, I cannot even envision the exercise you were describing!

I have walked past the candy bowel (it is actually still on my desk!) and it is not even appealing to me! And we have visitors in today, which means pizza, subs, and cookies galore. They do not even appeal to me! See what a little motivation from girlfriends will do for me?!

Amanda said...

What are these Rangers you speak of!??

I am so not a sports watcher. I go to Super Bowl for the snacks. I like swimming and diving!

Stacey said...

Wow, you are my hero! What a workout!

Cece said...

I feel stronger just reading your blog :) Wowza. That is all.

Debi said...

I'm tired after reading about that workout. I'm so proud of you for getting up and going :)

Bugles. Um. Yeah. I'm not going to go there.

And it looks like Amanda is on my team (i.e. the 'no sports team' team) yay!

I [heart] you!

Ronnie said...

You're a beast! I love it. :)

What is your mile time? I mean, not that today's counted b/c it would have been more. I just need a basis for mine. LOL

FitBy40 said...

I should have read this post BEFORE I just ate 3 choc chip cookies! Having a hard time staying on track, and like you I'm maintaining. I don't want to maintain! I need to lose 15 pounds. Let's keep on each other until we start losing again!

Andrea said...

You're right it is all about choices! We decide what is more important to us and what are priorities really are by our choices.

I'm glad I got to see you at group! GO RANGERS! :)