Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday is feeling a little Blahday.

I had a lovely time, as always, with my dinner girls last night.  This time we not only were celebrating the Rangers post season, we also got to toast ShareBear's birthday with some Jello shots!  My immediate reaction (since I'm in Challenge mode) was to text Brandi and ask how many calories are in one.  Shockingly she didn't have an answer, but the interwebs tell me that it is somewhere between 50-100 calories.  Since I forwent (is that a word?) my pudding cup when I got home, that puts me right on schedule.

Aren't we cute?  It was nice that we were all together, because usually at least one of us can't make it.  Interestingly, as soon as I saw this picture, my first thoughts were, "ugh, I look fat.  My arm is huge.  I thought I looked so cute and sassy in my animal print, but who was I kidding with that fat ass."  Sigh.  Whatever, right? 

At dinner, I decided that I was going to stay up and watch the Rangers game instead of going to bed early so I could get up for CrossFit.  I felt really guilty, but what the hell, the Rangers aren't going to get to the postseason every year.  As a Colts fan, I know you have to take advantage of these moments!!  By the bottom of the 7th, I knew that I had made the wrong choice.  I got all my things ready for the monrning and went to bed.

5:30 comes and I turned on the TV to hear that it is a monsoon outside.  Well, okay, maybe not a monsoon, but we are Texas and in a drought, so practically a monsoon.  I get up and decide that if it is actively raining, I'm going back to bed.  If it is just wet"ish", I will go.  It was pouring!  Back to bed!!  I felt a little bad, but I decided that fate was telling me NOT to go and I needed to listen.  :)

When I really got up, you know to actually NOT turn around and go back to bed, I weighed and was pleased to see that all the Chicago and PMS bloat was gone.  Sweet!  Now I can really get into my Leap to Goal challenge.  (By not working out today...hmmmm.) 

I put together a new outfit today and thought I looked all sorts of cute until I saw the picture.  Bleh. I really hate my hair now.  It is too long to wear down and too short to wear up.  If I'm going to get my pictures taken professionally, I'm really going to have to figure out what to do with this mop.
Tonight I'm going with Roro to see West Side Story.  I have actually never seen it so I'm REALLY looking forward to it. 

Today I will make good food choices.



Cece said...

Interesting. I looked at your photo and thought - damn - nice ass and skinny thighs ... it's the same photo, right? :)

speck said...

I commented on this picture on FB Beth. It looks like a great time to me!

Love the solo picture of you.

Cat said...

Honestly hero, I looked at you in the group pic and thought, "oooh look at hero rockin the leopard print!!" Then I read what you wrote and while I completely understand...I still think you look phenom girl. I get it though, on the cruise, for formal night I seriously thought I looked elegant and skinny. Seeing the pics I was like...Who's arm is that?? What is my hair doing? Do I really have a double chin still? Ugh. I get what you're seeing, but can honestly tell you lady that not one of us sees it if you don't point it out.

The solo pic. You are a hotty boom boom body (as Laura would say hee hee) You are rockin that skirt and boots. /Love love.

*silver hearts with navy blue pin stripes*

Laura Belle said...

I think you look great in that pic!!! My hair is at that crappy stage too, but I don't know what to do about I keep growing, or cut it short again. Decisions, decisions.

Ronnie said...

I think we're all feelin' the exact same thing... at least I know I am.

I still love the leopard print shirt... I might need one myself. :)

Ronnie said...

Eww, I was gonna re-write that to make it less about me and more about how fab you look, I mean... COME ON, B'THAN! :) Compare from your starting pic and you'll feel loads better.

Debi said...

That outfit you are in today is fantastic! And your pic at dinner is super cute. I do think you have some weird shadow thing going on though, maybe that is what you are seeing.

And I totally understand this morning, it was POURING outside! I couldn't have imagined getting out in that myself :)

Lap Band Gal said...

What a cute outfit! :)You are rocking it!

FitBy40 said...

I REALLY need to have you go shopping with me and dress me. I need help big time! You are just adorable.

Andrea said...

You look super cute! My hair used to be really short and I would hate when it was in the in-between stage where you can't really do much with it!

Have fun at West Side Story!

Becky said...

I really like the outfit and before I read anything you said about it, I thought "Wow, she must be showing off how cute she looks today!" It was a surprise to hear you didn't like it!

Justawallflower said...

I think you are gorgeous! And I loved the outfit! I was watching Biggest Loser yesterday (from tuesday) and Hannah was on from last season. Don't know if you watch it, or did last season, but she totally reminds me of you! I loved it!